Where Are We Headed?

storm-horizon-rotator-720x450The Center for Immigration Studies just issued a report with some stunning data. The subject is the growth of the adult immigrant population since 1990.They decided to focus on the adult population (age 18+) because adults have the greatest impact on the workforce.

There is one finding that is eye-popping. Between 1990 and 2014, one in eight (roughly 12.5%) of the entire U.S. population was living in a county that had at least 20 percent of its adult population comprised of immigrants – both legal and illegal. By 2014, that one-eighth share comprised of immigrants had zoomed to nearly one in three (approaching 33%) adults.

That kind of growth would be remarkable if it happened in a population sparsely populated with immigrants, but in 1990 the United States already had an immigrant population of nearly 20 million.

The trend that those data point to should make us all stop and ask ourselves and our policymakers “Where are we heading, and why?

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Jack, who joined FAIR’s National Board of Advisors in 2017, is a retired U.S. diplomat with consular experience. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform and has authored studies of immigration issues. His national and international print, TV, and talk radio experience is extensive (including in Spanish).


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    And Obama has now announced he wants to increase the number of refugees the government wants to bring into the country, and he does it right after the 9/11 anniversary which really takes a lot of chutzpah. What’s the point of fighting wars for years on end and living in a surveillance state if our government is just going to turn around and bring people from Middle East war zones into the country that could be terrorists?

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      As Margaret Thatcher used to say about the Irish Republican Army, we have to be lucky all the time, they only have to be lucky once, for one of their terror attacks to succeed. Germany just arrested three Syrians who arrived in the country last year and the Germans are saying they were sent by ISIS to do attacks. And then we hear all this garbage about how these people are “thoroughly vetted”, when the fact is we have no way to do that because there are no records available to check. Hopefully we will not have another big attack but we only increase the chances by bringing these people in.

      We have a president who doesn’t care about average Americans. Remember his comment about how they “cling to their guns and religion.” And Hillary is just more of the same. Her comments the other night about “deplorables” just illustrates her contempt. I wonder if those comments apply to all the independents who are for Trump. The governor of Kentucky made some unfortunate comment today about the possibility that Hillary’s election could bring violence. That should not happen. But we have a constitutional government and we have presidential candidates saying they will not enforce immigration law. We allow foreign nationals to steal identities and nothing happens to them, unlike you or me. And if you object to this you get called names like racist and xenophobe.

      Not to mention we had Michael Brown’s mother at the Democratic convention portraying her thug son as a victim. There was only one victim at Ferguson and that was the good cop who had his life ruined while Hillary sides with the criminal. I saw D.L. Hugley with Megyn Kelly and he challenged her when she said the Justice Dept. cleared Officer Wilson completely, down to the fact his gun was almost taken away. He’s supposedly some “spokesman” and he was completely unaware of the facts.

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        And as far as being thoroughly vetted, how do you really know what is going on in someone’s mind, and then there is the problem of a child growing up and becoming radicalized as an adult, as has happened in Western countries before. I don’t have a problem with setting up safe zones and providing humanitarian assistance to these refugees, but we shouldn’t be bringing them into this country.

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          I agree on the safe zones. If we have to tell some of these countries that we will enforce a safe zone then so be it. But the world cannot move here. It will only end up destroying the Western countries.

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    The ones coming here in mass numbers are East Indians. 85% of international students in the US are students from India. 90% of H1b work visas are issued to workers of East Indian origin. The highest number of relative sponsors for green cards: East Indians. East Indians are coming in large droves. The state of New Jersey has already been taken over by them. Large parts of the San Francisco bay area are now run by East Indians. This is never going to stop.

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      Alex Correct….+ Somalis etc….even the Mexicans are being ran down….but the people here still believes .. illegals are tKing the country down ha!!!

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    Advocates for mass immigration keep harping that “we need workers”. No, we do not. A big proportion of the boomers are years from retirement age of 66. The youngest, born in 1964, are only 52. Automation is replacing many jobs. One person now takes the place of four cashiers at Home Depot self checkouts. A survey last week said 7 out of 10 boomers will work past retirement, either because of need or they want to.

    You have to wonder about Hillary’s “judgement”, as she is so quick to ask about Trump, when she trashes half of his supporters as “deplorables”. When she said that, she was speaking to a LGBT benefit and I guess the irony of her talking about “Islamophobia” was lost among their smug snickering at the rubes, because in many Islamic countries those people might be tossed off a roof by those “tolerant and peaceful” Muslims, as Hillary refers to them. Not to mention 49 people were recently killed by some Islamic bigot.

    If you ever had a doubt about how the press and their bias, particularly NBC, it was clear yesterday when the first reports of her collapse came amid the 9-11 coverage. Andrea Mitchell declared that there had been no such episodes since 2012 and that all the recent conjecture was, as she indignantly put it, the result of right wing conspiracy theories. Not true at all. There have been numerous smaller signs lately she was unsteady on her feet and had some kind of chronic lung infection.

    Then there was reporter after reporter commenting on how hot and humid it had been, sounding like it was all but expected this happened. Except that was not true either. It was only about 80 at most with low humidity at the time.
    Dr. Drew had a show on HLN [CNN owned] for five years. Less than a week after he suggested she might have some health problems, he was canned. Coincidence? Sure, and step right this way, I have a bridge to sell you.