McCain Says Obama “Understands” Border Security

House Hearing on Guest Workers Provides Few Surprises

“Republicans and Democrats said Tuesday that farmers should be allowed to hire foreign workers more easily as Congress reworks U.S. immigration laws. But there was some disagreement on how it should happen,” the Washington Post says.

“Lawmakers and witnesses at a House Judiciary subcommittee hearing said the visa program that lets farmers hire foreign agricultural workers is so unwieldy it accounts for only a very small percentage of the hundreds of thousands of farm workers hired in the U.S. Half or more of agriculture workers are here illegally, experts agree.”

McCain Says Obama “Understands” Border Security

President Obama understands Republican concerns about the need to link improved border security to changes in immigration law, two key Republicans involved in the effort said Tuesday after a White House meeting with Obama,” the Washington Post reports.

“Sens. John McCain (Ariz.) and Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.) said they covered a variety of topics in the unusual meeting with Obama, including a robust discussion of how to reshape the nation’s immigration laws.”

Cheap Labor Isn’t So Cheap

A new study by the Cato Institute attempts to make the case that the use of welfare by immigrants is not really so high or costly . . . This is an appealing message for those who, on the right as well as the left, seek to legalize the current illegal population and to increase future immigration, but there are several problems with this analysis,” says Steven Camarota of CIS.

“First, even though the data were available, the authors chose to exclude a number of costly programs, including free or reduced school lunch, WIC, and subsidized and public housing. Second, welfare use by immigrants who have become U.S. citizens is not low. By comparing non-citizens with all citizens, naturalized immigrants as well as the native-born, they obscure the issue.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Of course, obama-soetoro “understands” border security; he just doesn’t want there to be any “security” of the border.

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    ITS TIME THE PEOPLE OF THIS GREAT NATION OF OURS stand up for whats right.. I feel that if the “so called” elected officials I say this lightly due to all the fraudulant voting practices through out election times,do not get some backbone and work together for what is right for the country, instead of thier financial gains to there own pockets, there just might be a civil war on the horizon.It’s time the elected officials due some cutting back in spending. Even a sixth grader in ecconomics learns that you can’t spend more than you bring in. The concept seams fairly easy to comprehend, at least for us taxpayers. We should start at the top, after all many of the people in the middle and bottom have been already forced to cut back due to decissions already made by our leaders.How about 13 year old Malia’s vacation cost the tax payers $115,500. with 25 security guards, or Michele Obamas trips cost us about 1 million , or Obamas election cost 8 billion, God knows where all that money came from, or Obamas buss contract for 2.2 million.I feel we really need to start cutting the terrible waste at the top, then and only then we might just see the famous “trickel down effect “start to work for the middle class and the poor.

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    John McCain is as big of a fraud on Border Security as is Barack Hussein Obama. But then, McCain agrees more with Obama than he does any conservative Republican. If you go down the sick list of liberal Democrat wishes and desires, you will see that John McCain shares those same views, like being pro amnesty, strong supporter of homosexuals and abortion. On the surface it may appear that McCain is just searching for more votes to replace those he has lost from conservatives, but like his close buddies Graham and Kerry, he is in fact a true believer in Obama. I will grant you he would be happier if we would put military boots on the ground in Syria, Lybia and North Korea, but he would settle for more air strikes in more parts of the world. John McCain is just a bogus fraud that should be confined to a liberal ward in a VA hospital anywhere but in AZ.

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    John Mc Cain, thank you for your past service to this country while you were in the military, but for the love of God man, step DOWN. You are an old man now and your thinking stinks. If you love this country and our people, when can we expect some spark of intelligent life from you? Your decisions anymore DO NOT reflect the will of the American people! Trying to get along with “the great divider” (Obama) is like peeing in the wind… get all wet! My intention here is not to insult you, it’s to give yyou some idea of your usefulness to this country. Do the right thing and retire before you embarrass yourself further. Thank You……………Lee

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    McCain is destroying our country!

    Pass this on & add to it

    *Create 12 million jobs (US avg. $43.5K) = $522 billion; removes 12 million citizens from welfare & unemployment @ $20K = $240 billion; by deporting 12 million illegals who are on all types of welfare @ $20K = $240 billion… and we have $1 trillion more savings.

    Putting citizens to work by REMOVING ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS (JOBS) adds $1+ trillion to the economy, enough to end Obama’s progressive deficit spending!

    Through all of the current deception, chaos, and hatemongering, not one legislator or the president has considered the real problems of illegal aliens in citizen jobs!

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      Johnnie Parrsh on

      I’ve always thought that VACATION TIME is for those who work and accumulate enough time for this period. BUT we elected officials who only serve a short time, and STILL expect to be paid their offrice salary for life!!! WE TH PEOPLE should arise and take back our Ubited States of America and make it a place like our forefathers had intended, before these dishonest crooks took over. IT DOES TAKE COURAGE TO STAND UP FOR AMERICA…Did you hear the national broadcast this morning for hal-hour by the POWER CRAZED MUSLIM DICTATOR who was born in Keny, Africa. He to how he was for aAmerican citizens, the upper and middle class…WHAT ABOUT ALL THE POOR PEOPLE that also need help. As the renound Neurologist said ate the Prayer Breakfast, disputing Obama at ever turn…IF THE GOD OF THE BIBLE SAID 10% WASA ACCEPTABLE, That is for everyone, why can’t OBAMA accept that for all citizens??? This noted Doctor needs to be our next President, OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE!!!

      Now for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS: It’s up to the Presaident to INSURE that ALL LAWS are inforced. IF America is supposed to be a Nation of LAWS; AND there have been Immigration Laws on the books, long before illegitimate Obama was born. IF these laws had been enforced we would have very few “wet-back” problems in our country. What all opf American citizens need is LESS GOVERNMENT, and MORE INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY…

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    I want to know when is obama going to start thinking abaut the american people instead of illigals. There are so many americans that need help and he has done nothing to make it happen. I am also on SS retirement and i am on the A and d program from Medicare. I still do not have enough to get buy with the small amount of money that i get every month. He should do some ting like when buying a new car, for the dealer to sell the car to the person on SS retirement with low down and low payments same with the insurance co’s. Or buying a home or food. I think that you get my drift. I am against the meshure of giveing ligal states to imigrants. The ones that started all this was the mexicans. They break the law comeing across the boarder and they claim that theydo not break any laws and they do notwant to be called illigals. If obama gives them that right, then the next wave will want the same, when will it stop. There are a lot of pe.ople out of work, how will those released from jail get a job. One thing that i agree on, is that employers should pay for over time, no mater if you are ligal or not. We do not have slavery in this country any more. Also, obama should take a cut in pay just like all the people in the government jobs, also stop waisting the peoples money on trips that he does not have to make, every time he and his family takes a trip, it is in the thousands. He wants to go some where, let him flip out the money to go. His daughter went to africe and went on a safary with the tax payers money. I wish i could do that. I think that it was wrong what the mexicans said. If you do not give us amnesty we will not vote for you. ( obama ) He wanted the presidents jub, so he promissed to do it. This to me is extortion. Don’t you think so. He is leading this nation into ruine. This has been bothering me for a long time. It is no good for mexicans to tell the gov. what to do. The gov, has a mind of its own and shold not be told what to do. Remember what Kennedy said ( It’s not what your country can do for you. It is what you can do for your country. What you sow is what you reap.

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    When you find fraud like they did in the IRS. Where these illegals filed their taxes they claimed their nephews and cousins that they have who, has never set foot on U.S!. soil and using them as a tax deduction.They have completely devoured the free programs in California now they are taking even more ,when our own immigrations laws is that Anyone entering must have a way to support them selves,or they can not enter.I’m all for immigration and allowing others to come here illegally and prosper where others spend 5 long years to complete their citizenship papers.and by dealing drugs and death to these who get in their way!but to prosper as we have allowed more than any two countries together, When their visa run out the government sends them a “RUN ” letter.They call the letters our government sends these who over stay their dead lines and are supported by the government. as RUN letters”,as a warning to simply move to another county town. Reapply for aid and they get it again.Our own government dealing guns to the Mexican Drug Cartels(Fast and Furious” with 2500 assault weapons that he wants to ban in America,but are still killing Mexicans and Americans alike.Like The last thing we do need is AMNESTY! McCain has done this once and it didn’t solve anything but filled the gap of more Illegals pushing up the fence and just walking through!and it’s not just that,but the coyote who bring them across rape and force them to become mules for their drug smuggling. Where lives of citizens of both countries have lost so many by these who have the guns (Fast and Furious) who Holder and Obama have supplied to them? With our tax money, Now it’s BENGHAZI ! you let this impostor in once but you did it twice, VETTE OBAMA,,.WAKE UP AMERICA WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………wake up!………………. !!!!! “Obama and [Secretary of Homeland Security Janet] Napolitano are dead wrong about our border being secure,” said Barnett.’s Joshua Rhett Miller contributed to this report.

    Read more:

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    No one in this administration knows anything but how to skrue Americans like me. my only source of income is social security and I use the VA for medical coverage and now I have been told that I no longer qualify for not having copay for meds and I pretty much give up now. The only thing left for us is to start the revolution as provided in our founding documents. Nothing less now will do with the current administration which has a communist/socialist in power.

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    i would almost…almost rather have some of the immigrants in washington than the ones that are there now

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    mc cain needs to go out to pasture with all the other useless suppose to be politions he is detrimental to the united states

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      Not in America on

      I couldn’t agree more with you. McCain and Graham should both be put out to pasture. What part of NO AMNESTY do they not understand? It is republicans that them that are destroying the Republican name.

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    Steve Paramore on

    Well heck yeah he (Obama) understands the immigration issue. That is exactly why he is so adept at side-stepping the laws, already on the books, ignoring the deplorable state of our sovereign borders security, and turning his back on doing one thing about any of it….oh sorry, I forgot….he does have a plan, let’s reward the whole 11 million plus of them with amnesty and easy citizenship…..a lot easier and cheaper than rounding them up and kicking them out, as the EXISTING laws require….heck no….tell the Department of Justice to simply stop enforcing the very same laws of our Country and ignore these invading hoards….great answer Barack….you unworthy disgrace to America and the Presidency.
    Let’s not forget the important issue……all those cheap votes from the Hispanics….either they are legals with illegal family members….or they are simply keeping Faith with their own….either way…..the law is being broken, and the Government is allowing American citizens to pay the price for it. More than one citizen has already been murdered by illegals, drug runners, and smugglers. It is absolutely WRONG !

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        John WInthrop on

        Allan we had enough with one Civil War already……….either you are a one generation immigrant or you just lack of maturity. That is why The People Vote, no need for a War………………………..