Judge Hears Testimony in Suit Against Napolitano

Judge Hears Testimony in Suit Against Napolitano

“On April 8, a federal judge in Dallas heard arguments in Crane v Napolitano, the lawsuit brought by 10 ICE officers challenging the Obama administration’s Deferred Action program (DACA) and ‘prosecutorial discretion’ policies. The hearing, at which two ICE agents and I testified, produced new information on some little-publicized side effects of the amnesty policy, including how criminal aliens have been shielded from removal. My testimony focused on internal DHS statistics showing a significant decline in the number of deportations, interior enforcement, and even criminal alien removals following the implementation of these policies. I also described how the administration has cooked its removal statistics in a way that gives lawmakers and the public the false impression that enforcement has improved,” says Jessica Vaughn from the Center for Immigration Studies.

“The second witness was ICE officer Sam Martin, who is assigned to the Criminal Alien Program in El Paso, Texas. Martin’s job is to review records that are transmitted electronically to ICE from the El Paso County jail, and determine if any of the alien inmates are removable. He testified that since the implementation of DACA, he and other ICE agents are releasing a significant number of illegal alien criminals — about 25 percent of his caseload — back to the streets.”

DeMint Says Heritage Won’t Be Apologist for Amnesty

“Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint Tuesday brushed aside conservative criticism of his organization’s work on immigration reform, dismissing it as nothing more than inside-the-beltway sniping. ‘Sounds like Washington to me’ DeMint said of complaints by the CATO Institute and Americans for Tax Reform that Heritage is unfairly inflating the costs of looming immigration legislation in order to rally opposition,” Buzzfeed.com reports.

“‘I’m not going to be an apologist for the Republican Party,’ he told a group of bloggers over Chick-fil-A sandwiches and sodas. ‘It’s really disturbing to me … how many pieces of legislation over the last few years have been developed behind closed doors,’ DeMint said, arguing that the bill is being drafted by ‘staff people, big labor and big business. The members who are involved in this haven’t seen it.'”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to ImmigrationReform.com, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    The travesty regarding America’s future? There is the very distinct possibility that Razaunida will be raising Mexico’s flag above the White House!
    The apathy of the American people is duly noted by these mexican radicals and in truth, this lack of patriotism has become a major factor in their plans to control America.and Her citizens! No surprise, they are succeeding!

    Amnesty will not produce a new breed of American patriots from the illegal alien masses. These people have no desire to become citizens of our country for they are acutely aware that this process will require them and their satellite families to be responsible for their own welfare. Their existence within this country will radically change from that of parasitic to one of autonomy. This method was attempted years ago and failed for these very reasons.

    The illegal aliens (who have the audacity to rally in Washington, but continue to hide in their daily lives to avoid deportation) are now dictating the proper method of addressing their invasion of our world….. we are not to refer to them as “illegal aliens” and our cowardly members of Congress simply congratulate one another on yet another piece of criminal legislation initiated! Now, add to this grand accomplishment the fact that just this past month, the Senate voted to give illegal aliens free healthcare!! These people have been bleeding our healthcare system to death for generations, and now our idiot congressmen are proving that they will guarantee this shameful legislation by accepting more “gifts” from the razaunida lobbyists!

    Janet Napolitano and her henchmen, and the current administration, rewrite our Constitution on a daily basis and dare the American people to challenge their right to do so! This woman has earned her spot in this nation’s history, however, she will not be remembered for her patriotism, but for committing treason against her country.
    Our president is also guilty of this crime. Their legacies will each denote infamous, not famous descriptions of their years in office.
    Raza unida additionally rants that the illegal aliens are subjected to pathetic living environments and poor wages. They neglect to state the obvious: these people are not forced to cross our borders illegally, they make this decision on their own volition with complete knowledge of the ramifications. One must question: if these members are so determined to create this Mexican race, why will they not return to their country of origin and alter the path of destiny within Mexico’s borders?

    Now, finally, ten of our ICE officers are displaying the same type of courage which originally set America on the path of freedom and justice….will they stand alone?
    Let us hope not. They need to know that Americans are ready to find a way to regain our rights as citizens of this great nation, not people who meekly rant against the injustice created by a cowardly and corrupt administration.

    The illegal alien crisis has impacted our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    We cannot allow Mexico to continue to control our future. Think about it.

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      I am so tired of being considered a racist since I want ALL people to come here legally. We believe in immagration not INVASION.

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      According to the DHS, you are a terrorist. Read their directives to the FBI and their agents. Funny, isn’t it, now you are a terrorist and the intruders are iguest n the Obama caamp.

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    I think a possible solutions is to not give automatic citizenship to children born in the USA. If one of the parents is an American Citizen then the child can become a citizen, but if both are non-citizens then the child should become a citizen of their parents country.

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      Margo Ridgeway on

      I totally agree! We are not given this “reward”in other countries. We also need to reinstate the Pledge of Allegiance in our classrooms each morning as we stand and salute our Flag. We need to once again promote patriotism in schools and in other areas of our lives

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    I am a Mexican person by birth in this country but raised by parents of a different nationality so it is hard for me to have their same feelings about the amnesty bill which is being worked on now. I do not feel that the millions of illegals who have come into this country without going through the legal channels required should have the right to come into America illegally and demand the right to citizenship while they have done everything illegally and not tried to go about it the right way. What I see is that those of us who are here legally are losing our rights by allowing the illegals to cross over the border but not kicking them right back over the border from where they came. Give it time and we who are here legally will not have any rights at all.

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      Mary that is the way I believe to. My grandmother came over from Poland and she came through Ellis Island.
      I have really admired her for coming and had children to bring to. I just hope and pray that something will
      get done before we loose all our rights. May God bless us all and keep us safe.

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      Margo Ridgeway on

      Into lady, I totally agree with you! They are working hard to destroy the America which our forefathers fought to provide for us!

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      John Winthrop on

      Mary u r lucky else u would be in México or an illegal here. In other words, you do not know what is it like……so if u were in their position u would feel otherwise ………..a simple fact

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    richard harris on

    So CATO Institute and Americans for Tax Reform are front organizations for dirt bags. I wish the author had made that clear from the start. I had to read this a couple times to get that clear.

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    Being Hispanic myself ( am proud of that), I am embarrassed by the majority of Latino American citizens (even those that were born here in the U.S.) who seem to only care about their race and not the well being of this country. They and the illegal aliens here try to act like anybody or any law that is against illegal immigration is automatically racist. They really have no logical or rational reason in favor of amnesty, so they just label anybody or any law against amnesty as being racist. This country has the sovereign right to control who comes to live and work here. This country has no obligation to give amnesty to people who came here knowing that they could be deported. I totally believe in personal resposibility. But I guess that is what this country is coming to, alot of people looking to see how much they can get from the government. Which is main reason Obama is president 4 more years, and not Romney.

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      Berta González on

      Desertrat I completely agree with you. I am also an AMERICAN of Hispanic ancestry and proud of it, in fact I am first generation born in this country to LEGAL immigrants. I am disgusted with our politicians who are so willing to give away our country to folks who thumb their nose and middle finger too at our laws, come here with their “demands”, and expect everyone to just roll over and take it. More of us sharing Hispanic ancestry need to have the courage to speak up and say that rewarding law-breakers is wrong, granting amnesty to millions is wrong, and will only further damage this great country founded under the rule of law. The United States of America has been the blessed land of opportunity for those respecting her Constitution and laws, not the land of rewarding law-breakers or those who yell loudest and their political puppets. NO AMNESTY! Secure our borders, e-verify, and as our laws dictate NO TAXPAYER benefits for illegal immigrants.

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      Amen to that desertrat!! He never would of got in if he had’nt had all illegal’s, and Acorn to cheat to get him back in. We just have to stick together and pray that God will bless us again and keep us safe.

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    Doc Hilliard on

    What with the ANTI-Americans refusing to enforce current laws along with refusing to complete the southern border fence coupled with their gun-grab agenda, it is little wonder Americans are arming themselves for self-protection against the home invasions perpetrated by machete-wielding illegal aliens. The issue of self-defense is directly connected to the issue of illegal aliens criminally and freely crossing our borders and invading our nation. It’s difficult to precisely ascertain how many hundreds and hundreds of middle-east Terrorists pay coyotes to cross our border and set up sleeper cells, but the number approaches thousands since January 2009.

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    Anyone with an IQ above that of a turnip should be able to realize that amnesty would only serve to attract millions more job-stealing illegals here.

    The ONLY way to stop the illegal alien invasion: MAKE THINGS AS TOUGH AS POSSIBLE on the illegals, so they will self-deport back to Mexico, etc. at their own expense because they get to hate it here so much. We certainly can’t afford to deport over 20 million illegals. Plus most would only come right back if we tried.

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      Doc Hilliard on

      We demand passage of a nation-wide E-Verify law, and vigorous enforcement of it. As to the invaders criminally crossing our borders, these ought to be shot dead without exception.

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      What the rank and file of those who entered the US without papers can’t fathom is that the job market is based on supply and demand. If millions keep inundating the job market with low skilled workers, the supply of workers will exceed the demand, and this will further drive down wages. Another factor against amnesty is that we’ll run out of space and the money needed to feed and house the unemployed illegals as well as Americans because the demand for services will exceed what is available financially

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    The law concerning Undocumented Illegals should be to apply the immigration laws of their own country to their case. In most cases, the penalty would be so severe that they would just stay home, especially if it’s in Mexico, where several of the richest men in the world live. Mexico has abundant natural resources, exports oil, has two of the world’s longest and best coastlines, abundant labor, and the money to invest in job-making industry. Our poor should be going there for jobs.
    It is obvious that Nepolitano is lying everytime she speaks in her manly voice, just like her boss. As the former governor of Arizona, she knows exactly their dangerous plight, better than anyone else. She was vetted for her job based upon her ability to lie, however unconvincingly.

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      Barbara Holmes, You could not have said it more truthfully and honest. Thank you for your comment/

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      John Winthrop on

      Politics is always and no differently than the laws of the jungle, like in this case. Yet one fact is that this cheap labor has also contributed tot the American Dream of many people in the US , citizens, legal immigrants and even illegal ones……..I have seen it for the past 20+ years where we never cared and used them and in the industry companies & universities always looked for the best, legally of course.

      So that is the t mere essence of what we have become as a power and now we need to find a solution so that we remain competitive and have a brighter future………..

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    catch and Release is in full bloom…….FBI stats indicate Crime against Americans
    is UP about 20% past 2 years…..many of these criminals are Illegal Aliens.
    89% of the Murder Warrants in Arizona are for Illegal Aliens.
    The Drug cartels are now operating More and More deep in U.S. territory.
    Crime gangs everywhere that are illegal aliens….Prisons are filled with illegal aliens
    who have comitted crimes against Americans….hardly the cheerful amigos we are supposed
    to believe they are……far from that.

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    DeMint makes a good point. I thought the Congressional Budget Office was supposed to supply an estimate on the financial aspects of any bill like this. That’s why they want to rush this through. This bill would have huge impacts on this country for years, and we are supposed to buy it sight unseen.

    The ICE workers have a more than valid point. This administration is cracking down on them because they are doing their jobs, which is protecting the American people. I have seen reports in the newspapers of foreign nationals from Russia and Eastern Europe in Florida and New York arrested for all sorts of crimes. Many times they are given bail. You KNOW they will not be showing up in court.