Brooklyn School Demonstrates the Sabotage of the Assimilation Process

In American folklore, no place epitomized the melting pot more than the borough of Brooklyn. Brooklyn was the crucible in which the children of different immigrant groups were forged into mainstream Americans. New York City’s public school system played a central role in this process, along with providing many first-generation Americans with a first-rate education.

Today, those same schools are playing exactly the opposite role – perhaps best exemplified by PS 169 in the Sunset Park neighborhood. At PS 169, the Pledge of Allegiance has been banned. Thanksgiving has been replaced by a “Harvest festival.” Santa Claus – though not exactly a symbol of American identity like the Pledge or Thanksgiving – has been similarly barred from PS 169.

Principal Eujin Jaela Kim has purged this public school of these symbols in an effort not to offend the sensibilities of the schoolchildren or their families, 95 percent of whom are of Asian or Hispanic origin. Or, more likely, Ms. Kim has imposed these bans in an effort to inculcate the children under her charge with the belief that these are symbols of cultural oppression directed against them, rather than symbols of what generations of immigrants came here to be part of.

The assimilation process has not broken down; it is being deliberately sabotaged by a political elite who seek to use mass immigration as a means to impose their own vision of America on the rest of us. When we can no longer ask, much less expect, immigrants and their children to pledge allegiance to the country they have chosen to live in, or join the rest of us in giving thanks for what this country offers them, then it is time to question seriously what national interest our immigration system is serving.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    I’m sick of all these morons in government and education denying our history and multi-cultures that have made America great. They come up with excuses like America’s past was evil as an excuse not to assimilate. If you don’t like America, stop trying to destroy it. I’m 77 and in all my years I’ve seen every kind of ethnic group and foreigners learn to assimilate and appreciate each other. If you don’t want to respect our past and our values, then get the hell out. You are destructive! And what you produce will only divide America and cause the nation to fail. Obama is such an example!

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    I had read somewhere that the District Supervisor caught wind of this and pretty much just totally reversed all of the Principals ban (?)

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    All I can think to say is that I guess you would rather teach young children HATE. All of the comments are very frightening. Thank goodness you are still a small segment of society and therefore will not be able to have your candidates win the Presidency. In the end hatred never wins as the recent French election demonstrated.

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      Hatred for the history and culture of the USA is exactly what motivates this principal. Hatred of that kind has no place in the schooling system of this country, let alone in the schooling system of any country.

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      The comments are from Americans who love America. I do not understand your frightening comment. Divisiveness by this Obama administration has resurrected and created hate, racism and division in this country, the likes we have not seen for many decades; and it is very destructive; the Alinsky agenda in full mode. America opens it doors to people who will contribute to this country and not what this country can contribute to those people. If you want to come to America then learn to live and embrace America; if not don’t come here. Ever heard the statement “when in Rome do as the Romans do”. This holds true for any country. This is not a socialist nation and most Americans do not want socialism since it is a short sprint to communism. Perhaps you should really pay close attention to the candidates on the left and question the socialism, progressivism and ask what it means since it is nothing but an extension of the destruction done by this current Marxist mentality of this admin. Europe is in trouble because of its socialism and weakness for not setting high standards for their own countries.

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    It is political correctness uber alles followed by Islam UBER ALLES and HEIL MOHAMED…and currently promoted Heil Obama. As many EX-Muslims had warned us Islam ITSELF is worse than Nazism.

    Islam is a totalitarian supremacist and imperialistic ideology whih is INCOMPATIBLE with US Constitution and the Universal declaration of Human Rights and thus this IDEOLOGY of HATE of all non-Muslims which masquerades as “religion” should not be permitted in any countries that respects liberty, justice and human rights.

    Islam deserves as much respect as it gives to others which is NONE! Obama should be tried for treason!

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    OMG, we just can’t have the names “Santa Claus” or “Thanksgiving”, can we? I mean how could we possibly be any more offensive than that? Seriously, where is the religious connotation or whatever the hell these people find wrong about either one?

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    “We want to drastically decrease the number of people coming to us.” That Trump, there he goes again. Oh wait a minute, that was Angela Merkel yesterday. Looks like that open arms policy backfired. Invite everyone in and then tell other countries they have to share the burden of what you created. Several years ago, Merkel called multiculturalism a “failure”. So could we have an explanation of why when she says this stuff it’s ok, but Trump is a bigot?

    As for this article, liberalism requires certain truths that are anything but the truth. Slavery? Yes whites and Americans no doubt had a part in it, but when the slave trade existed it was Africans selling their fellow Africans. There were no colonies in the interior of Africa at that time. The Crusades? According to liberals a horrendous crime that has forever made the Muslin world wary. Except the Crusades only happened because the holiest sites in Christendom were in the hands of a religion born 6 centuries after Christianity.

    Japan was “ready to surrender”, so the bomb was another crime. No, their surrender terms were a cease fire with them keeping all territory they had at the time and no foreign troops in Japan. The emperor himself said that the bomb was a major factor in his surrender speech. You can go on and on with these rewrites of history, but it’s always the same. Western civilization bad, everyone else good.