The Gang of Eight Have No Clothes

Byron York, Chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner, raised an interesting question on July 9. He asked what would happen to the millions of illegal aliens who would not gain legal status if the Senate S.744 bill became law.

He noted that both the Social Security Administration and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimate that only 8 million of today’s 11-12 million illegal aliens would be legalized under S.744. York provided dialogue between Senators Sessions and Schumer (respectively chief opponent and chief proponent of the Senate law) that clearly points to the likelihood that no enforcement action would be taken against the residual illegal alien population – at least by the current administration.

Assuming this is correct, and that the CBO is correct when it estimates that new illegal immigration under the legislation would not be reduced by more than one-third to half the level if the legislation is not enacted, then the prospect would be both a large residual illegal alien population and one that would still have a large rate of growth.

That prospect clearly puts lie to the claim of sponsors of the Senate bill that it would resolve the problem of the illegal aliens “living in the shadows” and establish effective border control. Instead, the prospect would be the creation of a continuing illegal alien problem looking forward to the next amnesty.

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Jack, who joined FAIR’s National Board of Advisors in 2017, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


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    The globalists do things incrementally. Their ultimate goal of course is one-world-government with no sovereign borders. The illegals that wouldn’t get amnesty if 744 passes would of course get their turn later.

    A foreigner who sneaks into the U.S. to pillage and plunder it economically and otherwise is an INVADER, not an immigrant.

    This is about DOMESTIC NATIONAL DEFENSE against a foreign invasion.

    Anyone with an IQ above that of a turnip should be able to realize that amnesty would only serve to attract millions more job-stealing illegals here.

    The ONLY way to stop the illegal alien invasion: MAKE THINGS AS TOUGH AS POSSIBLE on the illegals, so they will self-deport back to Mexico, etc. at their own expense because they get to hate it here so much. We certainly can’t afford to deport over 20 million illegals. Plus most would only come right back if we tried.

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      k mclaughlin on

      Amen to your comments!! its way past due time that illegals get arrested, deported and treated as the terrorists; economic, and otherwise, that they are. They have degenerated California into a 3rd world country. They have totally swamped every public service in that state to the point of bankruptcy. They breed like flies so they can get every existing welfare program, while America denies any and all of same to single, law abiding, child free adults who are in desperate need. It’s time we took care of our OWN instead of foreign invaders.!!!! Its way past due to treat the illegals and their endless offspring as the invaders they are, secure our borders, and get them ALL……. including their kids….. OUT of this country!! End the “Dream Act” Americans wish they had a dream…

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    What the government plans to do with all of those millions who do not qualify for legalization and/or green cards is the question I have also been asking. Do they remain in the country continuing to “live in the shadows” and continue using their fake ID to receive free benefits at taxpayers’ expense?? Do they continue having their “anchor” babies who will then support their illegal extended families with the benefits they will receive as “automatic” citizens??? They have a reason for “living in the shadows”…..they are in this country as illegal foreign “invaders” who are trespassing and breaking U.S. laws!!! If I was using fake ID to illegally live, work and steal to survive in this country….I too would be “living in the shadows” to avoid being caught for committing crimes such as theft, false identity and embezzlement!! What part of criminal acts committed by illegal foreign “invaders” do some members of Congress not understand??? If foreigners intentionally entered the country by whatever means without legal documents and knowingly and intentionally acquired fake ID to live and work in this country….what is there not to understand that there are millions of illegal foreigners breaking our laws and they should not be here…nor should they be rewarded for remaining here….PERIOD??

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    Super Wammmmmie Wow Wow

    Found this “fresh” legislation too

    I am openly pro-immigration. But I can’t understand this one. It goes way too far, misrepresents democracy and is a slap in the face of voting citizens.. These guys caused Time Warner to take public access TV from (all of their locations in L A county where they bank millions of our hard earned dollars daily from their subscribers , and all over California) the general public after the number of Marriarchi singers, Hindu Spiritualists, Christian ministers, Rabbi and Islamic teachers began to grow and speak out about people’s needs and human rights oriented causes.
    California Legislature Approves Non-Citizen Poll Workers
    Sadly, in California, the State Legislature approving legislation devaluing citizenship qualifies as a “dog-bites-man” news story. So, news that the State Senate followed the lead of the Assembly in approving a measure authorizing non-citizens to man election sites hardly raised an eyebrow.
    The justification for the Senate’s 22-10 party line vote, however, qualifies as a “dog-ate-my-homework” story. Sen. Norma Torres (D-Pomona), who shepherded the bill through the chamber, argued that allowing non-citizens to serve as poll workers is necessary to help California’s 2.6 million limited English voters cast their ballots. “These individuals have an absolute right to make fully informed voting decisions on Election Day,” stated Sen. Torres.
    Never mind that these 2.6 million voters allegedly passed an English proficiency exam in order to become citizens. But, in the entire state of California, there aren’t enough bilingual citizens to fill this important civic function? Seriously?

    Let us pray for a solution.

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    Fred Hawkins on

    With the exception of true immigration reformers in Congress (mostly Republican) members of Congress have made sure immigration reform remains a strictly political issue. For the first six years of the Bush administration Republicans controlled the White House and both houses of Congress. Being no true reformer himself, Bush, like Obama since then, played it safe, hoping to increase support, or maintain majority support of the Hispanic vote for his party. Both administrations have refused to enforce existing immigration laws, resulting in a colossal breakdown of our immigration program. I say a pox on both parties. For some time now we have reached a point where a majority of our politicians consider acquiring, or maintaining a seat in the White House, or in Congress, far outweighs love of country and doing what is right for our country and its citizens. If they wish to continue with their ambitious, political schemes and follow stupid party ideology, it’s high time we throw the rascals out. Why do we, as intelligent citizens, blindly elect or reelect politicians hell-bent on destroying our country, and how can we ever hope to bring about true immigration reform if we refuse to use common sense when we go to the polls?

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        Gerald Goldbach on

        You are spot on… It’s all about power. It’s starting to remind me of the communist party rule
        in China and the former Soviet Union. The party comes first…to both Democrat and Republican comrades.

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      Actually, existing INA statues deals with the situation. It is not a problem, it is a human needs event that we refuse to extend to our closest neighbors. Our organization provide online job training and a constitutional law discussion to help prepare the low income Immigrants as well as our unemployed and poor working citizens for the impact of any unneeded legislation that is not upfront about the requirements that must be met to receive asylum. One being that the applicant must not have engaged in unlawful employment, the second is the applicant must have reported to the INS upon arrival. All immigrants need to be watchful. All of the attention is being pointed to the Mexican border, when Mexico is only one(1) of over one hundred countries that have immigrants flowing into this country. Why are e not doing more small business relationships between a U.S. small business of 10 or less employees and a Mexican small business of 10 or less employees as a industrial partnership. We could split the cost of keeping an immigrant in jail here for 10 days between the partnership each month, creating jobs in the U.S. and in Mexico. Plus they tell us they need work, they didn’t come like a bunch of lying preachers with a weak story about how they were not allowed to serve God in peace in their homeland, and then start killing women and even toddlers and infants and taking their land. In the name of what? Not the name of God, but in the name of some king??? So where did the lies really start. Be proud and hold your heads up.

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      Amen to that!
      Will politicians ever put aside the politics and vote for what is right for America? Amnesty is not right for America and neither is a pathway to citizenship or a pathway for a life provided for by the American taxpayers.
      Enforcing our existing immigration laws is what is right for America. Securing the border, ridding ourselves of birthright citizenship, mandatory e-verify, no chain migration.
      Putting the future of America first instead of pandering for votes is the right thing for America. And it doesn’t take 1200 pages of BS to get it done. 1200 pages that are written to be so confusing and hard to follow with loops and twists and filled with pork (the price for the Republican votes) that the people will not realize what the h$ll has happened until it is to late. Of course, like Obamacare, that is the way Democrats/liberals write laws. And in between all those lines lays the destruction of this country because they have turned the country over to the lawless invaders.
      It is past time to hold politicians accountable for their actions and their step by step destruction of this country. Remember their names. Make a list and check it twice before stepping into the voting booth. The time for action is now.

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      If the Republicans would follow their party platform, we’d all be OK. Their problem is not following party ideology, it’s NOT following their party ideology!!

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    “Living in the shadows”? Puh-leeze. The illegals living in So Cal march in the streets by the thousands, demanding legalization, demanding drivers licenses and using our taxpayer-funded EBT welfare benefits to get cash at grocery stores, shoe stores, etc, to buy cigarettes, alcohol, cell phones, etc.

    They do this openly and without shame while refusing to assimilate.

    I know because I live right in the middle of it in a gang-injunction city in So Cal and I see it every day.

    So Cal is becoming Mexico and our government perpetuates it.

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      First of all how come these so called poor people seeking a better life all have the cash needed to pay the human smugglers which ranges anywhere from 1000 to 7000. Along with that living in Az I want to scream every time I read a story about them lost in the desert and calling 911 for help. How come these poor people all have cell phones when I a citizen with serious heart problems cannot afford a cell phone? Then when you get a look at them they are wearing good jeans and good sneakers…no one has ragged clothing. Seems to me these so called poor people are doing alot better then many of our citizens are!

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        John Winthrop on

        Carol you are so out of touch about human misfortunes…………….you probably never leave home nor turn on your TV…….your comment so UnAmerican………………you hardly understand the essence of why they cross the border…………….I hope you will never find yourself in a dire situation to learn a lesson in your life time………………

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          Get real, Josh. Carol is a lot more in-tune than you are. At least she can see the end result of this untrammeled influx of illegal aliens. You know what? I don’t care why they come here? If they wanted to become citizens they’d do it legally. Most come here to earn money to send home to Mexico. Wal-Mart didn’t open up all those wire services for nothing. There’s money in wiring money or they would never have opened them.

          You seem to wandering around with your head in the clouds with no eye for what is actually going on in this country. We have a distinct American culture but our leaders are doing their best to change it to Mexican. If the Mexican culture is so wonderful, why are they trying to come here?

          They’re here with demands, not thanks, that they were able to come and make money to send home. Why don’t they stay home and change their government?

          Human misfortunes, good grief! ………………….. you shouldn’t be let out without a keeper!

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    Robert Smith on

    We have enough home-grown criminals – why do we keep encouraging more to come here? Anyone who is in jail should be made to work in the fields or chicken processing factories as well as those youths in detention or those hard-core unemployed. We will have enough labor not to have to hire illegals to do these menial jobs. Change the Constitution to not allow illegals’ babies birthright citizenship. Stop giving illegals and their offspring free medical, education, free school lunches and supplies, food, housing or any other privileges that should be reserved for citizens only.. Why would they want to become citizens legally when they already have all the privileges without paying taxes? No administration for the past 40 years has wanted to fix the illegal problem and now the illegals have more power than the average citizen. Shame!

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      Mario Caguimbal on

      How right you are. Amnesty was given before for an estimated 3 million illegals more. The next time around we could be facing 36 million? I am not against giving citizenship but let us not include criminals and gang members. We need to stop giving automatic citizenship to illegal babies born here by their illegal parents who come here to have their babies for that reason. We need to start deporting illegals that commit crimes here and those who want to become gang members.

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      Odd you should mention chicken processing plants. I was thinking about that a couple of days ago.. We used to have a couple of chicken processing plants locally (Wisconsin) but they were closed because the owners could no longer keep up with the regulations that equaled cost to them. This was even though there was a USDA inspector on the floor while they were in operation.

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    Since I have a simple mind and no college degree and I was lucky to make it through High School, I like to simplify things so I can understand them. We DO NOT need immigration reform. Immigration reform is a complicated and confusing way of saying “AMNESTY”, just like “Affirmative Action” is a confusing way of saying “Do Not Hire The Best Qualified”. I just hate it when attorney types do their best to confuse and complicate things.

    We definitely do not need a multi-thousand page, expensive bill to correct the countries current immigration problems. The immigration system is not broken, it is JUST NOT ENFORCED. Allow ICE…INS…The Border Patrol, etc to do their job and enforce the laws. This is what they would prefer to do anyway and that is what they are paid for. That’s all, very simple and it cost no additional money and it is fair to all involved. Deport the illegals, It is fair to them because they don’t belong here anyway. Do away with birth right citizenship and family reunification. If they want to live with their family then they need to go where their family is. Bringing their extended family to the USA is not the responsibility of US Citizens.

    Now before you call me a racist keep in mind that the ideas above apply to illegals from ALL countries and all races not just to illegals from South of the border.

    Any of you liberals who can’t understand this………are beyond help and you will probably need to keep voting for a living instead of working for a living.

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      Robbie Nichols on

      I am totally 100% with you on this one! Why not just secure our border? What does all this immigration have to do with following a law that we already have to secure our border and deport illegals? NOTHING! The American people expect our gov’t elected officials to abide by the Constitution which states that our Gov’t shall protect us from foreign and domestic enemies. (I sometimes think the “enemy” is in DC working against We The People”. The Gang of Eight tells us that bringing in more immigrants and legalizing 12 million will make our deficit go down and somehow we will have more jobs……commonsense just tells me the very opposite will happen. Why do all these elected officials get so excited about this immigration reform? Plain and simple…more VOTES FOR THEM. The black population is moving up, 60% of the babies being aborted are BLACK BABIES, (if the REPUBLICANS were doing to black people what the Dems are doing….support of abortion….then the Republicans would be accused of genocide)….so the Dems are running out of VOTERS. …they will promise these Hispanics and any other minorities everything for their vote. Why our our elected officials not talking abut JOBS? That’s what the American people want!

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      k mclaughlin on

      You aint so simple, just practical. Illegals are invaders and there is only one way to deal with invaders. The only reason illegals have become such a problem is no enforcement and rich people using them for plantation labor with no taxes, OSHA requirements or benefits. Nice deal…for the rich…and screw the rest of us.

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    I would like to see a President that protected the citizens first. One that believed in our laws and enforced them. Have our military men and women do sweeps through each town, city, state. Gather up illegal aliens and return them to their place of origin with military transport. This would take some time…but you would be surprised at how quickly our military could get the job done. The citizens of this country could be instructed to carry ID on them at all times until the job is finished. Send the ones from our prisons back to their homelands as well and let them deal with their own trash. Let the rest of the world know that we are enforcing our immigration laws just like every other country. Go through the proper channels and come here legally…and be welcomed.

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    The Republicans, I understand, want to develop a registry, therefore anyone who falls within the criteria of provisional legal status, must formally apply., and, within timeframe. How else will they let government know they wish to remain in U.S., via telepathy? As for the question of the residual unlawfuls returning to the shadows, I envision several outcomes. First, Republicans are calling for nationwide mandated E-Verify and this will ‘weed out’ some, not all of this population from obtaining work. Then, the burden of responsibility falls on the Employer, who, after verifying they are not in the system and still hires that unlawful, they now are subject to fines; repeat offenses will garner exponentially greater fines. Next, I propose a system whereby ‘whistleblower’ incentives are implemented. Why leave all the trust with them? They already dodged a proverbial bullet this time around for hiring illegals and avoiding fines, but never again. This time, ideally, the law will be so tightly woven and structured–no ‘wiggle room’ for anyone. I also believe a ‘pathway to citizenship’ is not altogether impossible! It will come under the contingency they leave the country for ten years, as current law states, I believe. Fair is fair, afterall. Janet Napolitano’s resignation today speaks volumes. I had hoped she would do us all a great service and resign. Now, let’s all make sure we recall those anti-patriots in Congress who betrayed the American People by failing to uphold the rule of law; instead they bended the law to suit their agenda. The contempt for the American Worker is palpable—they must go!

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    As far as the concern about the illegals not paying taxes, that problem is simple to remedy. Do away with income tax with holding and use a Federal Sales tax on everything bought, no exemptions for anyone or any group. Every one buys material goods so everyone: including pimps, drug dealers, bank robbers, prostitutes and even illegals who work for cash, would be paying taxes. Those who spend the most would pay the most taxes.

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      I have been preaching that for more than 20 years. They problem is there are too many lawyers, too many IRS employees and too many private interest groups making money from the existing tax system. I 100% for the elimination of all other taxes. No more property tax on land you already own and still have to pay taxes on the same dollar every year.

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    There is only one way to make the fence work. It is to make it electric and anyone that tries to jump or go under gets electrocuted. Save money on patrols, helicopters.etc.
    But first tell that this is what is going to happen if you jump the it at your own risk..In texas there is water they have to travel by to come to the USA, Add an electrical fence.
    What brain can think that illegals after they get immigration have to pay back taxes, no food stamps, no Obamacare how in the world are they going to live?,steal from legals, get the jobs of legals Can you imagine the unemployment. Someone needs to think with the real brain, not the politician brain.. Make a law that any president that lies three times in a year ,is out of a job. Be transparent.Do not sign a law behind closed doors., Do not omit any democrat or Republican. The House and the Senate both have to vote. Make a law on what the president can veto. Get rid of the IRS It stands now for:Irresponsibly Robbing Systematically. It is no longer a SERVICE

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    And what do you propose we do with these 11 million undocumented people in the country? Please don’t try and be smart and say send them packing, because there is no way we are going to track down 11 million people . I guess they will just stay in the shadows, working, paying no taxes…

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      We didn’t have to track them down to get them here either, Einstein. They imported themselves, they can deport themselves. Unless there is some strange inability of Mexicans to move in a southerly direction, they will leave when the goodies are no longer available.

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      I think what should be done is what Mitt Romney proposed. Start enforcing current immigration laws, take away the benefits like food stamps and driver’s licenses, complete the fence on the whole southern border, and make e-verify mandatory. And withhold federal aid to cities that are sanctuaries to illegals. Eventually many of the illegals will return home. And as for the jobs that supposedly Americans don’t want to do, am sure many Americans will do these jobs if given a chance. And if able bodied Americans don’t want to do difficult jobs, they should have their welfare, food stamps and unemployment withheld. It is not a difficult issue.

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      Having grown up in So Cal, I can tell you that we should do what we used to do – enforce the laws including against employers who hire illegals.

      When the jobs and freebies spigot is turned off, they will pack themselves up. Not all of them of course, but enough to make a difference.

      This is what we used to do in California. It worked.

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      In point of fact, the United States government “rounded up ” illegals in the the hundreds of thousands and sent them packing during the depression. Of course if you use e-verify, even with construction subs, you can accomplish all of this without the bus tickets. Until we begin enforcing our sovereignty we cannot reasonably hope to make changes to our immigration system. We certainly can’t encourage law-breakers with amnesty just because of their numbers. It is their very numbers that move us to DEMAND enforcement and deportation. We need to decide how many to let on the life raft. And in the meantime, if we don’t summon the will to kick a few off, we will eventually all drown as a result of misplaced compassion.

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      By doing it incrementally When you have a big job you don’t tackle the whole thing at once. You break it down into manageable increments and then you start, one increment at a time. It’s really not rocket science..

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    nihad mohamed on

    From the end,,USA is going down the drain,,a conspiracy against USA wellbeing…more welfare lines and malabuse of money of tax payers ,, more unemployment and poverty ,,,more gangsters and homeless ,,,it is a vicious circle,,..usa is going down the drain

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    Juanita Rice on

    If we got rid of INS and the Border Patrol Agencies, since the Obama administration will not allow them to do the jobs they are paid to do, we would have enough money to balance the budget. WOW

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    Robert Fredric Myers on

    It’s all about money.
    Corporations want an unlimited supply of very cheap labor with no benefits and our government is supporting them by turning a blind eye to illegal immigration.
    Americans want those jobs and will work them if they are paid a decent wage and get the legally required benefits.

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    Notechnology on

    Our current immigration system is working. Enforcement of our current laws is what is failing. Enforce our current laws and realize that we need “ZERO IMMIGRATION REFORM”. Obamamigration is a political issue about the Latino vote. It is not about the American worker or improving America. The best thing the Republicans can do is totally kill immigration reform.

    I am amazed that law breakers (AKA illegal aliens) are allowed to rally for immigration reform. That is like allowing drug dealers to rally to become pharmacists. Next immigration rally I believe we should start to enforce our current immigration laws by sending buses to pick up the law breakers. If we can’t accomplish something this simple, how can we believe that we can secure our borders? Republicans need to stop the Obamamigration effort.

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      Absolutely right, just vigorously enforce the current laws and deport anyone who is here illegally. If an illegal is found all of their material belongs should be liquidated and the money given to the border patrol. Those who choose to self-deport could sell their belongs and take the money with them. This would encourage self-deportation.

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      You are correct. This legislation have one purpose and one only. That is to secure millions of new Democratic voters for the next election. This tells you where the Democrates are. Neither party has been able to recover the economy and so it only goes to figure that the Democrates will be finding themselves out of office and so this is a desparate attempt to stay in power. I voted Democratic in the last 2 elections, I think I need to give the Republians another crack at it.

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      if they allow the illegal immagrants to stay in then they need to let all the crooks out of jail don`t do for one without doing for the other..kick them out and get them off our welfare no wonder s.s.and s.s.i is going broke since they don`t put in..what they are doing is slapping us in the face and expecting us to like it..

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      Martin Linskey on

      Note I agree totally these people are here ILLEGALLY and we are real worried about what they think? This is no more then a large slap in the face to the American tax paying public. I do not see anything changing, nothing is being enforced as far as current immigration laws. I agree with lining up the buses and the law enforcement to round these people up at these large ILLEGAL ALIEN rally’s demanding rights in our country. This country is in some sad shape with our total well being financially and otherwise held at the mercy of a bunch of ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS and yes they are CRIMINALS they are breaking the law. I know OBAMA will adjust the law, what a JOKER.

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    You really have to be naive to believe that the cure for our “broken system” is just more of the same non-enforcement policies that got us to this point. Naive or lying. And considering the numerous past statements and solemn promises of Senators Schumer, McCain, Rubio, and others, it has to be they’re liars.

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      John Winthrop on

      Leland you said “same non-enforcement policies”……..again The People never enforced the law because this is been this way from the 1600’s……it has been about opportunity…………SO tot he lack of workers mexican came in invited by The People… I need to say more?

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        Who Do You define as The People?

        A handful of rich slavemasters, crooks and gangsters; funded by foreign corporate greed?

        Or the majority of American dead against amnesty, the voters?

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      As you yourself and many others have mentioned we need workplace enforcement, not amnesty. Start putting these business owners in jail and leveling heavy fines on them for hiring illegals. Sadly this is where you get members of the Republican party to start talking amnesty. They cater to business owners, but all this does is tells everyone, “hey if you want an edge over your competition, don’t play by the rules. Hire illegals and outbid your rivals for jobs”. This is another reason we desperately need workplace enforcement, but will any administration do it? Let’s face it, the last two administrations did not. Bush was on TV Yesterday saying we need to hand out amnesty.

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    Doing Nothing

    And enforcing the current identity theft E-verify laws already on the books would be FAR more effective than another open border immigration biill….God forbid we do that.

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      John Winthrop on

      SWE I say it again and again………..this has been this has always been the American Way and part of the American Dream……………….The People are the ones to enforce the Law….a gov can only do so much, NOW if the gov finally enforces the LAW you know what will happen right..?…FREEDOM will go out the door the way is has been perceived………………because let’s face it…………..The US has evolved and by the time everybody is in the system there will no longer be a free Society as it used to be…meaning time changes and so Freedom and our Constitution should evolve to further ensure a free system as per the 21st century………….

      Next, this will happen and people will complain about our freedoms…….SO FUNNY… appears we are really dumb….In short all of this we are doing it to ourselves………the GOV has no fault on it at all……………..

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        k mclaughlin on

        What are you suggesting?????? A citizen revolution???? and this reply has NO MODERATION