Democrats to Build Security Wall Around National Convention in Philadelphia, Inside Which They Will Rail Against Building a Border Wall to Enhance National Security

Border fence at Naco ArizonaApparently, the Democratic Party has taken those chants of “build that wall” to heart. Officials plan to build a security barrier higher than five feet tall around their convention center in Philadelphia. There, behind “no-scale” fencing, they will be cocooned inside a safe space as they rail against all attempts to secure the country’s borders, including building a wall.

They will also deploy heavily-armed security guards to forestall any chaos. Of course, these measures are aimed at other Democrats, Bernie Sanders supporters, mostly, who have threatened to shut down the city. Only carefully screened people with proper identification will be allowed in, also strange since the party considers anyone who advocates for voter ID laws to be a racist.

True immigration reformer Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) pounced on the irony: “It’s interesting that the Democratic National Committee [DNC] will have a wall around their convention to keep unapproved people out while at the same time, their presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton, pushes for open borders policies that are even more radical than President Obama’s.”

Of course, “security is a necessity in this increasingly dangerous world,” Sessions stated. “Clinton and the DNC don’t hesitate to use walls and guns for protecting themselves and their elite friends.  I say it’s time to provide such protection to the at-risk people like Kate Steinle,” the woman murdered by a five-times-deported illegal alien in San Francisco.

In 2015, moreover, after a rash of fence-jumpers at the White House threatened the safety of the president’s family, the Secret Service oversaw an “anti-climb install” of sharp spikes atop the fence to deter intruders. This year, the agency announced that it will introduce permanent “anti-climb” features, including raising the height of the fence by five feet and building a new foundation.

If it works for Democrats and the  occupant of the White House, why not try it on the southern border?

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    re the white house fence improvements: They shouldn’t need them since obama will be leaving in six months and 26 days,( but who’s (not ) counting?) That is quite a significant symbol of obama’s legacy. He was so loved that he needed a higher fence.

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    A five foot wall. Are they afraid the little people will attack? Do they know little people have ladders? Doubt it. Demos are not that bright.

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    Eileen Luciani on

    It is Philly after all, have you ever seen their sports fans? The Democrats will need a wall.

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      Debbie fisher on

      Well they want our guns but they have agents all up there butt. Don’t want wall to keep out illegals or drug lords but they need tall fence to keep out anyone getting in if you were treating people fair you would have to hide I no it ain’t guilt because you all have no soul tump is chosen by GOD and he will win God is so much stronger than evil God Bless America And our flag to pledge the USA for our freedom time for Government to stop robbing and controlling USA TRUMP

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    Concerned Citizen on

    More proof that the Democrat and Globalist master plan is “security for us, but not for the average citizen.”

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    Incredible. As the years go by illegal immigration is costing this country hundreds of billions of dollars, money that we don’t have. I find it ironic that Hillary says how great all this illegal immigration is, but in order to pay for it we have to borrow trillions from countries that are very harsh in enforcing immigration laws, namely China and Japan.

    We have borrowed over one trillion dollars from both China and Japan, two countries that are very strict in enforcing their immigration laws, for a grand total of over 2 trillion dollars. China uses physical barriers and well as soldiers devoted exclusively to border security to secure its borders, and if Japanese police catch you in their country illegally you are arrested and put in jail until trial.

    And Hillary knows we can’t pay for everything she is promising because she made a comment in one of the emails that had been released where she is talking about China and says something to the effect of “I just hope they keep lending us money!”. So to pay for the benefits we are lavishing on illegal aliens we are borrowing money from countries that are smart enough not to do this. Yeah, we’re smart.

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      China uses their border patrol to keep the people in. No one would go there willingly. Maybe sanders supporters would, but no one else.

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        China secures its borders to keep out Islamic terrorists, to prevent terrorists from smuggling weapons into China, to keep out illegal drugs, and to keep out violent criminals as well as people from neighboring countries poorer than China who want to work their illegally.

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      THAT IS REALLY SAD if the email is true but for sue NO MONEY there goes to the illegals…Leland you are just OFF WAY OFF in this one..illegal population 3-5% of the population,,,,that most of them work their way to stay here…….n you think the Gov will use the chinese money just for that….? they use this money for their own use…….

      You are justCRAZY and fooled by your own hatred..and respectfully your ignorance on this matter…seriously……….

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    Talk of a fence or wall brings the usual strawman arguments. 50 foot ladder, they will tunnel under, blah blah.
    But no one who favors one ever said it’s perfect. It slows people down. Yes, people have gotten over the White House fence but what would happen if there wasn’t one. How many seconds would it take for someone to reach the door from the sidewalk.

    Plain and simple it slows people down so law enforcement can reach them more easily. And if Hillary thinks they don’t work, then why doesn’t she get asked [if only she ever held a press conference] why she voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which specified [but never built] 700 miles of double layer fence along the border. You know, the same kind of double layer fence built along the California border during the Clinton administration.

    That’s a subject that seems to have vanished from the media’s attention, like the Bill Clinton appointed Barbara Jordan Immigration Commission that recommended cutting immigration to 600,000 and limiting “reunification” to immediate family. And you thought 1984 was fiction? The only “truth” is what we get told to believe now.

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      All anyone has to do see what a secure border looks like is look at pictures of the border between North and South Korea. Double layer fencing with the area between the fences filled with razor wire, and watch towers with guards. I am not advocating the use of mines for our borders like they use on the Korean border, since we are not dealing with an army potentially invading, but the point is that a border can be physically secured whatever anyone says.

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        The people who say it won’t work are the people who want open borders. Mark Zuckerberg talks about those who want to “build walls” but we saw the story about him buying up the houses around him. Same with Bill Gates. He has a house in Florida where he just did the same thing. Plus his main house in Washington, which is the size of a hotel, is on his own island. No mixing with the common rabble for them.