Buttigieg is Sued Over Illegal Alien ID Cards

South Bend, Indiana mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is bringing illegal aliens out of the shadows while keeping his city’s taxpayers in the dark.

Following the lead of New York and Los Angeles, Buttigieg created a “Community Resident Card” that enables illegal aliens to access city services. The “SB ID” is officially recognized by local law enforcement, schools, the water utility, libraries and other municipal agencies, per the mayor’s executive order.

But there’s a key difference: Buttigieg’s program is a private venture. (Wink, wink.)

Seeking information on SB ID, Judicial Watch of Washington, D.C., filed repeated public-records requests to ascertain its costs and operation. The city refused to provide any information, saying that SB ID is administered by a third party, La Casa de Amistad. (La Casa isn’t divulging details either.)

Buttigieg doesn’t talk about SB ID on the campaign trail, and he dodges questions about South Bend as a sanctuary city. “I don’t know. I regard us as a welcoming city,” he avers, adding that his police force doesn’t enforce immigration laws.

“Doing this kind of [ID] program privately comes with a prominent benefit — confidentiality,” Jackie Vimo, a policy analyst at the National Immigration Law Center, told NBC News. “The best way to make sure sensitive data isn’t shared is to make sure that you don’t have any sensitive data to share.”

Judicial Watch filed suit to obtain email communications among Buttigieg, his staff members and La Casa officials. Ultimately, the courts will determine if Buttigieg & Co. conspired to break Indiana’s public-records laws.

Whichever way the courts see it, the optics aren’t good for Buttigieg when SB ID shields the identity of illegal aliens, even as it opens the door to taxpayer-funded services.

Speaking of transparency – or lack of it — the city’s housing authority is under FBI investigation. It is noteworthy that as the mayor caters to a reputed 4,500 illegal aliens in South Bend, legal residents there have long complained of mismanagement and misuse of federal funds at the city’s rundown projects.

Ever eager to move other people’s money around, Buttigieg suggested during a presidential debate that illegal aliens should be eligible for federal health insurance benefits. Such talk is, to say the least, disturbing from a presidential candidate who seems comfortable trampling his constituents’ right to know what his administration is up to, even as he aids foreign nationals in breaking our immigration laws.

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    Much complaining on the left about the Electoral College, but no acknowledgment of the fact that illegal aliens are counted as “persons”, no matter their status, and that gives sanctuary states additional representatives in Congress and therefore additional electoral votes. It’s estimated that California has an added 4 or 5 U.S. House representatives because of it’s illegal population and that adds to their total of electoral votes.

    The often quoted number of 11 million illegals in this country is totally out of date even though it has been quoted for the last decade. The latest study done by 3 professors from Yale and MIT estimates 22 million but they also said it could be as high as 29 million. They admitted they were surprised by the numbers and had expected them to be much lower.

    And the anchor baby children in any state are automatically citizens and voters when they are 18, and vote Democratic in overwhelming numbers. Had the ethnic makeup of the country been the same as 30 years ago, Trump would have won the popular vote by several million. When discussing the 1965 act that opened the door to our present wide open immigration, Ted Kennedy dismissed predictions of a million immigrants a year and said the ethnic makeup of the country “will not change”. Just like he said that about the 1986 amnesty that “We will never again bring forth another amnesty bill like this”.

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      Verner Hornung on

      Worst part is the number’s unknown. 29M, almost 9% of US population, seems a bit high though not beyond the realm of possibility. The Yale-MIT study used a stochastic arrival-departure model based on data from ports of entry and Border Patrol apprehensions. The media’s 11M figure is too low. It comes from Pew Research, which relies on the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, biased by reticence on questions about place of birth—especially if here illegally.

      I agree with you it’s all for sake of captive voting blocs for Democrats. I recall the 1986 IRRA amnesty, supposedly passed in exchange for employer enforcement (the I-9 forms everyone must sign at hiring). California voted Prop. 187 the following year and the Supreme Court struck them down. What a joke! If we don’t plug the open border, we’ll be a country of a billion in a few generations, watching our quality of life erode all the way there.

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        Think even 29 million may be on the low side considering Phx. is majority Mexican in itself and Florida and Texas has a huge population in itself. Once here they breed like rabbits and those kids are counted as U.S. citizens so you have to consider that as a total also.

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    This doesn’t surprise me. Politicians of Mayor Pete’s ilk rely on a continuing supply of illegal aliens — lower-class, lower-educated, lower-skilled people — to prop up their voter base. They can’t hold their own with lawful US citizen voters. Hence the sanctuary city movement. Follow the money — and follow the votes. Let’s hope the suit is successful. Heaven forbid that a man like this should ever become President.