Immigration Screening Program Has 12% Failure Rate

Substantial Percentage of Those Deported Have Anchor Children

“Roughly a quarter of all deportations over a recent two-year period were of people who said they had children who are U.S. citizens, according to data obtained by the news site Colorlines. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued 204,810 such deportations between July 1, 2010, and Sept. 31, 2012, the statistics showed,” ABC News says.

“The figure represents the number of times a parent of a U.S.-citizen child was deported, not the total number of deportees, since a person may have been deported more than once over the two-year span.”

Alabama Law Encourages Illegal Aliens to Leave

“‘I think we did what we intended to do,’ says Republican state Sen. Scott Beason, a sponsor of Alabama’s immigration crackdown. ‘We did see apparently thousands of illegal aliens leave the state,’ Beason says. ‘It did open up jobs for a number of Alabamians, which was really our main goal,'” NPR reports.

“Beason acknowledges he’s become a ‘lightning rod’ in the debate, and has experienced pushback from fellow Republicans who complain the law has made it more difficult to do business in the state. ‘There are a lot of business interests who like to be able to have that never-ending flow of illegal labor,’ Beason explains. ‘And that’s been the tug of war within the Republican establishment for a while.'”

Immigration Screening Program Has 12% Failure Rate

“The federal government’s system of tracking immigrants’ status is so broken that it gives a green light to one in eight aliens who have been ordered deported, according to an audit Tuesday that found the government has gone on to approve some of those who slip through for work in sensitive areas of airports and granted them benefits such as Medicaid or food stamps. Some of those aliens who should have been kicked out had serious criminal records, including for assault and extortion, according to the audit by the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general,” the Washington Times reports.

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    Maria Barberena on

    I think Congress should be more concerned about providing jobs for millions of American Voters, that elected them and make a reform that employers should be encouraged to hire USA citizens, our young kids sometimes are push to sell drugs, because they can not fine any other source of income, and after they have records, it is more difficult for them to obtain a decent job, they go back to poison our children and ruin families and neighborhoods. I think this Issue should more .important for them, After all illegals did not vote for them. But family members that hope they bring solutions to their problems. TAKE CARE OF AMERICAN CITIZENS FIRST!!!
    If they want to help this people, put pressure in their own governments to give the same opportunities they find here, instead of cooperate with corrupted governors.

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    Doesn’t citizenship occur at age 18? Before that one is merely a dependent, and legal minor, with no right to exercise any of the right and responsibilities of citizenship.

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    Lets get this straight from the Constitution’s 14th Ammendment, not the Open Border Devil Bible.

    Anchor babies are not US citizens, they never were and never should be.

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    Please. Feel free to take your anchors, your wife, your grandparents, uncles, aunts and 10th cousins who followed you to Santa land.