Warning: Biden Promises to Unveil Mass Amnesty Bill “Immediately” After Inauguration

President-elect Joe Biden plans on unveiling a mass amnesty bill “immediately” after taking office next week – something he confirmed in a Friday news conference that went largely unnoticed due to what happened in the nation’s capital.

Although details of the bill have not yet been revealed, a key feature of what Biden sends to a Democrat-controlled Congress will be amnesty for the nation’s 14.3 million illegal aliens.

You heard that right. In the middle of a global pandemic and economic crisis – with tens of millions of Americans out of work – and now amid an unprecedented political crisis, Biden’s top priority on Capitol Hill is a mass amnesty. This is not ok, and the American people need to know that they are about to get shortchanged at the worst possible time.

News of this amnesty has already sparked a keen interest among those wishing to come to the U.S. illegally, with border apprehensions spiking to historic levels in the last three months of the Trump administration. Even worse, new caravans are already on their way from Central American to take advantage of relaxed enforcement and what could soon become law.

In the weeks ahead, expect Biden and congressional Democrats to promote this mass amnesty bill as a well-intentioned, desperately needed reform to a “broken” immigration system. This could not be further from the truth – amnesty is a terrible idea, both as policy and as politics. 

Illegal aliens will get everything, and the American people will get nothing – except the illusion that a serious problem has been addressed. We shall see if Republican lawmakers realize this and stand in its way. If they don’t, primaries could await.

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