Rubio is Wrong

Sen. Marco Rubio yesterday attacked the estimate by the Heritage Foundation that adoption of the Senate’s amnesty bill negotiated by the Gang of Eight would cost U.S. taxpayers $6.3 TRILLION over the next 50 years after subtracting tax receipts. He told the Tampa Bay Times that the flaw was Heritage’s assumption that “these people are disproportionately poor because they have no education, and they will be poor for the rest of their lives in the U.S. Quite frankly that’s not the immigration experience in the U.S.”

Rubio is wrong. A survey of beneficiaries of the 1986 amnesty, five years after gaining legal status, found that on average they had not gained in income any more than other workers, and most had actually lost ground economically. That survey was the only one of its kind, and it did not include the agricultural worker amnesty recipients who were the least likely to have benefited from the amnesty.

Most of the arguments that adoption of the amnesty would be an economic benefit – like Sen. Rubio’s – are based on the assumption that newly legalized workers will get better jobs and move out of poverty. The experience with the beneficiaries of the 1986 amnesty proves that assumption is naïve – at best – or deliberately misleading.

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Jack, who joined FAIR’s National Board of Advisors in 2017, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


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    Percy Mervyn on

    Rubio says the report is flawed but doesn’t offer one of his own. Rubio also doesn’t report on the human suffering of the hard working Americans, with staggering high unemployment numbers, government dependency and countless millions seeing their hours and incomes shrinking, he wants to amnestry 11-20 million illegals to compete for non existing jobs with those already suffering from a labor market already flooded with foreign workers. Next he wants to increase by 22 million new immigrants in the first ten years to compete for those same non existing jobs. Me thinks Rubio needs campaign money to run for president.

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    Is Marco Rubio a democrat or a Republican? The way he’s talking I was wondering.

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      I just had a phone call from one of Senator Rubio’s aides asking for my opinion in regards to his proposal for immigration reform. I gave the young lady and earful and a half. I explained that I subscribe to FAIR’s position ir reference to immigration. I also shared a story that happened 12 years ago. My wife was having surgery at Pinnacle hospital in Harrisburg, Pa. I was sitting in one of the central waiting areas when I noticed a middle aged man yelling at a nurse across the counter. I heard him screaming in arabic that he had tuberculosis and needed help. ( I was a senior arabic lingusist in the U.S Army … understood what he was saying) I quickly walked to the offices door and told her what he was saying. Quickly, masks were provided , I was asked to translate and we were ushered into a closed conference room. I discovered that this man was one of a group of “legal” green card status agricultural workers. He explained that he was living in a small apartment with a large number of men from N. Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia etc. and that everyone was sick. He explained that some of the men were coughing up blood and that they needed help! My job was done. I gave them the address he conveyed to me. This more than anything illustrates that this illegal immigration problem touches this country on all fronts. I have followed CDC reports and directives for years concerning the health risk these undocumented people represent to the citizens of this country. Tuberculosis strains ( with a high mortality/fatality rate) are present in this population. A type of parasitic worm that invades the brain … causing hallucinations massive pain and death (not seen or able to be recognized by our medical system) is present with many of these illegals. Dengue, malaria and a host of other exotic illnesses (that will most often be misdianosed or missed entirely by our medical system that has never seen them) will lead to serious complications and death to many Americans who are unfortunate enough to come into contact with one of these illegal carriers. California has seen the closing of large numbers of hospitals just due to the high costs absorbed with providing for uncompensated delivery services to the children being born here at U.S taxpayer expense. Also, the fact are that many of these illegals have little or no education… don’t speak English and will likely never be able to secure a decent income or wage. They will in effect become the next “new” welfare class … futher weakening the U.S economy. Let’s not forget also that for every 1000 illegals residing in our country that a significant percentage of them hail from Middle Easter countries … terrorists anyone? The bottom line is this. We as citizens are expected to obey our rules and laws. Can we honestly be told to allow these “non” citizens a free pass?

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        Well said Don. There is so much more to this immigration issue that some people want to realize.

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    What can one say other than you conclusion? Heritage doesn’t account fo 20+ million not working – on welfare or UC ($20,000 min each) and the wage revenue they lose ($43,500 avg/yr) because they’re jobless = $1.27 trillion They als appear to ignor the $402 billion illegal aliens are currently receiving in the USA. Amnesty institutionalizes all of it, hereafter… Is anyone dumb enought to believe the serial thieves & liars will follow any new law, when the moch the Constitution and law on the books!

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    Spin masters are trying to say amnesty has nothing to do with the chronic unemployment costs caused by criminal aliens in criminal work environments, and the fact those criminals are already given more than citizen benefits at extreme cost?

    Would you vote for amnesty if it generates an economic loss of $1.67 TRILLION per year, $16.7 trillion in 10 years, and $100.2 trillion in a 60 year adult lifetime (18-78)??

    That loss will stop the moment we stop corruption and lawlessness in the executive, legislative and judicial offices of government. Constitution, statutes, oaths of office, and truth are literally mocked and openly violated without restraint or fear. Immediate top down enforcement and prosecution is the only solution.

    According to Fox News, 20 million citizens are unemployed, qualified as including those who ran out of benefit,,, also noting there are millions more work part time or below their capability! Government says average wage is $43,500. We have 11 to 30 million illegal aliens working!

    When wages are lost, citizens receive unemployment and SNAP cards that trigger many other interlocking webs of local, state, and federal taxpayer funded welfare! With dependents,” benefits” are significantly above individual $23,000 poverty levels! Benefits” represent saved productive wealth taxed from someone else by government to give to those without wealth enough to buy-consume food, etc. Consumption doesn’t generate productivity or wealth. Wealth generated by productivity provides the capability to demand products and productivity.

    ECONOMIC LOSSES OF UNEMPLOYMENT BEGINS AT $1.27 TRILLION! Citizens lose $870 billion of self sustaining productive salary based revenue when their job is lost (20 million @ $43,500) plus government will tax $400 billion from producing workers to subsidize the unemployed (20 million @ $20,000 consumption)!. Average unemployed citizen loss is $63,500 each. The real cost is considerably higher than this example! That doesn’t include SSI and criminal damages!

    Criminal invaders cost ANOTHER $400 billion beyond unemployed citizen economic losses ($36,365 each @ 11 million). Simultaneously, 11 to 30 million criminal alien invaders work in criminal workplaces. Because illegal aliens are confined to low wage criminal employment our corrupt lawless government gives aliens SNAP debit cards and all other triggered federal, state, and local benefits, without citizenship proof, plus free healthcare, education, etc.! A recent pro-amnesty study quoted illegal alien cost at $402 billion ($400 rounded), in a bizarre claim that criminal invaders contributed $35 billion to the economy because they saved $437 billion in wage costs! Inflation and prices are increasing, not falling!

    The Heritage Foundation “study” fails to account for 20 million citizens chronically unemployed on government assistance plus the fact that the US productive infrastructure has been sacked over the past 20+ years by US “global” monopolies such as GE! Heritage’s assumption that government officials who profitably and criminally mock Constitution and statute will suddenly stop and serve citizens instead of themselves, is preposterous! Heritage notes aliens are already (illegally) on government welfare, but fails to account for the cost and effects! Nothing in the amnesty bill or anything else on the horizon addresses the 20 million citizens who are cast into poverty by criminal alien invaders! The only thing that will stop lawlessness at the top is prosecutions, fines, and serious jail time! I don’t quarrel with their assumptions or conclusions, other than, they are immaterial when compared the glaring issues missed – no put down implied!

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    James Schwarz on

    As usual, Rubio is RIGHT, and the US GOVERNMENT (O’BAMA’S World) is living in total LIES and total DENIAL!!!

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    John Winthrop on

    Rubio’s assessment is accurate and precise ……………………..most dreamers will probably be contributing with their careers, military, etc……………….the visa overstayers have as high of an education or higher,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the farmers will keep on working doing that SO it is acctually closer than what Rubio says……………………….omitting the gans & criminals..

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      CheatedByPoliticians on

      I am not so polite as all that, he is a lair and deserves to lose his senate seat for being a Benedict Arnold to the real and true citizens of this nation. He needs to be fired immediately!!!!!

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        I wholly agree with you. Rubio is a mirror image of Obama, cannot tell the truth, and expects that American citizens will accept his misstatements.

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        I think non-supporters of Rubio should email or call his office and request for his resignation.