End Dangerous Sanctuary Policies in Kansas

kansasKansas House Bill 2466 (HB 2466), which prohibits localities in Kansas from instituting sanctuary policies that restrict local cooperation with federal immigration officials, will be heard THURSDAY in the House Committee on Judiciary on January 21 at 3:30 PM.

Please contact members of the Committee and tell them to support this critical legislation!

Tell them that local cooperation and assistance in the enforcement of immigration law is good public policy. The benefits of anti-sanctuary city bills like HB 2466 include:

  • Fighting illegal immigration by eliminating the attraction for illegal aliens to come to Kansas;
  • Furthering the public safety and welfare of Kansas residents and visitors;
  • Taking away competition for scarce jobs; and
  • Providing ICE with critical assistance to enable it to accomplish its mission to identify and remove criminal aliens who are already in state or local custody.

Call the Chairman of the Committee, Representative John Barker, TODAY at (785) 296-7674 and tell him that you support putting an end to dangerous sanctuary policies in Kansas.

Click here to find the other members of the House Committee on Judiciary to let them know to put the needs of Americans over illegal aliens by supporting HB 2466.

For more information about what you can do, contact your FAIR Field Representative.



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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Thank You Kansas for protecting the rights of your citizens.
    Here in AZ, we’ve been in court 34 times to face down the Federal laws blocked by the Obama ACL, lawyers and won.
    What Kanas must understand; That in every Sanctuary areas votes are cast as a block for Democratic control. .
    What is also never discussed , everyone of these designated areas have turned into instant ghettos.
    It’s reported that in CA more people live in garages then in apts. who are here illegally.

    What the Federal Govt. has offered to landlords is a generous Federal Housing stipends per head to get illegals into housing all supported by our tax dollars and this influx turns solid middle class neighborhood into ghettos overnight.

    Kansas must also utilize E-Verify for all hiring
    I wasn’t certain from this article if this is being done.
    This includes all Federal and State contract work.

    One of the biggest hiring for an illegal work force is the Federal Govt. which shouldn’t surprise anyone.
    The other areas is constructions sites.
    Certainly as a Border State we continue to arrest illegals here that continue to take away our jobs for all citizens. Since all Buss use this software first utilized by, Former Gov. Brewer it has help employ over 400,000 citizens.

    Metro Phoenix, the fifth largest city in America also has one of the hottest job markets.
    It didn’t start out that way.
    What’s not clearly explained outside of AZ, are the companies that have moved -in from all areas that are now considered Sanctuary .
    They are relocating because of the huge tax burden they are force to carry within these sanctuary areas , the crime that also follows when the law is told to look the other way and the obvious pool of qualified employees that it can pick from here.
    I hope that other States will follow your lead. Thank Kansas we hear loud and clear!

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    Kansas is Where My Daughter Now Lives

    1. Conservative State with no ACA Medicaid
    2. Homes near the Kansas City Center average $150K, suburbs ones [15 miles or so from Kansas City Center] in Kansas average $19K with large lots.
    3. The rent payments in Downtown Seattle would pay for a house in 1 year.
    4. Low IA property taxes= low population density.

    See why the Millenials are moving their in droves to enjoy the new Silicon Prairie jobs emerging there. Kiss them goodbye forever Sanctuary Cities. They aren’t paying your high property and tax prices for foreign visitor welfares.