Murdoch Momentum Seems Behind the Times

Anyone who saw the video of illegal aliens barging into what was supposed to have been Eric Cantor’s post-primary victory celebration last week demanding amnesty will understand what happens when public relations is compromised by faulty information.  Because Cantor had been defeated, it made the law-violating agitators appear ridiculous and ill-informed.


So it is with Rupert Murdoch’s predictable op-ed appearing  in the Wall Street Journal  on June 18.  Advocates organized by professional lobbyists and political professionals go on auto-pilot pushing an agreed upon line without regard to changed circumstances or the latest information and wind up looking absurd.

The Murdoch piece reflects the overall editorial position of the Wall Street Journal (which isn’t surprising, considering he owns the paper): Reward illegal immigration, take limits off most immigration categories, otherwise companies will leave the U.S. In short, Murdoch’s views reflect those of Wall Street generally that our economy can only be saved with greater amounts of mass immigration, Americans aren’t of much use any more for much of anything….it goes on and on.

The problem is Murdoch’s piece looks like it was written in early 2013 by PR people working for him and fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who co-founded the mass immigration advocacy group, Partnership for a New American Economy. The op-ed makes no specific reference to the bill and, other than a few lines mentioning Cantor’s defeat, it seems like it’s in some sort of time-warp, pretending that if Congress will just “fix the system,” all will be well.

When professional lobbyists and PR firms are retained for special interest purposes, they continue to push a line without regard to public perception or changed circumstances.  As I said on Fox News on Thursday, there are three basic problems with the Murdoch premise.  1. We have an administration that openly sabotages immigration enforcement; 2. The Senate bill won’t fix any of these problems – indeed they will become worse; and 3. Our Southern border is in crisis now in part because of all the years of amnesty talk. Watch the clip below.



I would challenge Mr. Murdoch to read the Senate bill, S. 744, and  see if he still thinks America can ever recover its loss of immigration control with the current national leadership.  He owes his adopted country at least this much.  Read the bill, Mr. Murdoch.

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    the taxpayers millions, BO is spending in central america, to stop minor illegal alien border crossers is too appalling, should make every americans very, very angry, sick to their stomach. these foreign countries are into double dealings. the millions of the hardworking american taxpayers will just be pocketed, by their corrupted political leaders, period. why should the hard earned dollars of working americans be spent to foreign out of control countries, who can’t uphold their own rule of laws, that alone should tell this moronic, not doing the job to deport illegal aliens POTUS, that these countries are laughing all the way to the bank, successfully fooling the POTUS. these untrustworthy foreign nations must not be helped monetarily, only bozo leaders in power now do such stupendous decisions hurting america, and its people.

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      Fundamental change means collapsing the economic system, if it didn’t, we wouldn’t be printing trillions monopoly money, besides borrowing still more from China and still run the debt to $17.5 trillion.

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    so why is it, the POTUS not doing his job to deport these minor illegal alien border crossers ASAP back to their parents. isn’t it the action of their parents criminal, the USA is condoning?. all the false talks these children are escaping their respective nation’s crimes, and coming to america is safe, simply is quite the contrary. these children are at the highest risks of getting murdered, raped, abused by pretentious strangers, etc, since the ghettos, hoods of america, just like where they all came from have drug wars, infested with criminal activities with recorded high crimes committed by thugs, involving children with parent or parent to become statistic. i just cannot understand how a POTUS can get away of not doing his job to deport illegal alien invaders, since the INS laws say only the POTUS can do deportations of illegal alien invaders. people do get fired for not doing the job they were paid to do, the same must apply to the POTUS, people must demand impeachment of the POTUS for not doing his job, is an INS reform. why should taxpayers have to spent money on these minor illegal alien border crossers taking care of them, instead of their own parents. the taxpayers money must be spent on shipping them all back to their own countries, to be with their parents. the border states, texas and arizona are unstable financially and socially with the invasions of these minor illegal alien border crossers, while the POTUS is looking the other way. the other INS reform should be, give the power to the states to enforce the INS laws, since the POTUS refused to do his job to deport illegal aliens, instead have used his INS enforcement power for dirty political gains, pandering for votes to certain segment of our non homogenous society.

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    arnlof sweigeir on

    Dan Murdoch is your best friend…..Fox News is known to be GOP and hates everything about Obama….like Hannity…a real media disgrace…..

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    Why is no one asking Mr. Murdoch if his home country of Australia is as lenient on immigration as he wants the US to be?? We all know that most other English speaking countries put limits on their immigration and this includes Australia, Mr. Murdoch!!!

    And, why do all the gazillionaires want immigration “reform”? It certainly does not hurt their livelihood as it would many middle & lower class Americans, BUT might it help their bottom line by providing cheaper labor??

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    the Vernon K. Kriebel Foundation has a red card solution. why is no one considering that? and the Physicians for a national health program had an alternative to the ACA all spelled out also. why did no one consider that? I say it’s because our government chooses power and money and votes over fiscal and personal responsibility. so what to do about it?

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    I’m waiting for Rupert the Red-reportedly Murdoch’s college nickname-to put some bimbo bleached blond on Fox News one night soon with a banner reading “I Support Immigration Reform!” draped across her chest.

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    Feel sorry for the Australian interloper, since his problems ignoring the law in England he has been walking a tightrope to prevent an investigation threatened by Holder. His TV stations have swerved wildly left and Murdoch has been pandering to Hillary and other communists. It is rough keeping your billions when Nero is looking over your shoulder

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      HW comments back the Newt Gingrich and others who have proclaimed it takes narrow mindedness to be a good conservative. Fox News and Ruppert moving left , no way. The idea is to exploit the immigrants, like Texas Gov. Perry. The President and a number of religous orgs. are acting in what they believe is in the immigrant’s best interest, often at taxpayer’s and labors’ expense. I find both sides unpalatable, both lead to more immigration. Did we learn nothing from President Reagan’s folly?

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        Any time a Democrap says they will do something, don’t hold your breath; in 1986, they had no intention of closing the border, or preventing a new flood of illegal alien invaders.

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    I don’t think it’s the immigration system that is broke, I think our entire system of government is broke. “If you can’t protect the integrity of the system, there is no system.”

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      Let’s see Bob……………The people = GOV = Immigration System…… therefore the Immigration System is broken…….HAHAHAHA!!….Bob are you nuts….!!… not you see it?…..MAN!!!

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    The only reason this ignorant interview took place in the first place is to support Murdoch ‘s point of view who is also the owner of Fox News. Dan Stein, who was disallowed to express himself on this issue was the only one that understood the problem.

    Anyone of you that think you might get some kind of warm fizzy feeling looking at the dumping of 60,000 women, men , teenage gang bangers, pregnant teenagers , babies dripping with chronic diarrhea, measles, whooping cough, testing positive for T.B, with no vaccines for Polio, and all other child hood diseases , and more… Anyone one of you can come get them and put them on your front porch , but you won’t…..
    This round up of the worlds poor and to dump here is as clear as any other lie that has come from the pet coon that sits in the W.H.

    The countries that are dumping their poor are doing so by encouraging this exit, broadcasted from their media .
    AZ has reported this for over two weeks from interviews with hundreds of adults that have accompanied the children.

    . The press here told , “to shut up about this information ” and held the Border Agents hostage for honest reporting .
    This is clearly the first step towards Barry’s Family Unification Programs written in detail under his amnesty plan.

    These families are here illegally in the first place and now they want to be rejoined by almost anyone that will claimed themselves as family members.
    These children and adults did not get here because they lack money. These trips cost thousands of dollars. Once they entered MX to get to the USA border, more money is extorted by the drug cartel that run human flash for profit.

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      You have mostly valid points but I do not think you do not represent FAIR or the good people at FAIR.
      Your racist comments and crass statement regarding the President of the U>S., is not only ignorant,
      it is certainly not Christian.

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      I agree with Kay. There is no room for those comments and I am certainly not a fan of this president.

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      You may have some reasonable points with poor insight to Americans ingenuity . Let us face the facts, deep down in your innermost being, what actually are you driving to with all this your frustrated comments, to deport this immigrants back to their country? Is what you want. Why not say it and stop exposing and spreading your ignorance to selfless, God fearing citizens, that strongly believe that this world is not their home.By the way what have you done as an individual to boost the economy of the community where you are or live better than this undocumented hard working immigrants that day in day out in the rain,and in the scorches of the sun to make a living from some of the odd jobs,that are the pillars of every growing countries economy like ours. Please if you are empty of ideas of how this problem would solved, why not do yourself favor and stop exposing your selfish, selfcentered and pompous comments to good people of the land. Get it right in your medulla oblongata, the better the economy of this great nation,the amnesty to this numerable undocumented zealous and hard working immigrants.BRAVO

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      Carol AZ I agree with Leland and Kay……..people like you are the ones that bring this country backwards……

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      Concerned citizen…immigration is so much bigger and complex than your Ivy League School or profession….being a professor does not mean you know what you are talking about…… completely disregarding many more other factors and as a professor you show limitations and u r short-sighted…………for instance if you are smart and from such school….and know so much…how come you are not as rich or richer than Murdoch…..? Murdoch is right and is a much smarter professional than you….for sure.

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      arnlof sweigeir on

      Carol u should get a job working with Hannity in Fox News…..u r both alike….

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    Concerned Citizen on

    “Americans aren’t of much use any more for much of anything…”

    The American people are under enormous economic pressure due to globalization and America’s very liberal immigration policy, yet Rupert Murdoch pours fuel on his fellow citizens’ fire by insinuating that the American people are lazy idiots who deserve everything they get. Meanwhile, he’s too lazy to read S. 744 and he hires think tanks and PR firms to do his thinking for him. Murdoch apparently has brought nothing fresh or constructive to the country that adopted him.

    Not once have I seen the Wall Street Journal thoroughly analyze the implications of mass immigration for the economy and how such immigration would impact the private enterprise philosophy they hold so dear. I studied economics at an Ivy League institution, so I have the tools and the background to teach them what they must have missed in class. The key tenet of economics is “more bread, less sweat.” Yet the Wall Street Journal wants “more bread, more sweat.” That’s radical. Apparently, too many economics professors are tied to corporate contracts and politically correct ways of thinking to point this out, for fear of career reprisals. But I’ll say it: productivity is driven by increasing output PER WORKER, not by increasing output by increasing the number of workers. And the more you increase the number of workers while lowering living standards, the more the workers politically shift to the left, and the public cares less and less and about quaint notions such as private property. Western liberal ideas only flourish when society wants to protect these ideas. It’s a subtle paradox that seems to escape the Wall Street Journal. Productivity growth is the highest quality of economic growth under the sun, but it requires intelligent, creative thinking, not shallow, flippant arguments filtered down from global think tanks that are essentially white board brainstorming sessions.

    Great leadership requires hard work, and that is not Murdoch’s forte.

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      Yes Concerned Citizen

      I’d add too, did these pig headed open border pundits look at the purchasing power of $5/hr foreign slaves vs. $15/hr legal American workers buying products from their companies? Whose gonna buy many of their products; including gas and food? The Tooth Fairy?

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        Concerned Citizen on

        Great point, software. They must forget that when Henry Ford raised wages, people said he was nuts. But he was a marketing genius.

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      Concerned Citizens you say ““Americans aren’t of much use any more for much of anything…”………I disagree….but perhaps you are the one that is not much of anything……..though I agree many are lazy…..but mostly newly US citizens that immigrated here with a degree…certainly there are not……… how you are going to be saved….by immigrants both legal and hard working illegal ones……

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    Murdoch overpowers everybody….he owns the media…………he an example of how immigrants give the US such an edge and leadership in the World……

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      The last thirty years of mass immigration have given the middle and working classes the short end of the stick. Their incomes have stagnated or fallen, while the top 2% has increased their wealth many times over. When did the middle class do best? 1950s and 60s, when immigration was a fraction of now. The income gap between the highest and lowest paid in the average company then was only a factor of 15. Now it’s a couple hundred. You may think it’s a good idea to follow the self serving rhetoric of billionaires like Murdoch and Bloomberg, but most people aren’t that big of a sucker.

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        you are so wrong…………..the financial situation we have has nothing to do with immigration…actually immigration gave you this country and the American Dream…………………………….you should know this best………..the illegals are only 3% of the population and they did not make the corporations or the gov to bring the jobs overseas….youa re so out of touch….

        Murdoch is no different from any other rich successful business man….there is a difference though he made it BIG as an immigrant, Google CEO Russian………Steve Jobs biggest company ever son of middle eastern parents….etc…etc

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    Dan I read the Bill……….it is not too hard to read all pages…………………also it is false Cantor lost because of immigration…..anybody that thinks that is completely naive of our political reality…..he lost because he forgot his constituents and did what he wanted with his lobbyists in Washington….he actually opposed the Senate’s bill…..

    The simple truth is that we do need Immigration Results else our children will soon have illegals’ spouses and descendants…….so everybody’s at fault on this……Congress and The People………………

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      Concerned Citizen on

      “The simple truth is that we do need Immigration Results else…”

      John Perot, you should learn how to write correct English. It would lend you an ounce of credibility.

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        Aarona the point is really clear………………………….I am all for the well-being of the land………my family contributed and build this place……..I am from New England and I see our culture fading away but at the same time nothing lasts forever and the new generations will rule this land………..back in the 1600′s people used to have 5- 10 kids…..and 300+ years later they own Congress and this land…… see what I mean……so in the meantime Congress is not governing for the new generations……High school graduates etc…….etc etc THAT is my point of view………without immigrants we are cooked…….and those who do not think that are already cooked……..but then again the US had always all mentalities and luckily enough the right one contributed to our success…….now we are in trouble and do not see the GOP, Tea Party nor Democrats to be the answer…..perhaps a third party with genuine goals and commitment is the answer……………

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        aarona now answering your Romney question…………I see you like him…you need to see beyond his looks and read beyond his fake motives……………….that is my answer……………..partially why he lost?….we are a more open-minded Society even though many think the Civil Rights never happen in their minds…….and thos who think he is the first African American President are so lost in the 21st century like thos who believe IR is amnesty…the man is the first White-African American President………even the media is so dumb…….