House Votes to File Amicus Brief in United States v. Texas

supreme_court_rotator_lgToday, the House voted 234 to 186 on a resolution to file an amicus brief in the United States v. Texas Supreme Court case challenging President Obama’s authority to grant executive amnesty to millions of illegal aliens without congressional approval.

The attempt to file an amicus brief on behalf of the entire chamber is an “extraordinary step” and something that “has never been done before.”  The House decided to get involved only after the Supreme Court asked the parties to present arguments beyond the Administration’s petition for certiorari on a whether DAPA and expanded DACA “violates the Take Care Clause of the Constitution, Art. II, §3.”

FAIR is supportive of the House’s efforts to file the amicus brief but believes these efforts to be incomplete.  We have been urging Congress to use its power of the purse to end Obama’s amnesty and restore Secure Communities as well as pass standalone enforcement legislation.

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    Democrats want the hispanic vote so they won’t do anything about illegal immigration. The old core republicans are beholden to big business. They want the cheap labor they get by hiring illegals. This is why nothing has ever been done about illegal immigration. We need someone like Trump who isn’t paid by a lobbyist and isn’t a lifetime politician.

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      Barbara Ortega on

      @fed up I agree with you … not one politician (either party) wants to stop illegal immigration.. I’m fed up with the illegal aliens sucking out our tax dollars and draining our resources… how long will this country be able to sustain this garbage before it collapses under the strain of it all and how many more American citizens families will be driven into poverty

      does ANYONE at all realize what our politicians have done to our Citizenship in this country??? think about it a moment.. When an illegal alien enters this country illegally, they are given more and more of our rights and benefits.. WHY bother assimilating into the American Culture and Work hard to become citizens when they are just handed it all without being a citizen…
      this is complete stupidity on the part of our government

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        Barbara Ortega: I agree with your argument 100% except the part where you say: “not one politician (either party) wants to stop illegal immigration” There are a few who have stood up as best they can, Cruz & Lee for example. However, they were pretty much crushed by their party leaders and the media gives very little air time to those who oppose the flood of illegals (undocumented/future Democrat voters) into our country. As you say, the taxpayers work to pay the cost of food, housing and healthcare for the illegals. And that money is taken from your pay by the IRS before you get to decide what to do for yourself and your family with what is left. Then many of the illegals vote and nullify the votes of citizens. Tis frustrating beyond all measure when the politicians won’t stand up for our country but are only concerned with power and money. Our only chance for survival as a free country is if the Democrats lose this coming election.

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    Asteroid Miner on

    Tell me how to file the following as an Amicus brief:

    We are headed for a human population crash from 7.5 Billion to 70 thousand or zero people some time between 2022 and 2040. We don’t have time for research or fooling around with renewables. Causes of a population crash:

    1. Global Warming [GW] will cause civilization to collapse within 13 years give or take 6 years because GW will cause the rain to move and the rain move will force agriculture to collapse. Famine has been the cause of many dozens of previous population crashes.

    2. Reference “Overshoot” by William Catton, 1980 and “Bottleneck: Humanity’s Impending Impasse” by William Catton, 2009. Catton says that we humans are about to experience a population crash. Population biologist William Catton says that the US is the most overcrowded country. Collapse from overpopulation could happen any time now.
    The Earth has 4.5 Billion too many people. An overshoot in population requires an equal undershoot. We overshot by 4.5 billion, and the consequence is an undershoot by 4.5 billion. The carrying capacity is 3 billion. 3 billion minus 4.5 billion is zero because there can’t be minus 1.5 billion people. This can happen even if there is enough food.

    Catton tells the story of an island with deer but no wolves. The deer population increased to ~3500. There was still plenty of food, but the population crashed to 35. The reason was overcrowding.
    Sharing kills everybody because you can’t survive on half of the required calories. 7 billion people is 4 billion too many no matter how you slice it. “We” didn’t make “Them” have too many children.

    3. Aquifers running dry No irrigation, no wheat. No wheat, no bread. The “Green Revolution” was a bad idea. It caused India to double her population rather than get out of poverty. Now Indian farmers have “discovered” that water is a limiting resource. Water is a limiting resource in the US as well. When, not if, the aquifer under the high plains runs dry, there will be no bread and no pasta in the US.
    We didn’t “cause” third world poverty. They were never “unpoor” in the first place. They were stone age, not poor. We invented science. They didn’t. Their failure to invent science is not our fault.

    4. Resource depletion
    4A oil
    4B minerals

    War will kill a lot of people. Famine will kill 8 billion out of 7.5 billion. 7.5-8=-0.5, but with population, the crash ends at zero.

    Will there be survivors? Nobody knows. Nor does anybody have any idea who or where the survivors might be, if any.

    NATURE has lots of other ways to kill humans. Don’t provoke her.

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      I am going to throw you paranoia in number two…..the US the most crowded place? it appears neither you or that writer eve traveled the World, watch the news or why not!!!……China……

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    If we had held our idiot congress cretins responsible and accountable to We, The People, the last 50 years rather than gradually letting them ride rough shod all over us, we would not be where we are now; $19 TRILLION in debt, our children’s futures already ruined our culture and way of life irreparably damaged and freedom nothing but a concept with which Congress is no longer familiar since they are ALL criminals who belong in prison; not office and would be there for their performances IF we still lived in a land where the Rule of Law prevailed and all three branches lived up tom their own responsibilities and duties in CONSTITUTIONAL COMPLIANCE, rather than disdaining and ignoring it in TOTAL violation of their sworn oaths of office. If you need proof of that: look at the fact that Hillary Clinton is being ALLOWED to run for the PRESIDENCY when half the country thinks she is guilty of Conspiracy with the U.N and the other that she is totally responsible for the deaths of our personnel at Benghazi both through indifference and a deliberate stand down Order to ready rescuers willing to go to their aid but ordered to refrain from doing so; then covering it up and attributing the attack the Administration KNEW was coming to a non-existent anti- Muslim video! Then, Clinton just recently compounded it by lying to the face of the mother of one of the victims.! Do we really want a president with no American Values, no moral conscience and no acceptable level of COMPETENCY Haven’t we indeed, had enough of THAT for the last 8 years; FROM THE ENTIRE WASHINGTON ESTABLISHMENT? We should vote AGAINST EVERY INCUMBENT CRETIN in this and the next 3 elective cycles, monitor the fraud we KNOW is ongoing, charge those caught “fixing,” votes or using illegals to vote or illegal tactics and punish them to the fullest extent of Constitutional Law. Perhaps THEN, we might begin to repair the horrendous damage done to us ALL; even those not bright enough to recognize it!

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      Nikita you are out of your mind……We The People have….ever election……and still do…WATH the next election…..

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      @ Nakita, Unfortunately, ‘We the people’ have been under educated by the left wing takeover of public schools and lied to by politicians and the media. The government has spent our country into near bankruptcy. Because most folks are too annoyed by the lies, or working too hard to take the time to study what is really going on, the vast majority of people don’t even realize what we have lost over the years. I’ve been around long enough to remember Ike as president. To look back over the years and see what changes have occurred, loss of freedom and civility, loss of jobs because so many companies moved out of the country, etc, etc, it is seriously depressing. The move away from the constitution the last few years will be the end of this country if we cannot turn things around. The idea that someone being investigated by the FBI for National Security infractions is running for president should be a clear indication that the government has gone off the rails and needs a major transfusion of fresh blood.

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    We’re in a crisis, Congress has waited too long to take action on too many important isues. Now we’re in the middle of very contentious election and the energy that should have been used 7 years ago when the signs were all there as to how Obama was going to rule is now divided between the election and critical issues to the survival of our Republic

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    SEE this is even more reason to elect Trump president, HE got the house to get off their duffs and do something to rein in this renegade president !!!

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    Ineffectual posturing by the GOP cuckservatives is, I suppose, better than nothing. But is it still ineffectual posturing. You can tell that this is an election year.

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      Agreed. If open borders zealot Paul Ryan really wanted to stop Obama’s lawlessness, he would have cut off the funding.

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        Call it posturing or call it lying, the RINO’s like McConnell and Boner (who fortunately got the message and left) and Ryan all tell good stories about how conservative they are. But when it comes to action, most of their efforts have been to support the Emperor (with his pen and phone). It’s about time they did something to support their campaign promises.

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      They Accuse Trump of Changing Flight on Issues to Make Him More Electable Like the Establishment Candidates Do

      A BLATANT contradiction is Trump’s stand on Planned Parenthood acceptance….if he really wanted to fool the Republican base, he’d lie about it and change his tune after elected.

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    I want to know who the 5 republicans were that voted against this bill. As Gowdey said on the house floor yesterday, The Dems better think hard about giving the executive branch the power to legislate because “tomorrow is coming”.

    Go Trump

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    So what do we do? Can you put together a campaign to pressure the president to start enforcing the laws that it is his job to enforce? My family didn’t legally emigrate here just to have MS-13 and four Mexican gangs move within a mile of my house — and then have the president make them citizens so they will vote for his party.

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      I’m very sorry to hear about this. This president is truly antiamerican and dangerous for the citizens. I hold both political parties responsible because they allow him to stay in office. It’s time for the Washington machine to get rid of the establishment and be rebuilt by those who truly care for America and her citizens.

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      My mother immigrated, learned the language and never demanded anything. Then people like you and her get shafted by the president. Please find out who owns the voting machines in your district. Soros owns the machines in 900 jurisdictions. He owns several companies, dummy companies, and private companies, so it’s not just looking up a name. They are easily manipulated before the tally, and basically he has already declared killery president. If that happens, the worst is yet to come. .

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        Lon Campbell on

        Rhett says: “Please find out who owns the voting machines in your district. Soros owns the machines in 900 jurisdictions. He owns several companies, dummy companies, and private companies, so it’s not just looking up a name.’

        That’s B.S. The voting machines are owned by the city, county, or state – not by an individual or company. Now a Soros company may have originally sold the machines to the jurisdiction, but that company does not own or control them now.