Video – Florida TV Station Exposes Voter Fraud

The NBC-affiliate in Fort Myers, Florida, recently discovered hundreds of cases in Florida of illegal aliens and non-US citizens of being registered and voting in past elections.

This expose’ provides a strong case in support of voter ID laws that are being pursued by a number of U.S. states leading up to November’s elections. The U.S. Department of Justice has recently blocked attempts by states like South Carolina and Texas to implement these laws.

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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Something like this is proof of the reason they are often referred to as illegal. This would and should automaticly void any and all green cards, etc as well as null the rights of those who sponsered any such alien to sponser any alien again, either permanently or temp (10 years or more), plus sponsers (if any) should be charged with a 3rd degree felony as well as given time (five to ten should do it)

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    Are you all going to let an illegally elected president get re-elected for a second term????
    No one is picking up on this fact. He should not be permitted to place his name on the
    voting ballot for a secon term.

    The government deliberately ignored all the law infractions and many are fighting persistently
    to get those observed and obeyed against the desires of Obma and his cohorts. EVERYONE
    must write and call, go to and enroll, sign in and write to all the reps and
    senators and agree to have it distributed to everyone of them that you want our exisitng laws
    enforced and that you support Arizona in their effort to clean up their mess. The politicians
    are united to serve their self-interests primarily all for the money in their pockets if not now
    later by surreptious agreements.
    Since they act like children there must be laws forcing them to be honest and work for
    the legal citizens who put them in office. One law for all including government paid or volunteer–
    absolutely no gratuity of any kind permitted while holdinjg office and not after by hidden
    agreements. All laws, regulations made to cover US legal citizens includes every
    government office holder/worker and all special laws/exceptions are void immediately.
    No subsidies for anyone able to provide food, shelter etc for themselves and immediate
    family. One flat tax on all income and absolutely no other tax of any kind, which is to be taken before
    payment/earnings disbursed, and what is received is to be spent as the individual desires.
    At the end of the year total earnings and tax paid receipts may be submitted to any tax
    office for review and if less than minimum earnings for self and family some or all tax
    revenue received may be returned up to minimum earning level. ALL insurance shall
    be made non-profit businesses. Keep it simple and uncomplicated and teach, teach,
    teach TRUTH & FACT so all are knowledgeable enough to vote etc. This would be a
    great beginning to cleaning up our mess and making our reps and senators behave and
    do their job properly, honestly, sincerely.

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    Florida again? damn, It was voter fraud in Florida in 2000 that allowed an unelected president to take office, then refuse to enforce the law on illegals. The same damn thing happened in Ohio in 2004, there was massive fraud, and who knows why Kerry didn’t contest it, but Bush got 8 years all on voter fraud, and the borders were wide open the whole time.
    Its interesting Obama is doing the same thing with illegals as Bush. At least he actually got elected, But with all those lawsuits contesting his eligibility, not one was heard and ruled on its merits. It seems the courts are as corrupt as the election process.
    I thought the democrats were stupid for worrying about voter ID when the black box voting machines are far more dangerous, but I guess they’ve got it all figured out. But worse than all that is the despicable and slimy way the RNC has behaved regarding Ron Paul’s primary run, and there weren’t any illegals to blame it on there, just A holes.

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    Also check out on yO-ut-UB-e , . . “Proof of Voter Fraud in the USA from the Horses Mouth” . . . For a preview of what’s to come, UNLESS we get control of our own election process ! . . Paper ballots are too voluminous to cheat on to the same extent the “electronic” voting machines allow. . . We would be far better of with the “purple” dyed finger voting process that the people of Iraq used than the electronic method where the software will give the tally as 51% to 49% with, you guessed it, an Obama win.

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    I heard that the spanish company hired to do the counting is Soros affiliated. Also
    Color of Change is Soros, Van Jones, Obama and a bunch of their radicals. Florida requires picture IDs so how is the fraud happening? This is going to be the most fraudulent election we’ve had in years. Why do we need an outside company to count our ballots? I thought that was done in the precincts in each state. Also states should ban people like ACORN from operating in their state and registering all these phoney people. Where are our leaders? Don’t they know what is happening ?

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    Just in case you folks haven’t heard, a Spanish online voting company SKYTL bought the largest vote processing corporation in the United States, it also acquired the means of manufacturing the outcome of the 2012 election. The SOE, the Tampa based corporation purchased by SKYTL in January, supplies the election software which records, counts, and reports the votes of Americans in 26 states-900-total jurisdictions- across the nation.
    Check out .
    According to Obama the votes are already counted and he won.

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    There will be voter fraud this election. You can count on it. In the old days when you could count on mainstream media to investigate and report on these things it was a little less likely to be as rampant as it is today. Today, mainstream media is in bed with the perps so you can bet on the communist regime being elected. Sad, but the glory days of our country are over.

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    Why does this surprise people? We all knew this is what has been going on for a long time. If remember correctly the right to vote is a priviledge of an American citizen. Does it surprise any one that this has not been the case. They break the law by entering the United States illegally why would breaking another law be surprising. My own opinion these people should be arristed and deported immediately. Of course that is my own opinion.

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      Surprised or not surprised? Who cares about THAT? Find the enforcement agency responsible and hold them accountable EVERY TIME. That is what needs to happen.

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        The individual states are “supposed” to be in charge of their own portion of a national election. . . Are the states complicit with the agenda of O ? . . I would prefer that the states had differing ways to do the tally of votes to complicate matters for “would be” cheaters. . . I do know that this is the election that may make or break this country, and we better get this one right ! . . Instead of the states votes going into a central processor for the “total” vote, maybe the states should not release their tallys to ANY entity, and therefore maintain the individual integrity of the states votes. . . Perhaps the votes could be tallied on national TV as called in from the states individual Governors. . . This would keep it on a local state by state level until the last minute. . . This would force the “fraud forces” to figure out 50 ways to cheat ! . . Or, if O is counting, 57 ways !

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    Edward Killeen on

    We all know and knew this, but are powerless to do anything about it …. step 1 would be a change of administration in Washington.

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      All I know for the average citizen who would like citizens only to vote is keep hounding our representatives; I am surprised even more people (and there are a lot), do not stand up and demand to be heard in every way possible, in person, by letter, fax, polls, petitions, emails. We have all seen instances of our representatives either doing a good thing or refusing to do a bad one, by sheer numbers of their constituents protesting. It seems, however, if you ask 10 people to email a protest, maybe 1, possibly 2, will actually do it. It does not help one bit to just gripe with average person except maybe get it off your chest, but nothing will actually be done as it would if enough people protested to their representatives.

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    Voter Fraud Could Decide Next Election
    Reports are coming in that the voter rolls have been faked. We knew that the voter rolls were padded in places like Chicago, but now we’re learning that the fraud is more widespread than we ever could have imagined. The question is, can we do anything to stop it?
    In the days of the Soviet Union, Communist leaders would generally get 95 percent of the vote, and nearly every eligible voter voted.
    A new report by Pew Center on the States estimates that among 24 million voter registrations, about one out of every eight are either no longer valid or are inaccurate. Of the invalid or inaccurate registrations, 1.8 million belong to deceased individuals and 2.75 million belong to people who are registered to vote in more than one state.
    You can see how these fraudulent voter numbers can be used to tip an election. Most of elections these days are close to even. We are a 51 to 49 percent nation. It doesn’t take much fraud to throw enough votes to a favorite-son candidate. The Kennedy-Nixon presidential election in 1960 was always thought to have been won by Kennedy due to voter fraud:
    Many Republicans (including Nixon and Eisenhower) believed that Kennedy had benefited from vote fraud, especially in Texas, where Kennedy’s running mate Lyndon B. Johnson was Senator, and Illinois, home of Mayor Richard Daley’s powerful Chicago political machine. These two states are important because if Nixon had carried both, he would have won the election in the Electoral College.
    It was serious enough that many Nixon supporters urged him to contest the race.
    You know that Liberals have been using these bogus rolls to pad their numbers. 2012 may be the first national election that there are more votes than actual voters.
    There’s another element to voter numbers that’s troubling and easily fixed. The Pew study “also found that 51 million U.S. citizens are eligible to vote, but have not registered. This represents 24 percent of the voting eligible population.”
    Tens of millions of Americans who are eligible to vote don’t vote. Of course, some of these non-voters we don’t want to vote, but I suspect that there are big numbers of conservative, anti-big-government Americans who have given up on the political process. They don’t see much of a difference between Democrats and Republicans. The reason that we have a one-party “Republicrat” political system may be due to voter indifference. If you are one of them, now is the time to reengage. Too much is at stake. Your non-vote only means greater voting strength for the opposition. Remember, the presidential race is not the only one being run. Congress can stopped the President if it has the will and the guts.

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      You are so correct on voter fraud determining elections. My question is, “Why is our law allowing the registration to vote not more forthcoming?” The law is flawed and need fixing because as the video shows it does not require the person getting a drivers license to prove he/she is a citizen. Law must have been written and passed with a Democrat majority.

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      VOTE ! The fox is in charge of the henhouse, but to VOTE is something every American should do. . . So, get registered soon, and see that you get a couple young voters to register, and then be sure to take them to vote ! . . We can, we must, and we will turn this country around !

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    Just above this info on my e-mail list, I found a “Mass E-mailing” from a left wing, DEMOCRATIC outfit called “Color of Change” which was urging boycotts of Corporations (AT&T being prominently mentioned) which SUPPORTED stronger Voter ID laws and preventing illegals from voting. They were claiming that “vote fraud” was RARE, and never changed the results of elections, anyway! Now, what do we see here? A Fort Myers, Florida, TV Station showing just the opposite! “Color of Change,” BTW is, obviously, a Pro-Obama outfit, just like ACORN who is acting and urging citizens to act in ways that will STRIP us of their our Right to an honest Ballot! FAIR, YOU GO, GUYS!

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    This makes me sick! We should have a task force of regular citizens donating their time to check this out…dems and republicans working together to clean this mess up…just like jury duty. Bet there would be a ton of willing people!

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      The Dems don’t want clean elections. They don’t want picture IDs for voter identification, which don’t guarantee the citizenship of the voter. Dems are a permanent minority in American politics without massive voter fraud in major urban areas. What do you think motor-voter registration in states like California are all about?

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    The voter ID law will not stop this since no photo ID states “US Citizen” on it. The voter ID laws only stop citizens from voting, as has been proven in every state that has passed these Voting ID laws. These people who were identified during this investigation should all be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed under the law. It would be a deterrent to others who may be trying to register to vote. Maybe the states should also start comparing their registered voting lists and new voter applications against the E Verify list to help stop this type of activity. Just a thought. You can’t blame any President for illegals….they come here no matter who is in office. Instead, we MUST blame the employers who hire them to get “cheap” labor. We MUST start making these employers pay a fine for each illegal worker that is higher than any cost savings they could get from hiring the illegal workers. No jobs for illegals = illegals wlll go home. That is happening now in states where employers are acutally held accountable for hiring iilegal workers. The Florida orange growers had PLENTY of US citizens working as harvesters, but they replaced them with immigrants to pay less for labor….most of those hired were illegal immigrants at that time. The price of orange juice didn’t go down either. It was just plain old greed! Has anyone checked those orange grove workers lately?

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      Photo Voter ID may prevent some citizens from voting but only if they’re trying to do so fraudulently. It’s absurd that people don’t produce some ID to vote. You may not have seen that even unions, require IDs when members vote in their elections!

      I agree that there has to be major crackdowns on employers who hire illegals, but I didn’t see that the people interviewed gave any indication that they were crowded in a one room falling down shack that would lead anyone to believe they’re underpaid.

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        When my mother was 74 years old she realized it could be a bit of a handicap not having a photo ID, so she had me drive her to a place that is either with our government or approved by it and had her non-driving citizen’s ID made in under 20 minutes, no fee. What is so difficult for others? Presenting an ID does block some illegal aliens from voting; I feel Americans should handle our own business, not illegal foreigners.

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      The reason Romney won Florida so big probably had more to do with the large and growing population of LDS in Florida, who do NOT realize that Romney is NOT following his own Church’s teachings! See Ether 8 in the Book of Mormon, and Doctrine & Covenants 98 and 101. Being LDS, myself, and a former Floridian from Tampa, I am well aware of this fact. Were Romney actually following LDS teachings, he’d be MUCH closer to Ron Paul than to Harry Reid! See, also, many of the statements of late LDS Church Presidents David O. McKay and Ezra Taft Benson…

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    Why aren’t these people prosecuted? Many elections are determined by a few votes so it is critical that unauthorized people do NOT vote.

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      They are not prosecuted because there are no provisions for the DMV to check whether the person getting a drivers license is actually a US Citizen. They simply rely on the individual marking a block on the application that says they are a US citizen. Have you ever wondered why Eric Holder has not questioned Florida’s voter registration through the DMV like they have other states? Holder likes the Florida Law because it allows for anyone to register to vote through the drivers license bureau.

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    What a bunch of phony bologne frauds. ACORN fighting to get illegals to register and DOJ fighting voter ID laws, and state anti illegal immigration laws. You have to have ID to drive, cash a check, get a job, why not to vote. Everify would be a good start. Bozobama will do anything to get reelected. He keeps adding reasons to make sure it doesn’t happen. Where can we expose this fraud, and get the lawyers on our side to fight it. They don’t have everybody in their pocket. We need to rally around a Republican to oppose him. This battle won’t be won in the comments section of online articles. It will be won at the ballot box. Ask you friends not to vote for these crooks.

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      williweb, You may also want to know why a Spanish company will be tallying the votes for the coming election. There will only be electronic counting and not hard copy ballots to compare. The owner of this company has some past ties to Obama, so go figure. He’s waging an all out war to insure his re-election, so we need to insure voter ID and fairness in vote count.

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        I wonder if that’s why Nancy Peolosi was so smug when perdicting with no uncertainty that obama would win. Maybe they already have the vote count planned. The SCYTL system is hackable and as you said, no had copy ballots to count.

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      Report Finds ACORN Did Not Support Voter Fraud; O’Keefe Is the Real Criminal
      Wednesday 16 June 2010
      by: Mike Ludwig, t r u t h o u t | Report…”The report detailed five cases in which ACORN employees pled guilty to misdemeanor counts of voter registration fraud, but stated that these cases did not allege any wrongdoing on behalf of ACORN or any affiliated organizations. In fact, ACORN offered materials to local election officials that helped initiate the prosecution of the guilty individuals, and each case stated that ACORN had properly trained the individuals to legally register voters.”

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      Yes, I am definitely with you. When you think about all the openings there are for illegal happenings, including and of course, illegal voting it becomes a fact of life that us (who are legal citizens) are becoming the minority in this country and it seems as if no one (who is supposed to protect us and our rights as citizens) really cares about us. We are just here to pay taxes so that those who are elected officials can use that tax money to reward (through many different avenues, such as awarding contracts for government work often worth billions of dollars) those who have contributed to their reelection campaign funds and other funding illegalities. Just this week I watched Obama talking about the bill that would prevent congreesional leaders from using inside information to earn more money for themselves and I thought “Of course, now that you (obama) has pretty much paid back all of his “Culture of Corruption” friends and comrades. He does seem to think and act like he has been elected King and not a President. If we were to walk in the streets in protest against him we would be arrested, unlike the illegal aliens that can protest, live here without fear of being deported and now it seems help to reelect him. Someone filled out those voter registration forms, I would like to know if it was the person named or someone from ACORN?