The Constitution? Are You Serious?

The lead-up up to President Obama’s announcement that he would implement the DREAM Act amnesty, even though it had been repeatedly rejected by Congress, was accompanied by an elaborate and well-orchestrated public relations effort, which included featuring the “best and the brightest” young illegal aliens on the cover of Time magazine. The post-announcement PR effort continues with the release of polling data carefully worded to elicit positive responses for the president’s policy.

The most obvious example is a Bloomberg released a poll today that found that 64 percent of likely voters support Obama’s announcement that his administration is going to implement the provisions of the DREAM Act without it actually having passed Congress. Even more reassuring for fans of the DREAM Act and/or an Imperial Presidency, independent voters favor Obama’s move 2 to 1. This is a curious finding, since voters opposed the DREAM Act the last time when it was in front of Congress.

The problem with these polls is that they can based on hypotheticals, leading questions, or false premises, or rely on skewed samples. For example, Bloomberg asked respondents if they supported halting the deportation of “some illegal immigrants” including those who “have been honorably discharged from the military.” Since those who are not in the country legally are barred from enlisting in the military, this is a red herring, but it does elicit a response favorable to Obama.

The DREAM Act was specifically designed to play off the sympathies of U.S. voters in order to push through a broad amnesty for millions of illegal aliens without having to secure the border or curtail legal immigration or guest worker programs. Polling on the issue has reflected those sympathies. The problem for DREAM Act advocates is that when concrete proposals are put forward and subjected to public scrutiny, the American people realize how terrible the legislation is and reject its passage. It if were as popular, as Bloomberg suggest, the DREAM Act would have passed years ago.

What the Obama administration did on Friday was to implement a terrible policy. But that is not the worst part. By declaring the DREAM Act the law of the land despite its rejection on several occasions by Congress, Obama demonstrated profound contempt for constitutional government and for the American people. Curiously, Bloomberg neglected to add that part to its poll question.

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    These people need to be investigated and sent to jail. I think it is a good that they are building holding centers to house illegals until they are deported. Who cares if they are separated from their families? When you SIN/DO WRONG there are consequences and that may be one. People in jail are separated from their families so do you feel they should be let out so that they won’t be separated from their families? This country is on it’s way to being just like the other Spanish countries BROKE AND FULL OF CORRUPTION!! TAKE TIME TO WRITE YOUR SENATORS, CONGRESSMEN AND OTHER LEADERS AND LET THEM KNOW THIS IS NOT OKAY!!!!!!!

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    How many relatives will each of the amnestied illegals get to keep in the country; after all, they can’t be sent back because they were brought here as kids. Now that they’re staying; we shouldn’t separate them from their parents by sending the parents home.

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      no 1 patriot on

      Well, this is a good question since the IRS is refunding or paying illegals with work permits to claim all their nieces and nephews, etc. still living in Mexico on their tax returns and some are getting back as high as $21,000 from our taxpayers…been going on for over 3 years, the IRS has been notified-there was even a video on the website where I read this and the illegals were bragging to the cameraman about it and said “why not take the money if it’s offered?”
      You can’t make this stuff up-it’s a horror story beyond belief and no one in congress or other agencies are doing anything about it just like allowing folks to register to vote at DMV and there is no proof that the person is an American citizen and in Florida alone, there are thousands of these on the voting register…how do you think he
      got elected in the first place with ACORN’s “mickey mouse” registers, etc.? God bless America and save us all before we slide completely over the cliff. Anyway, this IRS stunt is now up in the billions in cost to us.

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    dear judith WAKE UP! This rep luis gutierrez will not answer honestly or at all, he doesn’t want to be bothered just like obama right now, of course hes hiding something but if he responded to you he would let the cat out of the bag and that means reconquering the southwest, which is their sole purpose right now, well lets say america does return the land will they in turn return it to the native american that were here before them? of course not , because they are a bunch of racists hypocrites and they know it, they are even racist against their own believe it or not, you see if you fall by they wayside oh well thats it for you, to them you were weak and dont deserve a helping hand, if you become a manager here in america and a mexican american applies sorry no dice because you are not a mexican from mexico ok? got it. These people are vile, filthy, nasty, what more can i say i know all about them since i am mexican but i want nothing to do with them. lets not forget this land was spains not mexicos so they shouldnt go around believing obsured stories when they dont even look into the history first, ignorant as they come. And when they are done here in america guess what they will head to yup you guessed it CANADA. WAKE UP . If these people manage to take over in numbers which looks like a good possibility then they will have split up america and then where will we be? Well have russia, china, middle east coming in like vultures for the spoils. Everyone knows america is the or was the only country holding back these other tyrants but if people are that stupid , well let them dig their own grave.

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    The way I see this entire immigration issue is as follows:
    The large(especially multi-national corporations) could care-less about what harm they do to the 250 year
    old culture that “used to exist ” in the United States! They, ALL LARGE CORPORATIONS with the complicity of
    our own Government is the ROOT cause of the immigration problem. In addition to this “conspiracy” of these
    two groups , add-in the anti-christian attitude of Muslim immigrants as well as the foreign governments
    (namely Mexico) who wish to DUMP their POOR in our country and Voila’!! one is left with one large immigration
    Most of those who are able to see the “big-picture” also see that the so-called Illegal-immigrants are not the
    “portrayed farm workers” , but they are people who are here to take the JOB of the less educated and less skilled
    positions available. In addition they are “reaping” a substantial amount of our “benefits” which were supposed to
    be used to support American Citizens.
    A few centuries of hard work by American Citizens built a country that could take care of its citizens’ when the
    need did arrive! Now, we are giving it all away to ILLEGALS!! Does that make any sense? My advice to illegals
    is go back to your own country and DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MAKE YOUR COUNTRY SIMILAR TO THE USA!
    Stop draining our system! Stop attempting to change our country into another MEXICO, or other Central or
    South American FAILURE!

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    Judith J. Tabak on

    I called Rep. Luis Gutierrez’s office two days ago and asked the staff person if it’d be okay if I brought in my 300 relatives from Europe and got them onto our welfare program–housing assistance, food stamps etc. –he didn’t have an answer. Then I told him that when my Dad came into this country in 1913 almost 100 years ago, the population of this country was 97 million people. Now, 100 years later, we’ve multiplied the population by 3–so 300 million. Would he want his children and grandchildren to live in a country of 1 billion people, using those same number numbers as an example? He said he wasn’t married and has no children. Asked him so how if he does in the future, if he did have children. thats what he’d want–a population of 1 billion people?? No answer. That was one of my questions to him and I voiced other concerns. On another issue, an illegal alien was just charged with child rape here in Washington State (Snohomish County)–his name is Enrique Sanchez Leon. In the tv report, it was never mentioned that he was an illegal alien!! I had to look into it myself. I also let him know how I felt about my taxex being spent on illegal activities/aliens. Thank you for the work you’re doing.

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    Why do we continue to provide things for illegals at a cost to American citizens? We’ve already provided these kids with an education, free health care and use of all our public services. How about a trade off for the parents who put their kids in this situation, rather than making it the taxpayers problem? We can let the kids stay if their illegal parents self-deport or we can let the kids stay if their parents reimburse taxpayers for the cost of the education the taxpayers have funded. Under no circumstance should we reward the illegal parents with amnesty for their children. The US is essentially bankrupt and can’t even keep the promises made to its citizens (Soc. Security, Medicare), so why are we supporting immigrants at all? We need to end all welfare for immigrants.

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      Congress needs to immediately address the conditions under which those who’ve been given ‘amnesty’ may work in this country. 1.) they shall, upon being employed, repay the State in which they were educated the full cost of their education including free breakfast/lunch/before & after school care; 2.) they shall, upon being employed, reimburse the State and any private healthcare entities the full amount of healthcare services rendered on their behalf and paid for by either taxpayers or private donors; 3.) they shall, upon being employed, reimburse the State for any and all welfare benefits paid on their behalf to their parents/guardians; 4.) they shall, upon being employed, reimburse all college tuition/books/housing/other expenses paid on their behalf through State or privately funded sources; 5.) they shall, upon receiving amnesty, cause the immediate deportation of their parents/other relatives who were NOT minors upon entering the United States illegally; 6.) they shall NOT, under any circumstance, draw a paycheck until all of the above costs are settled in full; 7.) they shall NOT, under any circumstance, be allowed to bring additional family members into the United States ~ ever.
      I’m sure there’s a lot more we could add here. Maybe amnesty wouldn’t look so good if these illegals had to take responsibility for the costs they’ve forced on the American taxpayer. As taxpayers, we don’t have a choice. Why should they?

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