Hungry for Reform after Convictions for Illegal Alien Food Stamp Fraud

Last week, illegal aliens Hyung and Dae Cho were both sentenced in Maryland for food stamp fraud.  With about 50 transactions a day, these Korean nationals exchanged $25,000 to $30,000 worth of U.S. food stamps per month between June 2011 and May 2013.

Sadly, this is not an isolated problem.

The Chos were caught in a sweep which resulted in the indictments of eight convenience store owners in Maryland.  Prosecutors indicted Yemen nationals Abdullah Aljaradi and Ahmed Al-Jabrati in Baltimore for obtaining over $2 million in a food stamp scheme.

It’s not just in the Old Line State.  According to a recent Department of Agriculture report, between 2009 and 2011, $858 million in food stamps was traded for cash.  Just in Massachusetts, state officials reported 14,431 cases of potential food stamp abuse through the first 10 months of 2013, which is an increase of 87% over the same period in the previous year. Obviously, not all of the fraud is perpetrated by illegal aliens.

The illegal aliens sentenced in Maryland profited from of a program intended to benefit hungry Americans.  One-sixth of the population (47 million Americans) receives food stamps today.  The growing number of Americans who are using food stamps is attributed mostly to unemployment in the current recession, according to economists.  Although House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has opposed efforts to combat fraudulent use of public benefits by illegal aliens, she does defends the food stamp program, now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), for helping Americans: “Consider this: one in five children, and it will soon become one in four, but one in five children struggle with hunger and nearly half of all SNAP recipients are children; nearly four million Americans over age 60 rely on nutrition assistance; five thousand active-duty military families, active-duty [military]families rely on SNAP, depend on SNAP; nearly three million veterans and their families don’t get enough to eat each month….”

Illegal aliens have stolen millions in taxpayer funds that were supposed to feed hungry Americans.  This story is definitely one that makes you hungry for true immigration reform.

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    Remember this –

    When any politician says there needs to be “reform” – this just means the politician needs more money & more power.

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    I am so sick of this CRAP!!! Americans are being taken because our government does little to enforce law??? And, the believe we should TRUST them??

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    monzur robin on

    The people who break the law like these they are criminal how about the people who let them break the law like these they are criminal too.One party is illigal another party is legal.Both party are criminals.

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    I an an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, and I’ve found that many legal immigrants do not accept social services benefits and charity in the manner in which they are given.
    It’s an opportunity to get things for free, and it doesn’t make them more appreciative of life in the US.
    One Egyptian student who was getting (legal) food stamp assistance (and didn’t really need it) told me that Americans were “fools” to give money to poor people. Similar statements have been made by students from Yemen and Tajikistan. The concept of Charity does not exist in their countries, so they do not have any respect for it here.
    Although I work with legal immigrants on a daily basis, I have become a supporter of lower immigration levels.
    Maybe some pro-Amnesty and pro-immigration reform supporters should take ESL jobs for a few months to see what we’re actually dealing with here in the US.

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    If the people in charge did their job the way they are supposed to, this would never have happened. Most fraud would be non existent if they did their job properly.

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    Our government aids and abets immigrant felons as standard operating procedure. The intention is in fact to dismantle the Constitution, undermine our laws and distribute our Treasury to the entire world. Citizens do no matter. Obama et al represent the third world and it is payback time, for the middle class.

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    How the heck were these criminal aliens first, able to own a convenience store and second, able to get government certification in the food stamp program that requires forms and training? Guarantee they won’t be deported after serving their sentences either. Our criminal government at work. I will never stop fighting this, never.

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      they buy a fake or stolen social security card for about 50 bucks here or anywhere in the usa and that all they need to apply for food stamps welfare buy a business or cheat americans out of hundreds of billions of dollars

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    There should be NO EBT or printed “stamps”. SNAP accounts should be accessed by state issued drivers license or ID only. They all have a magnetic strip with a unique number. Run it in the same card reader as the EBT. If someone can apply for food stamps, they certainly can apply for state ID … this should stop fraud in its tracks. Businesses who sell to SNAP recipients who commit fraud by selling other than approved items or “cashing” benefits should lose their business. SKUs should be recorded for every transaction. Non citizens should never receive welfare programs.

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    Maryland, this is where illegals love to thrive. Last year, the yo yo Baltimore mayor advertised illegals welcome here. Maryland, D.C., Virginia = politicians who want cheap labor. This week in our local San Antonio paper was the story of two illegals caught in Mission Texas coming from from Central America. One is 17, and the other was 4, or 5. The younger of the two was on the way to see his mother, a housekeeper in you guessed it Maryland. The sad thing is instead of finding her and send them both back, they will be reunited in Maryland!! Welcome to America!!

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    spacecowboymi on

    I find the answer in smaller government. Let state governments oversee entitlements. (yes there will be corruption but not at this magnitude) The irony is this. Progressives rant that the republicans are for big business. The health care industry, banks, green energy, Unions, are all being subsidized buy the Democratic government. These industries are exploiting what the government is creating. It’s just good business. If an industry cannot make a profit yet still find cash flow, why upset the apple cart. The ceo gets his or her 6-7 figure income, and labor become slaves to the government. It is a trickle down effect. Your seeing that in entitlements. The department employee gets their salary regardless of what is assessed. They have the power, Depending on the mood of the interviewer and ones impression and the way words are put together the interviewer, dictates work or play. Chase contracts “snap” cards. Carlos Slim is making millions off of cell phones to the poor. If YOU were to do something illegal and the government wanted to prosecute do you think they could find evidence from your snap card or cell phone? I rest my case. Big business is making their money, the government is buying votes everyone is happy except the CHUMP worker. I’ll leave you with my basic assessment. ” the entitled are enslaved to the government, the laborer is a slave to the entitled.”. The must change.

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    This is the type of story that WARMS MY HEART as I prepare to hand over half my annual income to the government.

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    We need to stop calling them Illegal Immigrants, or the more PC “Undocumented aliens” and call them what they actually are: a foreign invasion army. They are not in the US as friendlies, and anyone thinking otherwise is either stupid or a Democrat.
    But then, I repeat myself.

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      Ronald Reagan, illegals are his legacy. Ok, maybe providing Iran with missles and lying about it, but after that it is definitely amnesty.

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    This is a thought provoking story. It reminds me of the fictional tale about a city that was built on opposite sides of the law, still uses fraud and deception but penalizes certain indivduals for making the same mistakes.

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    Yes, these illegals aren’t the least bit afraid to break our laws over and over again. They know there’s
    a big chance no one is going to stop them!! Especially in our Sanctuary State of California! It is just
    plain ludicrous the way our Governor and other politicians are either passing laws or thinking up
    new ones to try to pass to cater to these illegals. We need to deport the illegals and any politicians
    that are backing them right along with them!!! I thought it is illegal to aid and abet criminals!!! Our
    politicians don’t seem to think so! I don’t really know how to go about it, but I do know we will have to
    stand up to all of these unscrupulous politicians in our country. Seems most of them have forgotten
    they are supposed to be working for us!!

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    Immigration Has Morphed

    From a population necessity in the early 1900s for the Industrial Revolution, to a HORRIFYING overpopulation problem illegally draining our federal budget during a jobless recovery…

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    Illegals participate in fraud, deception and law breaking every day. Whether it’s crossing the border without permission or overstaying a visa, using false or stolen ID, or obtaining drivers licenses under false pretenses. But they are going to become solid law abiding citizens? Just more of the denial that “advocates” engage in. Corruption is a way of life in a lot of the countries these people come from, so it’s no surprise they do it here.