The Administration Wants To Kill the Immigration Story but Local Sheriffs Aren’t Having It

Illegal alien apprehensions are at levels not seen in two decades but you’d never know that by the news coverage.  That’s because the White House has done a very effective job of shutting down all transparency on this issue – largely banning reporters from areas where illegal aliens, particularly minors, are being detained – and even going so far as to require any reporter wanting to use a quote from the administration to first have that quote approved by the White House.

But state and local sheriffs aren’t having any of that.  Serving as the eyes and ears of their communities while upholding their oath to protect the public, sheriffs have recently told multiple horror stories they’ve witnessed first-hand to FAIR staffers attending a local conference.  For example:

  • One sheriff recounts happening upon a 10 by 20 ft. shed in New Mexico – where it’s already quite hot – filled with 75 illegal aliens crammed inside with door locked so they couldn’t escape.  The shed had no lighting and no restrooms, and the occupants were shoulder to shoulder.  The floor was designed to be tilted so that when the captives needed to relive themselves, gravity would guide the flow to a pipe that drained to the outside.   Occupants were forbidden to wear shoes by their ruthless coyotes so they couldn’t escape.
  • Another sheriff uncovered a ruse by coyotes to sneak illegal aliens into the U.S. by trying to disguise the van they used as a church van.  But it was anything but church-like on the inside, with illegal alien men, women and children crammed in very tight quarters.   All of them had been given kits that contained creams to address sexually transmitted diseases.
  • One sheriff reports that the biggest common denominator he came across from the smuggled aliens was fear:  Teenage boys between the ages of fourteen and seventeen refused to tell law enforcement they were being trafficked or that they were fearful because they were worried about their family left behind. [NB:  It’s also important to keep in mind that each of these passengers likely owe the cartels thousands of dollars that would have to worked off once they arrived in the U.S.]  Estimates are that human smuggling is gaining the cartels as much as $14 million per day smuggling humans. 
  • A sheriff whose county includes 150 miles along the U.S/Canadian border said normally 12 border patrol agents worked full time to ensure the safety of the nation.  Now, six have been deployed to the southern border and the other six have to patrol and process aliens crossing the border virtually. Canadian officials recently warned local sheriffs that roughly 600 Romani are waiting to cross. These individuals are known to local law enforcement to commit petty crimes regularly.
  • Law enforcement experts are estimating that nearly 800,000 people have entered the U.S. illegally this fiscal year, which ends in September 30, with the largest group consisting of roughly 1,000 people.   And it’s not all Central American and Mexican: There have been 144 nationalities identified at the southern border. 

Unfortunately for the American people, the only way we are going to be able to hear these horror stories are from those not silenced by the Biden administration.  Like it or not, by destroying border and interior enforcement and incentivizing illegal immigration through promises of amnesty for most illegal aliens, free healthcare  and free public housing  for illegal aliens, things will likely get much, much worse.

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