Illegal Aliens Are Already Americans, Says Biden

Illegal Aliens Are Already Americans, Says Biden

“Vice President Joe Biden says Congress has a moral and economic imperative to offer a pathway to citizenship for 11 million immigrants living in the country illegally. Many of them, he says, ‘are already Americans,’ whether they’re here legally or not. He says immigrants simply want a decent life for themselves and their children, just as his great grandparents did,” the AP reports.

Budget Deal Doesn’t Mean Immigration Will Move Easily

“People hoping for a government that works better can’t decide whether to cheer or lament a bipartisan budget bill that legislative leaders call a breakthrough even as they acknowledge it does little. In an era of low expectations, House passage of the bill marks a rare cease-fire that should avoid a repeat of this fall’s government shutdown and flirtation with default,” says Fox News Latino.

“Several Washington insiders warn against assuming the new budget deal will lead to progress on immigration and other stalemated issues.”

Teach for America to Recruit Illegal Aliens

“In selecting its next batch of recruits for the 2014-15 school year, Teach For America will seek out undocumented college graduates who meet the organization’s criteria to become teachers in some of the nation’s most challenged public schools,” Education Week says.

“Teach For America announced yesterday that it woud open up its recruitment efforts to include undocumented candidates who were brought to the United States as children by their parents. To be considered for TFA’s corps, students will have to have ‘deferred action’ status, meaning they’ve sought, and received, temporary work authorization and relief from deportation from federal immigration officials.”

Illegal Aliens A Cost Burden for Hospitals

“[Illegal aliens] are expected to make up a larger share of Connecticut’s uninsured population next year, putting “new financial pressures on safety-net hospitals” that provide emergency care to everyone, state and national health experts predict,” says.

“The Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides coverage options for legal immigrants, but those in the U.S. illegally cannot apply for Medicaid, even if they are poor, or buy coverage at Access Health CT (the new insurance marketplace), even if they have cash. That means undocumented residents without coverage will continue turning to local emergency departments for care at a time when Connecticut hospitals face the loss of millions of dollars in federal and state subsidies to help defray the cost of uncompensated care.”

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    It would be acceptable, if they went about it the right way- apply for citizenship, follow the laws of this country, and respect others! Nothing these people have shown me, other than living off the dime of others, has amounted to anything constructive! They abuse the school system, refuse to learn English, yet want high paying jobs! Otherwise they go on the Welfare system, and suck the wages of other hard working, tax paying Americans! (Not that we don’t have enough leeches of our own!) The crime rate, and disrespect of Americans, has escalated, yet nobody sees the harm in this? I am pro-border control- if they want their ‘rights’, please stay in Mexico, and exercise those rights! The same with other ‘border hoppers’ that come thru South America, and enter the USA through Mexico- terrorists, criminals evading the law in their own countries, etc! We the People of the United States do not want this undesirable element- they are a threat to our values, as a society, a threat to our families, and a threat to our jobs! No matter how the Gov’t feels about this, WE are the ones that must coexist with this! We don’t all have the priviledge to have Secret Service bodyguards, to escort US around! Let them live in their neighborhoods, and see how fast property values drop! Most law abiding Americans have worked too long and hard for what little we can call our own! Why should we have to sacrifice (again!) for someone elses wants and demands? As far as demands- I want my country back!

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    If you read the story about the burden on hospitals, it says some individuals come from foreign countries specifically to get treatment for their condition by just showing up at an emergency room here, because by law they can’t be turned away. How long are we going to be played for suckers?

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    Hard to believe America would ever hire illegal teachers over citizens that are legally qualified.

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    Diana Reichardt on

    I am sorry but I sure don’t see things the same way. If people break our laws and come in illegal that makes them ILLEGAL. They also take away from the job market, jobs that citizens of this country can be working. I see no reason for them to get special rights! People have come over from overseas and have done what was expected of them to become Citizens of this country. I had a friend who came over from Japan, She took English classes and did all the stuff to become a legal citizen her and was very proud when she finished prepping to be an American Citizen and nothing but respect for this country. She earned the right and so should the illegals from Mexico. Enforce our laws, guard our borders and do what is expected!!