Why True Immigration Reform Has Nothing to Do With Tearing Families Apart

S2B-crowd-headerBeware the manipulation of words when dealing with the immigration issue. Open borders advocates tout that they are “on the right side of history,” which shrouds their cause in a sense of inevitability. Another slogan, used by President Barack Obama during his defiant press conference after the Supreme Court handed him a defeat in the Texas vs. United States case, is that we should not tear families apart.

Congressman Gerry Connolley (D-Virginia) chugged the Kool-Aid when he dined with two illegal immigrants, one from Korea another born in Mongolia, who told sob stories regarding their cloudy futures and fear of deportation.

The men explained that “their undocumented parents are now at risk of deportation anytime they interact with law enforcement officials.” So? Anyone who breaks the law knows there could be consequences.

Here is where things get tricky regarding tearing families apart, a situation that they created by making deliberate decisions.

“Because of their undocumented statuses, it has been more difficult for [the illegal aliens]to consider going to college and having future careers. It has also put a very specific strain on their families because it’s not clear they’ll be able to stay together,” writes Think Progress, a pro-amnesty organization.

To be clear, if the parents are deported, they can take the child with them. If they choose not to, then that is their conscious decision. The Mongolian man, 22, brought to the United States by his parents when he was a child, said that “his parents are struggling to come up with a contingency plan if they become separated from his 12-year-old brother, who is a U.S. citizen. ‘My brother would most likely stay here. We don’t even know who he would stay with,’” he said.

If they truly love their child, wouldn’t they take him with them if they were to be deported? If not, why not? Birthright citizenship is one of the most damaging, counterproductive policies that any government has ever instituted and here is the proof.

The demands of illegal aliens to be granted rights rings hollow since they knowingly made decisions to break the law and have no right to cry foul when they have to deal with the implications. Anyone who caters to these whiners helps erode our sovereignty and tear the country apart.


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Content written by Federation for American Immigration Reform staff.


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    Consider what is happening in our country now. We are killing each other like never before! We are putting illegals
    ahead of the legal families that have been here for generations contributing to this country. The anger is over whelming and we need to quickly turn around the way we treat our blue collar workers. Why do we give the most generous thoughts to the illegals (that creep into this country and be on tax payers money ) and let our legal born persons be forgotten???
    We need to rescue the ones that where brought here in chains against their will …?????.
    where their families were sold and never seen again…… Provide for their education , health and wellfair before we take on the …………………… failure of the socialist countries to provide for their citizens.

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    I agree with all above! We have lost the middle class upward mobility!! Lets take back our country and let other nations began to take care of their own. Those social countries have to make it on their own.. not pull us down where they are.. We are not taking care of our own that has has made great contributions to in the past few hundred years. We own the legally born here ….first before we worry about all the other socialist that would dumb us down . The stress we are suffering with our own… those who that have been here for generations and paid their dues…… should not have to live in the situation they are in. We are respondsonable for their welfare before we take in any more illegals that need us to chanqe to meet their needs. Look at California????

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    Marc the article holds water simply. You hardly touch the fundamental issue why there is such an illegal population, why it was created, who allowed it to happen and your conclusion does reveal you hardly understand the issue nor are knowledgeable of its gradient implications.

    Yes they would tear families apart, wha do you know?…..really…wha are you to say…well they can take they child with them otherwise they don’t care…..in this very principle this country was based/founded on….broken families….coming for a better future…..i they leave they child behind is because they know the child will have a better future…here,,,,this is something it show your family does not have, you don’t…envision progress and the best for your love ones……

    I am not making an argument immigration is good or bad BUT your lack of human sensitive and compassion….and whether or not you would survive as a family if you were i their shoes….

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      not only the lack of human compassion but the inability to show love to your love one for a better future….that takes genes………this is not a criticism it is just a fact……some are born to greed, to human feelings other are naive to both and so on…….and all combinations …..

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        Our native born children here needs some compassion and help to make their lives worth while and productive.
        These people have fought for this country to have what ever we can provide. We are having a terrible time meeting their needs while we are so concern about others that are illegal…. just using us. The difficult time we having has been simmering for a long time. Lets be there for them before considering the illegals benefit. Those countries chose and up hold the wrong policies to support their citizens. The blacks arrived in chains and used for years but still do not get their due. This country will be torn apart unless we start treating persons with dignity and provide the education and health care they deserve. WE take care of our own before we have the concern of all the world on us. We live up to our citizens needs.

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      DebTIndiana on

      So, your progressive talking points are right in line with Obama. You snidely state that the author obviously has no clear understanding of the issue if breaking families apart and that our humanity of being Americans must guide us here (I’m paraphrasing your argument of course). What you CLEARLY don’t understand is that our country has ALWAYS had immigration laws and that we were founded based upon those laws but when our relatives that came here throughout our history, they didn’t sneak in. They came through our ports, borders, etc., but did so lega! And yes, many families immigrated here but many, if not most of the time, there was usually one or two of the members of the family that came first, became established and then sent for the others rto come once they could afford the cost of getting here and they completed their immigration documents as per the laws. Stating as you do that anyone who doesn’t agree with your view that those of us Americans who are sick and tired of the representatives of our government who refuse to enforce our legally passed immigration laws, then expect their citizens to pay for the millions that keep flooding our borders is ludicrous! That family that came here illegally and had a child is completely responsible for the fatw of their child. Not me one the rest of the hard working Americans who are paying the costs that are overwhelming not just our federal government but especially the state and local municipalities that had nothing to do with these egregious decisions made by the feds. Do you realize that President Obama is literally flooding our small towns across America with illegal immigrants from all over the world and adding HUGE COSTS to these municipalities that they cannot afford? And do you know that he’s not even giving them the courtesy if giving them a heads up that he’s going to do this? All I can say is that your open borders to the “American Paradise” vision is breaking down the very fabric of our nation. You do realize that our immigration laws have been adjusted throughout our history and that we went almost 4 decades after WWII without allowing free form immigration, right? Do you know that was done so that we could getallow time for the massive amount of immigration that we allowed from the late 1800’s through the late 1940’s? Guess not. Lastly, I’m going to give my one opinion (the previous statements are factual). The most recent UAM waves from Mexico, Central and South America is despicable! It was encouraged by Obama and they even advertised in these countries. I find iit abhorrent that Amy parent would Rusk their children’s life and their safety so that they can make a treacherous track to our country without accompanying them. If an American had done the same they’d bejailed and you and your fellow PC Police would insist upon it. These families make the choice to put their children at risk but even the others who make it here like the two mentioned in the article knew there was ALWAYS going to be the chance that they’d be deported so they made a conscious decision to take that risk. Lastly, and I’m not even going to cover the national security danger that our president and anyone in congress who’s not demanding better border protection or are fed up with the illegal immigrant criminals that are murdering, raping, and committing egregious crimes and allowed to get free passes from our sanctuary cities. The fact is that we don’t have enough jobs to keep these millions who keep coming here illegally employed. We don’t have enough to keep legal citizens employed and that fact is being ignored by the MSM and you simply don’t care or you’d put your bleeding heart towards tour fellow Americans rather than trying to demean those of us that do insist we help us first.

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    Yep! I’ve been saying it all along. Read some history and learn why it was done. Learn who did it. It seven it’s purpose at the time. However,that time ended. Those who came illegally should not be allowed to leave their children here for tax payers to raise. It’s way past time to clean house!

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    If we elect Hillary we are well on our way to losing the country we knew. We’re halfway there now. She will appoint the type of judges who will tie our enforcement efforts in knots. She herself has already announced she will not deport anyone who has not committed a violent crime. If that’s not open borders, what is it.

    One wonders why [well we know why] the media continues to allow her to not answer any substantial questions. She only does puff piece interviews like Ellen, while Trump has repeatedly appeared on the Today Show and other news outlets. He may stick his foot in his mouth sometimes, but she apparently thinks she can coast to the election on photo ops.

    The media was quick to decide that nothing could be done about rescuing Ambassador Stevens and the others in Benghazi because military were not “close enough”. First of all, that’s highly debatable. The attack was known within minutes. Second, it only begs the question of how did they know how long the attack would last and how long the Americans could hold out. The hard fact is no one knew. Why would you not try to send rescue forces, even if with only a small chance of success. The truth is we did not want to offend the Libyan government so it was easier to let those Americans die. Meanwhile this administration went on for days spreading what they knew to be a false story of how it was a protest against a video, and not a terrorist attack.

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      Speaking of the media, here is Dean Schabner yesterday on ABCnews.com talking about this president:

      “And his administration aggressively enforced current laws, deporting more than 2.4 million people. The total is nearly as many as his two predecessors combined.”

      You have to wonder why the media continues to peddle this lie. The fact is that they’re cooking the books by changing the definition of deportations. I have had people repeat this myth to me when I tell them he has reduced deportations to almost nothing. Here in fact is what he told a group of Hispanic journalists in 2011:

      “The statistics are actually a little deceptive. We’ve been apprehending folks at the border and sending them back. That is counted as a deportation, even though they may have only been held for a day or 48 hours.”

      First of all, every administration was “apprehending folks at the border” but they were not “counted as a deportation” because the traditional definition of deportation was someone deported from the interior of the country. Why would you change the counting standards when you admit that what you are doing is “deceptive”?
      Why not just say these are border turnarounds and these figures are from the interior of the country.

      The answer is obvious, because you see it in the quote by Schabner about how he “aggressively enforced immigration laws”. It allows his flacks to spread this propaganda and it’s done constantly. At this point, you have to believe the media is deliberately stupid or in on the deception, because the truth is there for anyone to see. It just makes him look like he’s doing something when he’s doing the opposite. He is NOT enforcing the law, far from it.

      Its also an example of this president’s cynically manipulative style, somewhat like you can keep your doctor when he knew it was not true. He lies, twists the truth, says whatever he has to say at the moment, and he justifies it all because, as you can tell by his constant self righteous smugness, in his mind he sees himself as right and whatever he has to do is morally acceptable. And the media goes right along, as seen by this constant theme of “record” deportations, when they have fallen to the lowest levels in decades.

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    Elaine tribelli on

    Illegal immigration is illegal. We have become so soft with everything in this country that people think they can do whatever they want. I have read stories out of Ellis Island where my grandparents came through as young immigrants. They had to have a place to stay sponsored and a job. Could not come in with disease mental illness etc as it would be a drain on USA there were quotas from every country. What has happened. It is sickening. W willhavencoutry eventually we will be answering to every minority group with no true American way. This business of human rights and political correctness has gone way too far. As a matter of fact it has created a place where I now feel I have less and less freedom as an American