U.S. Officials Draft Foreign Border Proposals While Ignoring American Border Crisis

borderWhile border security in the U.S. takes a back burner under the Obama administration, it appears to be considered a crucial part of securing law and order in foreign countries. According to the Jerusalem Post, American officials drafted a border security recommendation for Israel’s eastern border if that nation decides to pull out of the Jordan Valley and fully cede the West Bank to Palestinian control. This proposal offers the Jewish nation state-of-the-art border monitoring technology which would be complimented by Israeli and Palestinian security patrols on both sides of the border.

“The research and details of the plan were overseen by Gen. John Allen, a Marine four-star general who had commanded U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Its implementation was designed to span a number of years during which Israel would maintain both an overt and covert presence in the territories.

As part of the plan, the Jordan Valley frontier would be outfitted with sophisticated surveillance and tracking technology on both the Israeli and Jordanian sides of the boundary.

In addition, Israeli and Palestinian security force would conduct separate patrols in designated areas of the West Bank until the latter proves its effectiveness in keeping order on their own.”

Israel said, “thanks, but no thanks.”

Considering the chaos on the United States’ southern border, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the most at-risk nations in the world quickly dismissed the notion of American involvement in their border situations. While the Obama administration turned its head and allowed 527,127 individuals to overstay their visas in FY2015, Israel continues to place the security of its citizens as their top priority by enacting and enforcing common-sense immigration standards and keeping their border secure.

This proposal also begs another question: Considering our U.S./Mexico border is subject to daily violence from drug cartels and the presence of dangerous criminal aliens illegally entering the States, why won’t the federal government implement these kinds of security standards for our own boundaries?

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    This just further illustrates what liars so many of our politicians are when they say that we can’t physically secure our borders. I don’t think much of any government official that finds it acceptable to allow all of the drugs, violent criminals, people with contagious diseases and potential terrorists to continue to stream into our country. No person with any character or civic values would allow all of this to come into our country on a daily basis.

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      Really? haven you seen these people cross the borders……..how many are criminals, terrorrists……”secure the border”..How? you talk like a politician all bark…no byte…….no essence no facts……

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        Actually the county sheriffs in Arizona say the drug cartels have established footholds in that state. NBC has shown border surveillance videos of drug mules moving into the country at night. There are signs at some federal nature areas in Arizona warning people not to leave the main roads because of drug gangs in the area.

        TB was close to being wiped out in this country before the large waves of illegals. Hello? How do you check people for contagious diseases, like they did at Ellis Island, if they are avoiding the authorities.

        Are you claiming that with enough personnel and double layer fencing on the border that we can’t secure the border? Answer that yes or no. No endless babbling and avoiding the point, just yes or no.

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        Sounds like No Change is afraid that if Trump is elected President he will be deported and then he won’t be able to climb over Trump’s new border wall. I know for me one of the highlights of a Trump Presidency will be the deportation of No Change.

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        You’re Leading Us On A Path to Ruin

        Supporting no talk on immigration enforcement? You hate Trump because us Silent Majority can talk about immigration with full FREEDOM OF SPEECH with Trump now. You hate Trump for that don’t you.

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          Sometimes I wonder if you really are an engineer…or just passed school with average low grades copying…hten getting a job to collect 2 weeks’ wages ……sit in the same job..like in a closet and until you are forced, let go/laid off….to retired…….really!!

          You think Trump sill do anything? like I said talk is cheap after the fact…like your talk i cheap…..why don’t you run for office and see if you are a real American and put the words you have said so far at work….

          I lived in NY most of my life….I have seen Trump’s work……racist…….facist……..and hitting illegals…….and now all of the sudden he is the answer?….

          READ, UNDERSTAND,,,USE YOUR critical thinking for the first time since you graduated…you really think all this talk will happen?…….look at Obama…all the talk he did…………..or Bush……..all this is the fact of The People for being complacent like you……….

          Why do I say that……because of the way you answer me……I know how you think….if you are able to……no offence if you are…it is because what I said it is true.

          Think again…..Trumo is a zero to the left of an integer….ALL TALK and no BS walks..he will alienate even more than Obama Congress…in the case of Obama because he’s black….and in Trumps case because he is an uneducated APE……………

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          somebody had to tell you this……….you are too young to be retired……..the real American has a way of life hi/her career….what do you have?