Gutierrez Breaks With Illegal Alien Protesters Arrested at Capitol Monday

Gutierrez Breaks With Illegal Alien Protesters Arrested at Capitol Monday

“Two immigrant protesters were arrested Monday at a pair of congressional offices, when they tried to persuade Latino members of Congress to ask President Barack Obama to stop the deportation of eight immigrants detained since they surrendered in September to U.S. authorities at the border with Mexico to protest federal immigration policies,” the Huffington Post says.

“U.S. Capitol Police confirmed Marco Pacheco and Marcela Espinoza were arrested for unlawful entry. A police spokesman said Pacheco will be seen by a judge on Tuesday, but did not provide information about Espinoza.” reported that a 3rd protester was also arrested, and that all the arrestees were individuals who has previously been arrested at the border as part of the “DREAM 30” border crossing stunt.

Gutierrez disavowed the site, and that inspired this rant by Dee Dee Garcia Blase, who founded the Tequila Party.

“Finally, we can all exhale and breathe a sigh of relief because Representative Luis Gutierrez has reprimanded DREAM 30 after the wicked agenda led by the likes of Mohammad Abdollahi and his cohorts,” said Garcia.

Why is the GOP Silent on the Welfare Costs of Immigration?

“Welfare reform is usually an issue Republicans are more than happy to discuss. However, in the context of the debate over reforming the immigration system, the GOP has been relatively silent on matters of welfare,” says Andrew Stiles at National Review.

Critics of the Gang of Eight legislation have warned of the potential financial burden associated with granting legal status to significant numbers of illegal immigrants who qualify as a ‘public charge,’ defined by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as an individual who is likely to become ‘primarily dependent on the government for subsistence, as demonstrated by either the receipt of public cash assistance for income maintenance, or institutionalization for long-term care at government expense.'”

DC Council Moves Toward Licenses for Illegal Aliens

“Illegal immigrants could begin applying for driver’s licenses next year in the District, but their IDs would be stamped as ‘not valid for official federal purposes,’ creating a two-tier system of identification to comply with federal homeland security rules.

The plan marks a significant backtrack from legislation that a D.C. Council committee approved this year. That legislation would have challenged federal law by issuing licenses that looked like all the others to illegal immigrants,” the Washington Post writes.

Obama Huddles With Marriot, McDonalds on Amnesty Push

“President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will meet with top corporate leaders, including the CEOs of McDonalds, Marriott, and State Farm, in a bid to rally the business community to champion immigration reform. During the morning meeting in the Roosevelt Room, the White House will ask the business leaders to help pressure Republicans to move on immigration reform legislation that appears stalled in the House,” The Hill writes.

“Attendees include McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson, Blackstone co-founder Stephen Schwarzman, Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson, State Farm CEO Edward Rust, Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson, Deloitte CEO Joe Exhvarria, Motorola Solutions CEO Greg Brown, and Evercore Partners founder Roger Altman.”

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    I hope ICE tosses their asses back to Mexico. This is a great example of why we need to crack down on illegals, not hand them amnesty!

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    Amnesty is completely out of the question., Why, are the citizens the only people who are reprimanded when the law is broken? Our politicians, [ presidents, senators, etc etc } along with the illegal aliens, are never punished for the law breaking stunts they pull. The illegals will cost us tax payers million and millions of dollars to feed and cloth them and their 20 kids per family, not to mention the money handed them to began their own businesses, to place them above our own citizens, all this so the crooks we have running our country can stay in office. votes is the reason our politicians want them here. What’s the use of having home land security?? the politicians are putting this country in harms way by letting illegals into our country. If this kind of politics wins over our citizens then the money to fund this kind of criminal act should come out of our politicians own bank accounts, and at the same time stop paying for their services while in office. These kind of politicians our country don’t need. NO AMNESTY!!! FREEDOM!!!

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    americans should tell our congress and president that we should not add anymore laws to our immigration policy as we have enough now.what we need is to enforce them.

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    Screw illegals and amnesty. There are currently laws on the books regarding immigration. Tell congress to force the use of them and forget about amnesty.

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    Breaking a law means violators are guilty then illegal aliens are guilty of violating laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures. Politicians come and go but what comes around comes around.

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    I’m Beginning to Wonder if Our Two American Political Parties

    Don’t really have a honest stand on any overpopulation/immigration issues that lasts any longer than their childish playground fights in Congress; just because the other party wants one thing, the bogus opposite party fights against it. Its all a charade to do nothing on enforcing existing immigration laws already on the books.

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      No matter the ones benefiting from this are the busnesses who will increase their profit by decreasing their overhead by hiring more peope they can manilpulate. They let the Government funded by the General Population support the people they no longer want to use to rake in the riches.

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    There is simply no argument that a lot of the illegals to be amnestied will sooner or later become a drain on the public treasury. It’s the way of the system. The less education one has, the more likely you are to pay no taxes while at the same time participating in welfare and direct cash payments like the earned income tax credit. Most illegals don’t even have a high school education.

    Any argument that they won’t be eligible for those things is also ridiculous. It will simply become the next promise if they achieve legalization. Vote for me and I will give you this.