Slain California Officer’s Aunts Hold Obama Immigration Policies Accountable for his Murder

Aunt of Cop Slain by Illegal Immigrant: Obama's 'Words Would Fall on Deaf Ears'On October 24, Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte, a twice deported illegal alien with a criminal record, murdered two California law enforcement officers. The aunts of one of those officers, Placer County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Davis Jr., appeared on Sean Hannity’s television program to discuss their nephew’s murder.

Pam Davis Owens and Vicki Ikenberry were very clear: Deputy Davis’s murder was an unnecessary tragedy made possible by our government’s refusal to enforce immigration laws meant to protect the American people. When asked how she would respond if condolences were offered by President Obama, Ms. Ikenberry had this to say: “I’m not even sure, I don’t know if I can be kind because I think his words would fall on deaf ears…I just don’t think I can handle him saying he’s sorry.”

Deputy Davis’s aunts’ four-minute appearance on Hannity should be must-see viewing for every federal, state and local policymaker who has had a hand in weakening immigration enforcement and shielding criminal illegal aliens.


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    Snarky Republican on

    These families and others in the same situation should join together and file wrongful death suits against the Obama administration and Eric Holder for deliberately not enforcing the law.

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      Part of the blame needs to fall squarely on the shoulders of Gov. Jerry Brown who has welcomed them with open arms and public funds. For the first time in my life I voted Republican. This issue involves my day to day life. They people who sign these laws don’t have to live with the aftermath like I do. Whoever advised Jerry Brown and Obama that open borders was a good thing is wrong. It’s career suicide.

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    Just Like the National Guards Couldn’t Use Guns to Protect Themselves at the Mexican Drug Cartel Violence Border

    The next thing they’ll want our police unarmed too when dealing with dangerous criminal immigrants.

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    How many more Americans have to be killed by illegals and terrorists in this country illegally before our government
    does its job of protecting the American people and secures our borders?