To the Unscrupulous Go the Spoils

Grover Norquist is always a sure bet for an inflammatory quote to shake up a political discussion.  So, too, are Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong-un, and like the leaders of Iran and North Korea, Norquist has grand delusions about his ability to bring America to its knees.  Mark Krikorian has highlighted Norquist’s nefarious past, and exposed his ridiculous claim to be a principled conservative.   Clearly, a lack of scruples has not been an impediment to Norquist’s career in D.C., and neither, apparently, is the fact that nothing he says on immigration is even remotely connected to reality.

Listening to Norquist pontificate on the benefits of “comprehensive immigration reform” reminds me of a grade school kid describing the perfect diorama of his imagination.  Norquist’s shoebox is full of spaceships and dinosaurs.  Perpetual motion machines supply all of the energy needed in his little kingdom, and no one ever, ever has to pay employees a living wage.

The Gang of Eight is poised to unleash a bill on the American people that will have catastrophic economic and environmental consequences.  Adding tens of millions of immigrants may grow the GDP in the short term, as Norquist keeps telling anyone who will listen, but there are some of us who understand the difference between economic expansion and economic prosperity.

Norquist may have a fanciful imagination, but public policy cannot be based on the imaginings of a child, nor should they come from the child-like mind of a political pundit who believes that borders are only lines drawn on a map and that natural resources are inexhaustible.  Normally one may ignore or mock the Gorver Norquists of the world because they are silly and generally harmless.  What makes Norquist dangerous is that, according to him, he is Rubio’s “comrade-in-arms” on the immigration front and he is speaking for the “new” Republican Party.  The terrifying thing is, maybe he is.

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    Immigration is hardly even adding to total GDP. Over the last 12 years almost every job taken by an immigrant has come at the expense of a job for a native-born American, according to a series of studies by the Center for Immigration Studies. With immigrants simply displacing Americans from the workforce they add nothing to production, but a great deal to total expenses: more taxes to pay for unemployment, food stamps, etc., plus all the things necessitated by the increase in population. Only immigrants, and the business owners who hire this supposedly cheap, but actually heavily subsidized, foreign labor benefit at all.

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    Fox News has softened it coverage of the Immigration debate because of the views of Rupert Murdock who favors amnesty and a pathway to citizenship. Sean Hannity has evolved on AMNESTY and you won’t hear any of the other talking heads speaking out about the plight of the 22 million unemployed or under employed. This immigration will not help any of the unemployed. They should be our first priority not the illegal alien law breakers. Out of the 11 million illegals in the country 8 million currently hold jobs. We have laws on the books, just enforce them before you attempt to write new ones you won’t enforce.

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    Turning America Upside/Down – is clearly Obama’s goal, The tragic aid for this by Republican ‘leadership’ spells the end of our country, as we know it and the end of the Republican Party.
    Where is a MEANINGFUL Loyal Opposition?

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    Speaking of amnesty, just heard another report on the German family who is trying to stay here. Nice looking, educated family who left Gemany because they wanted to home-school kids and it’s “verboten” there. However, our government is giving them lots of grief because home schooling isn’t a “protected class.. My advice to the family – cross the border into Mexico, sneak back in and you’re home free. This country only welcomes lawbreakers.

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    Mr. Ruark, you surely are one of Obama’s useful idiots. Also it is easy to see that you care nothing for this country, and just like your mentor you see mexicans as votes for the democratic communist party of the USA. When sheepal start to sound off about the same things that the dems. do it is a dangerous time for this country. I’m sure you are a fan of the likes of Clinton, Schumar, and Kerry, just to name a few pieces of wasted skin.

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    These guys are Crooks And Traitors….many Globalist Industrialists who are American citizens
    have homes abroad…and USE America as a toxic waste dumping grounds..a place to increase their
    Riches….they are not affected (or infected) by hoardes of 3rd world refugees pouring into our cities
    Raping and Murdering at will…forming gangs like MS 13 and Mexican Mafia……nope the Globalist is
    insulated from all this …..doing “business” in secure quarters… in Luxury. This AMNESTY is a hoax on
    the ignorant “common man”..the American citizen will be affected by this hoarde of freaks…butNOT the Rich
    Man…no fact he will Retire to a Castle in the Alps…..while you and your family are left to struggle with
    3rd world savages..taking anything they can get there hands on….at YOUR expense.

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      I totally agree with you No Amnesty. Probably the majority of the people in favor of amnesty are Latinos who are only looking out for their race and other people who will never have to compete with an illegal alien for a job. These politicians in favor of amnesty have their fat paychecks and fat pensions, and most are already wealthy. So they are insulated from the effects that an amnesty will cause on average Americans. They think that just because of their position as lawmakers and their position in life, that us regular people are going to be so easily persuaded to their points of view.

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    How about doing a story on Mark Zuckerberg’s opinion piece in today’s Washington Post. As you say, to the unscrupulous go the spoils, and Mr. Z seems none too scrupulous.

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    Its Terrifying Alright

    What’s really “Scary Movie VI” About the Republican Support for Amnesty

    Is these wolf monsters in America are guarding the chickens [American voters]. And if we don’t stand up to these Republican amnesty wolves, we really are chicken.