Oppose California Taxpayer-funded Health Care for Illegal Aliens

Do you want to subsidize health insurance for illegal aliens with your tax dollars in California? Yesterday the California Assembly Health Committee approved Senate Bill (SB) 10 to require the state to request permission from the federal government to include illegal aliens onto California’s health insurance exchange created under Obamacare. SB 10 will next be voted on by the full Assembly.

We need your help to stop this bill! With your help last year, we were able to stop similar legislation from being enacted in California. Please call your representatives in the Assembly today and tell them to oppose SB 10! Tell these elected officials:

  • Including illegal aliens onto California’s health care exchange will encourage further illegal immigration to the state. California already has the highest population of illegal aliens in the country and illegal immigration reduces quality of life in the United States.
  • California taxpayers already pay over $25.3 billion annually in costs associated with illegal immigration. Because federal law does not allow federal money to be spent on public benefits for illegal aliens, SB 10 will require California taxpayers to completely front the bill for SB 10, costing California families even more.
  • SB 10 will reduce quality and access to medical services in the state by drastically increasing demand.
  • California lawmakers should prioritize the health and welfare of its citizens and legal residents instead of rewarding lawbreakers.

Please act now! Call or email your representatives in the Assembly and urge them to oppose SB 10! Only with your help can we stop this bill. Click here to find the contact information for your representatives.

For more information on this bill or what you can do, contact Susan Tully, FAIR National Field Director.



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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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      SecBorders on

      No one is saying illegals should be denied emergency medical care. The US is trillions in debt and is rapidly adding trillions more in debt at a unsustainable rate. The US does not have enough money to provide health care for American citizens let alone every one of the billions of poor people on planet Earth who decides they want to move here. If you would like to donate some of your own money to charity to provide free health care to poor people in third world countries be my guest.

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    Who asked these people to come here with kids they cannot take care of. If they cannot feed them, why did they have them??????? SEND THEY ALL HOME !!!!!!!!!!

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    It just makes economic sense to allow all immigrants to PURCHASE health insurance on the Exchange. First of all, the immigrant will have to file a Federal Invome tax and pay taxes on his Income. That means his Payroll Tax will be funding the SS Trust Fund and he will never get a penny out of it until he becomes a citizen. Next, right now, if he needs health care he goes to an ER and he is getting free treatment as we pay for it… So by letting them on the Exchange it becomes a Win/Win for the citizen taxpayer.

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      The idea that making illegals into citizens means some big economic bonus is false. Since most are low income, that makes them automatically eligible for all the welfare programs available for low income citizens. And since most tend to have larger families that also makes them eligible for the Earned Income Tax credit, not a deduction but a credit, a check of up to 6 thousand dollars, whether they owe a penny in income tax or not. Most won’t owe any, based on their low income. Another snow job, trying to convince people there’s some pot of riches by making citizens of illegals.

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      Any American citizen taxpayer who has lived in California for any length of time knows that the idea that making millions of low wage, poorly educated illegals citizens will make overall costs for taxpayers go down is not based in reality. As millions of illegals have flocked to California, costs of living in the state have only continuously risen.

      And even if it was cheaper to provide health care to illegals through the exchange, if they became citizens you still have all the additional costs of ESL schooling, the high costs associated with their disproportionate rate of committing crimes, the costs resulting from their children dropping out of high school at a high rate, and the costs to our nation from the breakdown in the assimilation process, an assimilation process that is critical for a nation like the US to retain its nation identity and not break apart during a crisis since our identity and cohesiveness as a nation is not based on shared bloodlines.

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      So what you are telling these people to do is: go to the Emergency room any way because the tax payers will pay the bill anyway. If their Country is so bad you would think they would do anything for work! Why don’t you take a few of your friends and sneak into Mexico just to see what would happen to you!!! And you think our Country is bad because we complain how much these “illegals” cost the honest people here in America. No tears here honey.

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    Treating illegal immigrants better than our own American citizens is Political Correctness run a muck. Tax paying Americans are fed up with our Government and are finally speaking out and standing up for our rights. Watch out politicians in Sacramento and Washington DC, you’d better get your act together and fast – if you want to keep your jobs! *Political Correctness Is Totalitarian Mind Control.

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    Deanie E Waller on

    Californians need to start standing up to these out of control politicians that think there is no limit to how much of the taxpayers money they can give away to people who are here illegally. STOP electing these freaks while you still have a nation.

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    Julie Arnold on

    Enforce immigration laws already in existence. American citizens can’t afford to continue down this road! Unbelievable…my tax dollars used to help ppl who broke the law. American Citizens are being penalized for working hard so we can support “illegal” aliens. The American ppl are the most monetay giving ppl to other countries, but we can’t be the babysitters of the world! As a citizen, I feel my rights have been violated by the Executive, Congressional, and Juducial branches of our government! It is so very wrong!!

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      Unfortunately your feeling have nothing to do with reality. Go read my comment and get a dose of it.

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    I can’t believe that the government will provide healthcare for people who shouldn’t be here.
    And ignore the pleas of our suffering veterans. This is an insult for anyone with common sense.

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      Obviously you have no idea how our system works and yet you have no problem making false comments about it. Unbelievable.

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        Obviously you are a bleeding heart liberal with his head firmly planted in his rectum……

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          gonzalees27 on

          Build a moat around the border,fill it with alligators and post no swimming signs.Solves two problems,helps lower the crossings and feeds hungry gators

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        It isn’t working because the laws are not being enforced and they are not being stopped before they cross the border. Aim a few guns at their knees and even shoot a few and it will stop.

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        Well let me tell you something, you look up and count all of our Military that have died in every war that has been fought, then multiply the amount by how many pints of blood 1 person has in his body. Than you come back and tell me how all of these illegals need our help. And we stand by and watch them burn OUR Flag, use it to wipe themselves, still no tears here honey!!!

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          your forgot to count the illegals that died for this country…..and you silly feedback…..