Stockman to Boehner: “No Conference”

Tell Boehner: No Compromise. No Conference.True immigration reformer, Texas Republican Congressman Steve Stockman, has drafted a letter to House Speaker John Boehner asking him to refuse to go to conference with the Senate’s mass amnesty bill.

When the Senate and House pass different bills, they must resolve the differences in the legislation through a “conference committee.” After the conference committee reaches agreement on identical bill language, the newly-agreed upon legislation goes back to each chamber to vote for final passage.

Representative Stockman is concerned that under House of Representatives rules, if the House goes to conference with the Senate amnesty bill without having first taken a position on a specific issue, they will be forced to accept the Senate bill’s broad pro-amnesty and open borders provisions. “House Republicans must avoid any actions which could undermine the House’s intention on passing narrowly-focused immigration-related bills,” Stockman’s letter reads.

Indeed, as Rep. Stockman’s letter points out, Senate amnesty proponents would love nothing more than to trap the House into a conference. “If we go to conference, we would win,” proclaimed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Gang of Eight Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer, who took part in the 1986 amnesty’s conference committee, has echoed this sentiment. “[T]he end game strategy is to get a conference with the Senate (comprehensive) bill by having the House pass a group of bills.”

Thus far, House GOP leaders have pushed five immigration-related bills through various committees of jurisdiction. A limited border bill (H.R. 1417), a mandatory E-Verify bill (H.R. 1772), an agricultural guest worker/amnesty bill (H.R. 1773), a “high-skilled” visa bill (H.R. 2131), and an interior enforcement bill (H.R. 2278). House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) has also promised to push four additional bills through his committee relating to a DREAM act, a “low-skilled” guest worker program, refugee/asylee reform, and a broad amnesty bill, all but guaranteeing we will see a mass legalization bill from the House GOP one way or another…

To read Rep. Stockman’s letter, click here.

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    I agree let’s tackle the budget, taxes and health care mess before getting into something else

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    I fear the government shutdown has backfired on the Republicans. I worry they will be under more pressure than ever to pass the senate’s version of immigration reform so as not to be perceived as complete obstructionists . This would be the worst thing that could happen.

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    Why not allow the conference committe, then amend the bill to rip out the nasty stuff from the senate, and pass that, instead.

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    I vote no ‘conference committee’. This seems to be the only manoeuvre Republicans have left to put off the so called comprehensive reform bill by Senate.

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    We need an Imagration bill that does not give across the board legality to those who broke our Nations Laws we need to seen a clear message that our Laws will be enforced some who are here need to go home the ones who are milking our system for one who have been using food stamps Medicare etc we AMERICANS who worked to pay for these gifts are now losing our country because the libs can’t say no

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      CANADA has a system which is pretty much fool-proof. It’s called “Permanent Resident Status”. Any one coming into the country as such must have a sponsor who guarantees the person’s financial support and conduct. It is renewable every 5 years or so, and allows them to register for a Social Insurance Number, without which they CANNOT work in Canada. (The penalty on anyone hiring people without one is bad enough that it simply isn’t done.) WITH a “SIN” card, which has the holder’s PHOTO prominently displayed, the holder can find work, pay the required taxes, and access the Health Care. WITHOUT it they can’t do ANYTHING except live under the financial care of their sponsor. Under NO circumstances- EVER-, are such people allowed to vote or access ANY Social Assistance Programs.
      In short, they are living on a VERY tight leash, and the Government is NEVER going to spend a penny to support them. Ever. They either EARN their way, sponge off their sponsor, or get kicked out of the country.
      The US could have such a program, but the Progressive/Liberal/Democrat mentality would NEVER allow it. It would require a great deal of effort and responsibility on those getting it.
      And that is as it SHOULD be!

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        Canada plan to have sponsor to guarantee the person’s financial support. Then the US can stop spending the tax payers money on illegal aliens. Secure the Border is a must which Obama Secretary of Homeland will not do and has not done. She is not enforcing US security Laws.

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      Let’s not blame the overly generous liberals for their support of amnesty, this is to be expected. What we need to look at are the so-called law-and-order conservatives who appear to be talking out of both sides of their mouths on this issue. The conservatives have the where-with-all to shut this thing down on principle, with the overwhelming support of the American people, if they really wanted to. The question is, why haven’t they done so???

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        Sadly, Klee, there are very few law and order Conservatives. You can count them on one hand in the Senate.

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      A little? It never ceases to amaze me that the Dems (in this case Joe Biden) get up in front of Mexico and basically tell the Mexicans that they will do everything in their power to complete the total take over and destruction of America. The Mexican Government probably goes out for drinks afterward laughing at the pure greed and stupidly they can always count on from America’s politicians. I am also wondering who the hell Joe Biden is speaking for. Not the majority of Americans who don’t want amnesty and want to decrease legal immigration. He must of had a mouse in his pocket because he sure was not speaking for me! One thing is for sure, the Chinese and Mexican rulers are drawling all over because they can’t wait for the total destruction of America and the total enslavement of its middle class (which is exactly what the Senate bill will provide).

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        I think you are exactly right. They laugh behind our backs at how they’ve been able to send the poorest of their poor here, they actually encourage illegal entry to the US, and then we support their families financially while they send back money to Mexico to the tune of 30 billion dollars a year, which is lost to our economy. But don’t forget the role of the American voter in this. California has voted for the economic basket case they have become.

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    Stockton and other Texas Republicans including Ted Cruz wants millions of H1b Vistas.. There a little better on the illegal immigration but actually are worst one H1b’s. Border security and fines of employers is what the Republicans need to do. However, Stockton and other Texas Republicans want Asians to come to Texas to do tech work. Also, Texas construction will still be able to keep their illegal immigrants. Stockton and company should help Texas lose 500,000 illegal immigrants in their own state that mainly do construction. Illegal immigration increase in Texas during the recession since Texas business wants to hire them. Dear: Stockton, Houston Texas is third to Los Angeles and New York City in illegal immigrants when is governor Perry going to fine companies for hiring them or when are you going to introduce a stronger e-verify.

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      You have pointed out the one thing that neither side is willing to do. Fine these employers heavy, take their business licenses away, throw them in jail. Once the illegals can’t get work they will leave on their own. All of these jerks in Washington avoid this obvious immigration fix like the plague. I have news for the Republicans, if mast amnesty is handed out, it might be decades before they see a majority in the senate or take the Whitehouse again.

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    ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS, whether they came from Mexico or the Moon. They have broke the law. No amnesty. Let them get in line and learn the English language. And vow to protect our freedom and our flag. This is a Christian nation. No Muslims, No sharia law.

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    All ILLEGALS need to be deported. I don’t see any need at all in negotiating with the ILLEGAL ALIENS overrunning this country. We need politicians with some backbone to come up with a plan to eliminate these ILLEGALS.

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    You know how you tell Chuck Schumer is lying? You guessed it, his lips are moving. Just like the “one time” 1986 amnesty in which he promised it would never happen again.

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      How about Stockton Too?

      This useless has been talk going on for 6 years since the first faisco amnesty bill and none of these open border folks from both paerties did the only thing that really needs doing: implement 100% E-verify with duplicate SSN check in the American workplace.

      God forbid we just solve the problem that way 7 years ago.