GOP Resistance to Amnesty Firming Up

GOP Resistance to Amnesty Firming Up

“Resistance to a sweeping immigration overhaul is moving from conservative talk shows to the corridors of power.
The Republican-controlled House of Representatives on Thursday rejected President Obama’s policy to stop deporting young people brought to this country illegally as children. With all but six Republicans voting against funding a policy that lets hundreds of thousands of law-abiding but undocumented youth enrolled in high school or the military to stay in this country, the vote spotlighted the long odds facing the much broader Senate bill to allow 11 million illegal immigrants earn citizenship,” the Washington Post reports.

Rasmussen: Odds Growing Longer for Amnesty Bill

“Many pundits assumed that this would be the year that comprehensive immigration reform became law. The conventional wisdom was that President Obama’s re-election and his strong showing among Hispanic voters would force Republicans to go along.
Now, halfway through the year, the prospects for immigration reform have dimmed significantly,” says pollster Scott Rasmussen.

“Americans overwhelmingly feel that legal immigration is good for the country and think highly of immigrants . . . But they also want the system to work so that the border will be secure enough to prevent future illegal immigration. That point has become a major political problem for those who favor reform. The so-called Gang of Eight proposal in the Senate legalizes the status of immigrants first and promises to secure the border later. By a 4-1 margin, voters want that order reversed.”

Amnesty Bill Will Hurt Low Income Workers

“Journalist John Judis points out that the immigration reform proposal making the rounds on Capitol Hill may mix with Obamacare to hurt the employment prospects of American citizens,” says John Carney of CNBC.

“The bill denies health insurance coverage to the 11 million undocumented workers, who will become ‘registered provisional immigrants’ (RPIs), and to over 100,000 guest agricultural workers (who will get ‘blue cards’ rather than ‘green cards’). Only after immigrants become permanent residents, which in the case of the eleven million undocumented will take a minimum of ten years and as long as 15 years, will they become eligible for Obamacare.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Skip Conrad on

    It’s exciting that the House will refuse to fund Obama’s DACA. But it also makes one wonder what exactly are the costs of deferred action. You don’t have to pay for a deportation. I wasnt aware DACa needed any funding, unless thers financial aid involved.

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    as an african american i will tell you how they got talked into going along with this the democratic party made them an offer they bet not refuse also they are afraid of the hispanic boom 9 out of ten blacks i talk with are against this amnesty and wish 6 or 7 million go where they come from why would any african american be for this thats working against your own interest so if i know it the black legislator knows it so why are they voting against us.

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      Then They Use NWO Cooked Books

      To lie to us on how unemployment is improving for African Americans….

      I’ve always been a great friend of the legal African American, they even put me in charge of their EEO management….but you know, I belive the White Caucasion and African American are bonding especially closer now against this NWO overpopulation beast destroying the country.

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        There’s also a greater appreciation for the long and arduous process that legal immigrants must go through to become citizens. I know as a natural born American, that I appreciate those who decided to go through the legal process of making the US their home by becoming Citizens.

        You’re right about White and Black Americans coming together against overpopulation of our country. I know many Black and White Americans who are against illegal immigration and it isn’t just the ones from South of the border.

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    As someone notes in a comment to the Washington Post story, La Raza and other professional ethnic organizations get PAID to assist in processing applications. How MANY of those applications will be looked at and judged on the merits? The answer is NONE. When did La Raza support ANY enforcement measures? NEVER. They give enforcement lip service but attack every effort to actually carry it out.

    And this is bad news for the GOP if this bill goes down? Guess what? It’s way worse if this produces millions more Democrats. I’ve seen people say just wait until Texas goes as blue as California. And then what? You have Diane Feinstein and officials in Los Angeles County complaining about what a financial burden this “reform” will put on them, but then insist it’s a great idea.

    I think a lot of people would not be opposed to a program that was strictly focused on those who truly were brought here at an “early” age. [Maybe before 12 with a minimum of 7 years living here.] But the last Dream act included people who came here at 15 and only had to have been here for five years. In other words, they could have lived 3/4 of their lives elsewhere and still would be eligible to stay. Plus it was stuffed with the usual exemptions and waivers that the secretary of Homeland Security could declare unilaterally at any time, including for their parents. Just like in this present “comprehensive” bill, which let’s any administration declare what are in essence open borders.

    And I think a lot of liberals and blacks are FINALLY getting the concept that our present policies of mass immigration are about nothing more than an attempt to destroy the economic well being of the American middle class. How blacks ever let themselves be talked into the idea that this was a civil rights issue is beyond me. They struggled for a full century after the Civil War to at least get on an equal footing under the law in the country they were born in, and then citizens of other countries, who flout our laws, put themselves in the category of victims.

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      Without Going Into Too Much Detail Leland ,Because its a Case I Know of Heading for Appeal by an Innocent American Worker Victim in a Couple Months

      The open border pundits are apparently fearing for their jobs now and how to find scarce jobs for all the overpopulation too; so they are attacking innocent American workers with “made up” defamation of character allegations if they are in positions of power to distribute from federal funds.

      They use rationale like you are accused of murder, my proof is the 6th Commandment, Thou Shalt Not Kill. Its illegal attack is written with a bunch of legal paragraph references to intimidate and control, especially those without legal fund,. but lacks one key ingredient, written evidence.

      The open border folks have turned into illegal monsters in this witch hunt.

      I predict its gonna get worse.