New Op-ed: Open-borders Advocates Shamelessly Exploit the Surge of Minors

FAIR Op-ed from Dan SteinIn an op-ed published in The Hill, I address the role of the mass immigration and amnesty lobby in creating the current crisis at the border. The op-ed notes that laws, drafted with inordinate input from immigration lawyers and immigrant advocacy groups, have created judicial gridlock that works in favor of illegal aliens attempting to remain in the United States.

The complete op-ed can be found on The Hill’s website.

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Dan is the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)'s President after joining the organization in 1982. He has testified more than 50 times before Congress, and been cited in the media as "America's best-known immigration reformer." Dan has appeared on virtually every significant TV and radio news/talk program in America and, in addition to being a contributing editor to, has contributed commentaries to a vast number of print media outlets.


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    La Raza (The Race) is a racist organization. They teach, the poor (below the border) population suffers so because of the unfair American polices toward the Latinos. They play on the premises – this land is our land – not yours. They stop at the history of the Treaty of Guadalupe of 1848 where Mexico ceded 4 States, Ca.,Tx..,Nv., Ut., and later New Mexico.
    The U.S., paid 15 million dollars (plus $3,250,000) to clear all claims. Not only do they gain financially by being perpetual victims, they also gain by rewriting their own history.

    If any of you got a chance to see Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama on C-Span, he held up a printing where 3 top American billionaires, Gates, Buffet and Adelson asked for a huge increase in the H1B Visas for STEM workers. In the other hand, he held up articles, one after another – of technology companies announcing layoffs of Stem workers.
    Gates company – Microsoft – announced a layoff of 18,000 workers alone.

    I also read, a few weeks ago, where a Political Party (surrounded by lobbyists) requested large increases of “common core” workers on their State Platform. Not only did they request these standard Visas, they requested Section 8 housing and benefits for these workers. It was voted down, ironically by a “trick of the hand.”

    Talk about -Selling the Americans Down the River!

    I suggest writing, emailing or twittering your Representatives and also Senator Sessions. Thank him for fighting for
    Americans and let him know your opinion.

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    The most effective ways to deal with illegal immigration include the following:

    Impose stiff penalties for all employers who hire (knowingly or not) illegals – including families who hire illegal maids, babysitters, gardeners, et al.

    Eliminate the myriad of benefits that illegals receive.

    End the sham of ‘anchor babies’ with their corresponding chain migration effects.

    If these measures are genuinely accomplished, then the border will essentially secure itself. It’s also important to keep in mind that many more illegals are here due to overstayed/expired visas than by actual border crossings.

    Sadly, our current Congress does not have the courage or political will to adhere to these common sense measures.

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      Families should be re-united: like in Managua or Santa Tecla– or come out of the shadows and enjoy the bright sunshine of Tegucigalpa or San Luis Potosi.

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    joella corder on

    Let’s step back in time to the year, 2005. Precisely what did happen to the TRUE Enforcement and Border Security Act? It might possibly be intact somewhere within the parameters of the Congressional hallways, however, the inherent benefits of this legislation have long since been corrupted by our criminal administration and an apathetic and greedy Congress.

    This legislation, introduced by Representatives Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and Virgil Goode (R-VA), responded to America’s immigration crisis with a no-nonsense approach to reform which would have provided vital security and would have additionally protected this country’s national interests.
    Typically, our government’s apparent lack of concern about the swarm of illegal aliens across our borders in addition to mass, uncontrolled legal immigration, compromised our national security and perpetuated our vulnerability to future terrorist attacks.

    The TRUE Enforcement and Border Security Act provided a blueprint for effective enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws! It addressed this overwhelming national problem not only at our borders, but by removing incentives that even now continue to entice millions of people to violate our immigration laws.

    The first step to controlling illegal immigration is to mandate that our corrupt electorate will either comply and represent the American citizen or accept that their futures will include time spent behind bars or, at the very least, years which will register their political actions as null and void.
    Secondly, the job magnet must be eradicated. TRUE Enforcement did this by by establishing a mandatory work eligibility verification system first mandated by Congress in 1986 but never implemented. Those who did not adhere to a few simple procedures were subject to significant fines and other punishments which could have included the loss of business licenses and government contracts.

    The American government has an abysmal track record when it comes to enforcing laws against hiring illegal aliens. TRUE Enforcement enhanced the ability of workers and competitors who were directly harmed by unscrupulous employers to file complaints with the Department of Justice, or even take the offending employer to court.
    Today, millions of American workers watch their wages and their working conditions decline as a direct result of the widespread lawlessness that results from failure to enforce immigration laws against hiring illegal aliens. Businesses are also harmed by this lawlessness, but are forced to engage in it themselves when their competitors hire cheap illegal labor. If our government cannot or will not protect the American workers and the honest businesses, they must then be given the power to defend themselves.

    While the availability of jobs is what draws most illegal aliens to this country, eternal access to our government benefits and services,and citizenship for their myriad children who are born here, constitute powerful incentives for them to remain. TRUE Enforcement removed those incentives, making it clear to people who violated our immigration laws that they would not be allowed to remain.
    This legislation also took a carrot-and-stick approach to local governments, promising them relief from the enormous costs of illegal immigration, but only if they became active participants in the effort to combat this problem.

    With 11 million or more illegal aliens in this country, and millions more pouring over our borders every year, it is obvious that Mexico is simply “cleaning house”! Immediate re-enactment of the TRUE Enforcement and Border Security Act is not only necessary it is vital to maintaining the quality of life in this nation.

    We MUST accept that amnesty will not produce a new breed of American patriots from the illegal alien masses! These people have no desire to become citizens of our country for they are acutely aware that this process will require them and their myriad satellite family members to be responsible for their own welfare. Their existence in this country will radically change from that of parasitic to one of autonomy.

    America is no greater than our least caring citizens and politicians, thus it is imperative that those who gather to determine the course of America’s destiny are bound by law to incorporate the inherent right of Her citizens to assist in mandating this destiny.
    I extend the challenge to our electorate that they are to genuinely listen to their constituents’ demands.
    America’s citizens have tired of being a minority on our own soil.

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      Who is a real Americans, Fair commentators . One that is selfish, self-centered, self-indulgence and self-surfeit. Well it could be true, but I thought a real Americans are those that sees the sufferings of others in the mirror of their heart and ultimately extends life saving virtue of compassion. I would advise all the fair commentators to examine themselves before they post or exhibit their inward depravity in a public space like this.

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      John Winthrop on

      Joella corder……lots of words bu no SUBSTANCE……..enforcement starts with The People….you see. two lines to say what took you 50 or so…….

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        Lawrence Goodwin on

        No John. There are obviously far too many citizens of this country who have little understanding of the ins and outs of illegal immigration/amnesty/etc. and the high stakes of the game. Joella did right well in passing along that information. If you had no time to read it fully, you should have made time. If you did read it, then I have to wonder why you have a problem with others taking the time.
        Indeed, Joella lends much substance to the commentary.
        Enforcement, btw may start with the people, but simply allowing the states to enforce the laws we have would go a long way, and should the federal executive branch deign to enforce the law, our overall problem would greatly diminish.
        Illegals are not only here and depressing the labor market for American citizens, they are all the more bold about it while progressive policies take deeper and deeper hold as illegals become more & more politically relevant.
        Meanwhile, the rest of America greatly loses respect for the law, and the political process that is supposed to establish it.

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    Illegals exploit every single loophole they can find, whether “anchor babies” , claims of violence and drugs, child immigrants, over-stayed work visas, etc. The most ironic is that people who are apprehended for violations of the law, demand their captors abide by every single letter of the same laws they chose to ignore.

    If there is any indication the current crop of “kids” (sob) is successful, the next wave be much, much larger and the next step is to “reunite families” (sob) which means the whole family tree along with everybody in their village as all are somebody’s “cousin” (sob).

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    It is appropriate and only fitting ‘SANCTUARY CITIES’ such as San Franciso, Los Angeles, and Chicago that for years have blocked federal immigration enforcement authorities from identifying, detaining, and removing unauthorized aliens from the U.S, now endure the largest part of the burden of housing, medicating, and educating them until their cases can be ‘properly adjudicated’ .(years and year of preposterous drawn-out court appeals)

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      Lawrence Goodwin on

      Before you know it Larry, the federal government will be giving those sanctuary cities even more federal money to “help,” while refusing all the more to enforce immigration law. A bigger, more powerful immigration magnet.
      If Mexico and central America were across the Pacific, and Indonesia were next door, Latino Americans would be as upset by all this as are other Americans. What a twist that would be.
      As in everything “Obama,” what the American people want is of no consequence, as he and his progressive bunch simply know best.
      Smug in their superiority aren’t they?

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    They Say Might Makes Right

    But in this case, just because the the rest of the world sides with foreign/corporate lobbyists in America, is absolutely no reason to total ignore the wishes of the American voter to get those kids back home with their parents.

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    I always wonder why La Raza takes a position on more work visas to be issued to come here. Where is it written that a citizen of another country is entitled to come here and work? Or is that the position all their corporate donors want them to take?