Sex Offenders Catch a Break With Biden

Amid a report that illegal alien sex offenders were freed into the United States, five states are suing the Biden administration over guidelines that are used to shield rapists and other violent felons from deportation.

A San Antonio television station revealed last week that U.S. Marshals released illegal alien sex offenders in Austin and Del Rio, preventing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents from taking them into custody. The Marshals Service said it does not comment on cases “subject of ongoing or pending litigation.”

Litigation is under way in Texas and other states. The Lone Star State, along with Louisiana, filed suit after Texas officials discovered ICE was preparing to release three men convicted of sex offenses against children.

Meantime, Arizona and Montana teamed up to sue on similar grounds. Their complaint cites Department of Homeland Security data indicating that thousands of illegal aliens arrested in 2020 would not be subject to enforcement or removal based on new DHS priorities. Among the criminal aliens eligible for a pass were 225 convicted of sexual offenses and 73 convicted of sexual assault.

In yet another legal action, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody charged that reversals of Trump and Obama era policies are allowing criminal aliens – including sex offenders – to slip through the cracks. Moody noted that Biden officials “[have]even gone so far as to suspend ‘an operation that targeted illegal immigrants with sex crime convictions.’”

Eighteen state attorneys general have urged the administration to restore Operation Talon, which focuses on removing convicted sex offenders living illegally in the U.S.

“Put simply, the Biden administration does not believe that being in the United States in violation of the immigration laws and committing serious crimes is sufficient reason to remove someone from the country,” the Florida complaint stated.

While the courts deliberate, it seems clear enough that illegal aliens are having a field day during the federal government’s self-inflicted state of confusion.

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