Illegal Aliens Take Aim at Texas Cops

It’s starting to look like open season on Texas cops, with illegal aliens pulling the triggers.

Josue Daniel Claros-Trajedo, 19, was arrested earlier this month after allegedly firing on police helicopters hovering over the fatal crash site of another police aircraft.

Authorities said the Honduran national aimed at least five shots from two different locations at helicopters flown by the Houston Police Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

In April, an illegal alien gunned down a San Marcos police officer and wounded two others before taking his life, law enforcement officials said.

The officers were responding to a domestic violence call involving Jose Alfredo Perez DeLaCruz, a 46-year-old Mexican citizen in the U.S. illegally. DeLaCruz reportedly ambushed the officers with a rifle. Police said the man, wearing body armor, then killed himself with a gunshot to the head.

While disturbing, and avoidable, such cases are far from unusual in Texas.

Between June 1, 2011 and April 30 of this year, 217,000 illegal aliens were charged with more than 340,000 criminal offenses, according to the Texas DPS database. The ongoing crime spree includes 622 homicides.

These numbers are actually understated because DPS only counted as illegal aliens, individuals who previously had an encounter with the Department of Homeland Security that resulted in their fingerprints being entered into the DHS IDENT database. 

“Over the course of their entire Texas criminal careers, the 217,000 illegal aliens were charged with more than 528,000 criminal offenses which included arrests for 1,137 homicide charges,” DPS stated.

Claros-Trajedo had previously been ordered removed from the U.S. by an immigration judge. DeLaCruz had been in this country illegally since the 1990s, assuming multiple aliases to shield his identity.

That Texas is a non-sanctuary state only adds bitter irony to these violent outbursts, which would not have happened without the presence of these two illegal aliens.

Jackson County (Texas) Sheriff A.J. “Andy” Louderback, a member of President Donald Trump’s Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice, said more must be done to address illegal aliens who “victimize Texans and murder law enforcement officers.”

“These tragic incidents are evidence that we need to secure our southern border and spare Texans and Americans from needless criminality,” he told FAIR.

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