Unanswered Questions About Liberian Man’s Journey to the U.S.

Dulles AirportAmong the many unanswered questions in the wake of this week’s news that a man infected with Ebola traveled to Dallas from Liberia was a most basic one – how was he issued a visa?

Looking first at the health screening rules for visitors, it seems that the Obama administration attempted in 2010 to re-write health screening rules first put in place by the Bush administration in 2005. As Kerry Picket, a writer for Breitbart noted, “The Obama administration withdrew updated quarantine regulations in 2010, prompting questions about how the policy change may have impacted the current Ebola situation.”

The Liberian government has announced that it will prosecute the man for lying when he left the country. “The government alleges that Duncan lied about having come into contact with someone affected by Ebola during an airport screening in Liberia,” noted one account at The Atlantic.

Almost 14,000 people from countries at the center of the Ebola epidemic hold visas enabling them to come to the U.S. However, it is uncertain (and the DHS is extremely unlikely to know) how many of them have visited the U.S. recently, or have come to the U.S.

Despite what appears to be a clear hole in the existing screening process, the White House spokesman said there would be no change to existing screening procedures. “Spokesman Josh Earnest said that current anti-Ebola measures, which include screenings in West African airports and observation of passengers in the United States, will be sufficient to prevent the ’wide spread’ of the virus,” noted The Hill.

Ultimately, even non-health screening should have kept the man from getting a visa to visit the U.S. Having no employment (news accounts indicate he quit his job), living outside his home country(he was living in Ghana), having family in the U.S. all should have flagged any visa application. People with few if any ties to their country and no means of support, and who have family in the U.S. are at a high risk of overstaying their visa. They fit the description of “intending immigrant” and should be denied visitor visas. As NAFSA, the Association of International Educators notes, “Under U.S. law, all applicants for nonimmigrant visas, such as student visas, are viewed as intending immigrants until they can convince the consular officer that they are not. You must therefore be able to show that you have reasons for returning to your home country that are stronger than those for remaining in the United States.”

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    Here’s hoping that the next ebola-carrying third-worlder to grace our shores joins a tourist group to the White House and sneezes just as the prez walks by…

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    Why is any country allowing unrestricted travel from those countries? Planes, trains, and ships could stop at secured ports of entry to deliver what ever is needed and those who are willing to go into possibly infected areas. But, return of anyone or anything that has not been quarantined within those secured areas should not occur until effective decontamination has been performed. People must be quarantined until a 21 day period has elapsed. I know it sounds harsh. But, we are dealing with a disease that has a higher death rate per infection than any of the influenza viruses that have come around recently.

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    Donald Shnyder on

    If barry is not lucky enough to have a crisis fall into his lap he will just MAKE one!!!

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    Rev. Dr. Ronald L. Sims on

    I am not surprised by what is going on. What better way to invoke Martial Law than to have an epidemic caused by Ebola. Personally speaking, I think that this person entering the USA from Liberia or Ghana (both countries have huge numbers of people infected with the Ebola Virus). Further, I also believe that since the CDC has a PATENT on the Ebola Virus, it would not surprise me one bit that the USA started the Ebola Virus in Africa, just so the world’s population would be drastically reduced through massive deaths caused by the Ebola Virus.

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      I’ve Heard Some Conspiracy Theorists Say That About HIV Too

      I do hope you’re wrong, I’m crossing my “United Nations’ Agenda 21” fingers you’re thinking is way too fringe….but the tea leaves we’re reading now are swirling around and predictive anlyses is extremely unclear today…

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      Sorry Rev. But Ebola and this sister disease have both been around for a long time. It is only a world wide issue now because travel has become so unrestricted. It was not long ago that when Ebola flared in Africa people just did not go there, nor were they allowed to leave. That is no longer true.

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    A tangled web is weaved when any practice to deceive. How long will we be able to say that the United States is a country of law-abiding citizens and that this is a country of LAWS enforced as long as B.O. is at the top?

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    Do we even have to ask the question of how he got his visa? There is no end nor is there any extreme to which this man will not go to destroy this country. It was known he had Ebola before he left Liberia. Now, I read yesterday Liberia is suing him for coming to America with the disease. To believe all that is to believe everything else Obama is involved in. They knew he had Ebola. Why did they allow him to leave? Obama has “arranged” for them to state they are suing the man for coming here!!! Let his ignorant basement dwellers believe all this bunk but we are much too intelligent for that. They allowed him to leave the country when it was know he had the disease and we granted him a visa because that was the only way he could have gotten into this country. Notice, too that he entered the USA through one of the Washington DC airports. That says a lot. If this relative he came to see is his “wife”, she was likely one of those who came here with all the children seeking amnesty for their tyrannical home countries. Obama is not stupid but he is also not intelligent enough to dream up all these criminal actions, He has a cast of characters who should be in the movies!!! They can come up with more schemes than most anyone in Hollywood. If Huffington Post is now seeing through him, it must be truly serious in the liberal world. That is the most liberal of the liberal rags in this country.

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      The site is still very pro amnesty but a majority of the reader comments tend to be anti amnesty. Which is unusual because most other stories get a lot of agreement. She’s some big hero to a lot of people but she got millions when she sold the site to AOL a couple years ago, yet most all of those people who write columns on there get paid nothing. So she has no problem with companies importing foreign workers who will be paid next to nothing. Worked for her.

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      The Dallas Foreign Guest Knew He Had Ebola When He Left Country

      And even at the Dallas hospital they missed screening him for isolation with Ebola….let alone the plane he boarded.

      “….Both American and Liberian officials agree that he did not exhibit any outward signs of having contracted Ebola during his airport screening, though debate remains surrounding whether his symptoms upon arriving in a Texas hospital were sufficiently clear that the hospital should have immediately quarantined him, rather than their initial decision to send him home with antibiotics….”


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      No, he knew he had been in contact with infected people. They and everyone else took his word for it.

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    Obama Will Grant W. Africa Assylum Status Because of the Ebola?

    Allowing hoards of possibly Ebola infected into America, their fever hadn’t gotten too bad yet..

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    Supposedly he should not have been able to obtain a visa, but this administration punishes visa workers who actually follow the law. Nothing new though. They’re going to wait until right after the election and then issue his amnesty. And a lot of you suckers will buy into it. But the truth is a lot will not. If you go to sites like Huffington Post where you would expect the amnesty side to dominate, the opposite is true. Most of the comments, and “likes”, are against amnesty.

    Another thing about this guy is we keep reading he was here to see his girlfriend/wife. This woman has five school age children. How and why is SHE here and what are the costs to the American taxpayers of those kids. This nonsense just never stops.

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      Just an educated guess. she’s probably here under Temporary Protected Status. Temporary as in they never go home. Just more of their relatives come here. But what happens when we turn into the third world hellhole all of them are fleeing. Will that satisfy Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and John McCain?