Massachusetts Governor Authorizes State Law Enforcement to Cooperate With ICE

BostonState police in Massachusetts are now authorized to temporarily detain illegal aliens who have already been lawfully stopped or arrested and are flagged by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for removal from the United States. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker reversed former Governor Deval Patrick’s policy that prohibited state law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration officials completely.

Governor Baker’s policy puts the state in compliance with ICE’s new Priority Enforcement Program (PEP), which still leaves room for improvement. The PEP program severely limits which criminals federal officials may target for enforcement, and only flags a small subset of criminal aliens in law enforcement custody who meet the Obama administration’s priorities. Additionally, PEP requires that an alien already have a prior criminal conviction on record before ICE can take any action. This means that under PEP, ICE generally ignores illegal aliens until they have been convicted, as opposed to simply arrested, for a crime. In doing so, the Obama Administration not only puts public safety at risk, but makes the alien’s immigration offense inconsequential.

Governor Baker’s policy change is a step in the right direction with regard to immigration enforcement. “This policy revision gives the professionals of our statewide policing agency the tools necessary to detain criminals, gang members, or suspected terrorists wanted by federal authorities,” commented Governor Baker. “As before, the State Police will not be enforcing federal immigration law nor will they inquire about immigration status; they will now be able to assist in detaining for our federal partners individuals who pose a significant threat to public safety or national security.”

The change went into effect last week.

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    The federal government will sue. Obama must waste some more of our money. Trump 2016

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    It’s great to see Governor Baker take a step in the right direction. I would like to see him do more, but given that this is the state that gave the country Ted Kennedy and his disastrous role in rewriting our immigration laws in 1965, any progress that is made is significant.

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    The media are just dismissing any and all claims by Trump that Judge Gonzolo Curiel might be biased against him. But here are the facts: He is a member of the Hispanic National Bar Association. The problem comes because on July 2, 2015, the NHBA called for a “boycott of all Trump business ventures”. So how can he claim he has no bias? But the standard for judges is not only having no bias, but to avoid even the appearance of bias. There’s more than an appearance here, so he should by all rights recuse himself from the case.

    And another media lie by Whitney Eulich of the Christian Science Monitor who claimed in the last couple days that “The US has deported roughly 2.5 million people over the last 8 years”, which she called a “record”. She’s just repeating the propaganda that claims this president has been the “deporter in chief”. Just another psuedo journalist who refuses to believe the president himself when he said in 2011 that “the statistics are actually a little deceptive” and he went on to explain that unlike previous administrations they were counting people turned around at the border and that “is counted as a deportation”.

    Or the fact that Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson has testified before Congress that the chances of being deported from the interior are “almost zero”. But don’t tell Eulich, her mind is made up and damn the facts.

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      The Judge

      Belongs to La Raza and gave an IA an American university scholarship too.

      Racist Hispanic Judges can not be called out…..the Establishment Reps hate freedom of speech and hate Americans as a result…

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      Trump is such a threat to the “powers that be” in this country that are always the ones in control and running the show, no matter which political party is in charge, that there is going to be an endless deluge of 24/7 anti-Trump propaganda between now and election day.

      Trump questions our governments open borders policy, our foreign policy that has our military conducting exercises on the borders of Russia, for example, and our trade policy. This threatens a lot of powerful people in this country who have made a lot of money from the status quo, and the employers of cheap labor, arms manufacturers, etc. don’t care how much death, destruction, and misery they cause as long as they are lining their pockets.

      Just look at all the people in our government that are involved in using our military aggressively around the world that have investments in arms manufacturers and have family members that work for arms manufacturers. And our corporate owned media is always saying how awful Trump is because he is uncouth? Better to sound diplomatic and let the “powers that be” continue to run the show that be an uncouth person who questions the powerful.