Illegal Immigration Rising Again

Illegal Immigration Rising Again

“Since 2007, the number of unauthorized immigrants in the United States has shrunk considerably, likely due to the combination of a weak economy and stepped-up border enforcement. But according to the latest tally from the Pew Research Center’s Hispanic Trends Project, that trend may now be reversing. The unauthorized immigrant population appears to be growing again,” the Washington Post writes.

House Democrats Working on Amnesty Bill

“House Democratic leaders are working on a broad immigration proposal that they hope will reinvigorate the debate on Capitol Hill and pressure their Republican counterparts to pass legislation that includes a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants already in the country,” the New York Times writes.

“With an immigration overhaul languishing in the Republican-controlled House, taking a back seat to the fiscal fights that promise to occupy most of the fall, Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, the Democratic leader, began working with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, as well as with Representative Xavier Becerra of California, the chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, to put forth an alternative bill that she said she believes could garner bipartisan support.”

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    Like previously said Dan……….you oppose IR then more illegals …you have a choice to make…either you support IR to finally have a chance to control this or be a broken record for the rest of you life…..

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    Good point, one Republican opposed to rising wages in the fast food industry gives us a way of cutting down into employment. California rises the minimum wage from 8 to 10 per hr. If the Republican politician is right that higher wages in low skilled jobs leads to more automation illegal immigrants don’t have employment. He mention that 15 per hr would lead to a touch pad to make payment and a robot that can flipped 400 burgers. Let minimum wage rise in certain states.

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    when does this all stop. we give them collage money,drivers lic.,housing,food stamps the right to vote. open boarders. money to start a business. we are giving them more than our own poor have when the hell does this end ?

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    Do these people really believe the preposterous nonsense they write? The Washington Post article claims that the number of illegals “shrunk considerably” since 2007, due to the economy and “stepped up border enforcement”. First of all, the estimates were not of any “considerable” drop. but only of a slight one, and that’s if you believe the estimates. Two, how is possible that the alleged “drop” was due to stepped up border enforcement, but now it’s rising again? The only conclusion is that the border is not and was not as “secure” as claimed, because the numbers would not be rising again if the border WAS secure. Hello?

    In a NY Times article that was linked to on here on the 23rd, Douglas Massey, a sociology professor [why he’s an immigration expert is another question] at Princeton, said that “self deportation” hasn’t worked. Well gee, don’t you have to actually TRY something to see if it will work? The fact is that the STATES that have passed strict ID and mandatory e verify laws HAVE seen drops in illegals, but they just moved to other states. If we had those nationwide, many would just leave the country.

    Either Massey is confused or deliberately lying. The latter is my guess. You have to put the programs in place for them to work. He’s another phony baloney who pretends “the system is broken”, when we’ve never even really tried the measures that would result in self deportation. Instead we’ve encouraged people to stay here illegally with talk of amnesty and policies that encourage no enforcement.