The Flood of Migrants into Germany is a Recruiting Bonanza for Terrorist Groups

As we commemorate the 14th anniversary of 9/11, it is worth remembering that the plot to attack America was launched in Germany. Many of the key figures in those deadly attacks were part of the Hamburg Cell, where radical imams preached radical ideology in many of the city’s mosques.

MosqueinAbujaThe mosques in Europe and elsewhere around the world where the radical Wahhabi Islamic doctrine is incubated are largely funded by Saudi Arabia. It is estimated that the Saudis have invested $100 billion in building mosques worldwide. Despite slumping oil prices, Saudi Arabia, which has resettled exactly zero Syrian migrants, has committed to building 200 new mosques in Germany alone – a country that expects to absorb about 800,000 migrants this year.

Take 800,000 recently displaced migrants, add 200 freshly built Wahhabi mosques, and what you get is the perfect recruiting ground for the future of Islamic terrorism in the West. The radical Islamic network, already rooted in German soil, is wasting no time. According to the intelligence service in the German state of Bavaria, Islamic extremists “are trying to approach the young unaccompanied refugees, who arrive in our country without their families and are particularly looking for contacts and support.”

Young men, with no families, no jobs, and no cultural or linguistic connection to the country they are arriving in are made-to-order targets for the radical Islamists whose aim is to spread terror throughout the West. From Hezbollah, to Hamas, to ISIS, radical Islam has won over new recruits by offering the poor, neglected and displaced the social services they need, a sense of community they have lost, and a sense of purpose they desire.

The impact will not be limited to Europe. President Obama has ordered that we admit 10,000 Syrians as refugees over the next year – a figure that refugee advocates immediately criticized as woefully inadequate. Based on past history and the tendencies of the Obama administration, the refugee advocates are likely to get their way. And, down the road, because our immigration system allows for endless family chain migration, the numbers will likely grow exponentially.

The West is faced with a perverse conundrum. Our own values preclude us from turning our backs on the millions of people who are being uprooted by a violent power struggle among radical ideologies in the Middle East. But resettling millions of displaced Syrians and others almost guarantees that those ideologies will take root in our own soil. Thus, the people who are responsible for catastrophes that are taking place across the Middle East and Africa stand to gain the most from the humanitarian instincts of the West.

And it won’t end with Syria. There are many more countries across the Middle East and Africa that stand on the brink of collapse and chaos. The greatest challenge for the West is to come up with a plan to manage a long-term humanitarian crisis and protect legitimate refugees without sowing the seeds of our own destruction.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    We are all “missing something.” Obama governs by fiat. He has found ways to run around the Constitution without obstruction. He has issued 195 executive orders,which must be registered and published and 198 memoranda which do not. Both are legally the same. Obama has thereby created a shadow government. Congress is not involved as Obama enacts laws on his own. Obama has control of our energy. Oil and gas are being exported from Galveston to foreign countries in violation of our laws, even while Obama portrays himself as a conservationist. The American people are ham strung by high utility bills. Putin also consolidated oil and gas under his control and became enormously wealthy. Obama is a cunning, lying dangerous man who has relentlessly garnered power for himself. He will in fact take down this country deliberately. He will play on American propensity for humanitarianism and import all manner of foreign nationals in violation of our laws in order to replace American history, culture and sensibilities. Only Muslims count. Obama destroys his political enemies. Obama uses all federal agencies to accomplish that end; IRS is a good example. He takes enemies (aka political opponents) out very efficiently. He has also announced that he will not leave DC at the end of his term. He will continue to ensure his shadow government and his influence. For all intents and purposes a third term. All of this is a stunning terrifying testimony to a guy who is not a citizen, who faked his origins, who is a Muslim, who has Muslims in the White House ( Valerie Jarrett) and who allowed members of the Muslim Brotherhood to work in Homeland Security. The corruption now infecting our country and government is unprecedented. We the People and the Congress have been bullied, cowed and threatened by this gangster in the White House. The remainder of Obama’s official term will allow him to accelerate his plans and finalize the take down of the USA.

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    I’m I missing something here, and since when can the executive branch order that we admin 10,000 Syrian’s as refugees? Haven’t we endured enough from this utterly incompetent lowlife already, that’s sullying the Peoples House?

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    the muslim refugees have dramatically increase the muslim populace in germany. it’s no brainer, the building of 200 mosques in germany funded by the saudis is as clear as the crystal ball, the islam religion is in proliferation, like cancer to spread the sharia laws. the muslims know damn well germany is predominantly christians, and moving fast in building mosques is the key to self empowerment. benevolent germans must also need to look at the reality – that in muslim nations, it’s like a curse for any christians living in their homeland to build christian churches, that’s why there is not one christian church in any muslim nations, that alone should make the free nations of the world be very cautious. germany must be proactive in stopping the building of too many mosques, and not be blinded on the predominant claims of the muslims, BO included, that islam religion is a peaceful religion, which is the mother of all lies.

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      neerg interestingly enough if you have realized…..when christians are killed in the middle east NOBODY cares…….I just noticed that the last confrontation that happened……………..

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      Have you noticed that they made the announcement about the mosques with no input or comment from the German government? They have no concern that their effort to built the mosques will be opposed by the government.

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    Concerned Citizen on

    This is a grave crisis for the West and a test of how flexible democratic societies can be in the face of a new kind of risk.

    We need to focus on building safe zones, with international cooperation, in Syria and anywhere else that will export its problems to our shores. We should do so only within the limits of our resources, and that is all we can humanly do. This would be a generous and compassionate policy. We can even bring in very modest numbers of truly desperate refugees as we have in the past, e.g., American collaborators who have no chance at all in their home countries and who have a strong chance of assimilating here.

    Instead, I watch presidential candidate Chris Christie express his opinion on television that America has always been a humanitarian country. He takes this truth as self-evident and tells us, the American people, what we are as a nation without apparently any due reflection and without even asking us. Humanitarianism might more accurately be called an outgrowth of our prosperity after the dawn of the industrial age. To contradict him, we are a nation of self-government with freedom and individual liberty at our core. We are free to choose our own path, and not be lectured by our rulers.

    I assert that we are not inherently obligated to take in any refugees. We do so only with our eyes wide open and with the refugee program fully vetted, and with numbers we can easily manage. Saudi Arabia and other countries will have to take up the slack and that’s ok.

    About Germany. Their open-the floodgates-approach to this crisis may feel noble to some German elites, who no doubt feel the overhang of their country’s WWII past. But I have news for them. This reckless, self-annihilating plan in the spirit of a New Germany is the flip side of the same coin that got them into the Nazi mess. It is delusional and mad. No doubt in my mind…it will have a violent end, too. Too bad Germany produces brilliant engineers but lousy politicians.

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        SW I have met tons of great engineers in the filed of Science //// from your answer it appears to me you lost the spark a decade ago and you yourself are no longer with an engineering future & limited to a job that if you lose it…you will never be able to re-invet yourself….. I met many like the guys you mentioned that took us number one in technology……it is a real pity…….engineers like you that once had an opportunity to contribute are at ease and hibernating in a job…..I am sorry…..but it appears it is a straight fact… do not even believe in yourself….

        2000-2015,,,,,,if it gets foggy for you that means that is you as well……wake up……do something for our land!!!

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      concerned citizen……if the Germans politicians are gone what can you expect form the rest of the world….really…?
      They are probably the best if you the dollar sign and leading Europe…you can infer the rest from this……

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    As long as we keep allowing people to come to Western countries they will do nothing to change their own countries. I think our obligation ends at what we, the US, is already doing. Which is, providing by far the most financial aid, 4 billion dollars, than any other country. They may not want to live in a refugee camp but we can provide them safety and food. We don’t owe them a lifestyle.

    Besides, enough Muslims and western countries will be required to change our lifestyles to conform to them. Muslims in the west are cast as “tolerant” but that’s because they have no choice. Every country where they are the majority has varying degrees of religious and gender oppression. If they want to lose the intolerant image they need to make the necessary changes.