Authorities Apprehend Hundreds of Illegal Aliens in Three Days

Despite President Joe Biden’s efforts to weaken our borders through countless executive orders and proclamations, U.S. Border Patrol agents have remained vigilant in securing our southern border.

Last week was no different when Border Patrol agents, with the help of local law enforcement, arrested more than 300 unlawful migrants over just a three-day period in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Sector. The first set of apprehensions began when Border Patrol and the Star County Sheriff’s Office discovered a residence that was housing dozens of illegal aliens. Another set of arrests occurred when the Roma Police Department stopped a vehicle that left a property suspected of housing unlawful migrants. One vehicle pursuit conducted by Border Patrol led to the capture of 10 more aliens.

The largest and quickest set of apprehensions occurred at the McAllen Station. Agents apprehended 166 aliens comprised mainly of family units and unaccompanied alien children (UAC). Another 87, also migrants of mostly families and UACs turned themselves in to authorities immediately after the initial raid. Both sets of arrests occurred within an hour.

While this spate of apprehensions demonstrates Border Patrol’s tenacity to catch and remove immigration lawbreakers, it should also cause concern. About 296,259 arrests were made at the Southwest Border in just the first four months of Fiscal Year (FY) 2021. This number is more than half of the total apprehensions made in FY 2020, which amounted to 458,088. Considering that the “busy season” for apprehensions has yet to occur, FY 2021 looks primed to break records in regard to illegal border crossings.

Additionally, President Biden recently issued a proclamation halting further construction of the border wall. Having vulnerable entry points will certainly not stem the rate of illegal border crossings. 

To make matters worse, the Biden administration has also resumed the catch and release policy. Under this policy, authorities must release most detained migrants deemed “low risk” into the United States until their court dates. Not surprisingly, large numbers of these migrants never show up to their proceedings, opting to instead disappear into the interior of the United States.

These doctrinal shifts will almost certainly lead to more events where large numbers of migrants are apprehended in a short period of time. Unless the Biden administration reins in their damaging immigration policies, it’s only a matter of time until Border Patrol agents are completely overwhelmed by immense numbers of illegal aliens pouring over our southern border.

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