Ensure that Immigration Questions are Asked at the Next Presidential Debate!

Ensure that Immigration Questions are Asked at the Next Presidential Debate!

In last week’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, there was no mention of an issue that has been a cornerstone of this election: immigration.

This is unacceptable.

Fortunately, there is something you can do to ensure that this does not happen again!

It was recently announced that this Sunday’s town hall style debate will feature questions submitted on the internet. Moderators agreed to consider the top 30 questions voted up on PresidentialOpenQuestions.com.

Over the past week, pro-amnesty activists have flooded the site with thousands of questions and votes. Therefore, we need your help to make sure true immigration reform questions are not left out of the debate!

To make it easy for you, FAIR has highlighted several questions that we believe should be asked in the upcoming debate.

Please vote (click the question and then the “vote” button) for any or all of the following questions:

What is the public interest objective of our nation’s immigration policy?

Almost every important public policy has a clearly identifiable public interest objective that can be summed up in one or two sentences. Immigration policy seems to be the lone exception.

If elected, will you secure the border?

I live in the border state of Arizona and I do not feel safe.

What is your plan to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the U.S.?

Ignoring for a moment the issue of the illegal immigrants already here, give your specific plan to reduce or stop the number of illegal immigrants from coming into this country in the future.

Why does the government allow corporations to replace well-educated American workers with H-1Bs?

We were ordered to train our foreign replacements, then were given a pink slip while foreigners on visas lived/worked in Lake Mary, FL. This process continues today and affects more and more industries.

What would you do about companies engaged in illegal hiring practices?

Illegal immigration isn’t the source problem but a symptom of businesses providing an opportunity. This and other illegal practices undermines the success of law abiding businesses and job seekers


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    U.S.A. Is where we need to focus on.
    We need to deport Criminals, stop accepting illegals
    & Secure all perimeters of this country so that no one can enter without
    Proper ID. Persons should be Examined & Accept to follow Laws!
    We cannot afford to be in a High Risk situation with criminals, threats to society
    Towards people living in the US.
    Immigration, Stop Accepting & preform better ways to solve this matter.

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    Do we want solid country with law and order Or open borders and where crime is norm. We need to clean up or clean out our so called leaders. Clinton is the last thing this country needs!

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    I would like to know what he’s going to do about the replacing of American workers,with H-1B workers. I would also like to know how he feels about eminent domain issues,such as the Standing Rock issue.

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    According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the US net international investment position, which is the difference between a country’s external financial assets and liabilities, has gone from a liability of slightly less than -2 trillion dollars in 2008 to a liability of -8 trillion dollars the second quarter of 2016. Our current trajectory clearly is not sustainable.

    Japan, on the other hand, has the world’s largest net foreign assets at over 3 trillion dollars. The USA, as recently as 1960 was the world’s largest creditor nation, has now become the world’s largest debtor nation, and since the 1980s, Japan has replaced the USA as the world’s largest creditor nation.

    Over the same period, the US has embraced mass immigration from the Third World as well as mass illegal immigration, while Japan has allowed very little immigration as well as very little illegal immigration. The US and Japan have also pursued very different trade strategies over this period, and of course the US has had the costs of fighting a lot of “small” wars.

    So the post-1965 mass illegal/legal immigration has not been a great boost to our economy, but it has helped make the top one percent of our population wealthier. We can puff out our chests and talk about how we are the big superpower, but the numbers tell a different story. We are deluded.

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    Of course NBC didn’t bring up the issue of immigration, because they are part of a corporate media empire that profits from mass immigration and they have given money to La Raza and other open borders organizations. As long as the Presidential debates continue to be hosted by corporate media organizations that profit from the status quo, our democracy will continue to be a farce.

    All of the debates should be on C-SPAN and be hosted by parties that our not pushing a corrupt agenda, and it should be this way every election cycle.

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    Huma Abedin, Hillary’s chief aide, is in hot water because in a just revealed 2009 email she urged Bill Clinton not to address a meeting of the American Israeli Public Affairs Council, calling them “that crowd”. But why the surprise. She’s a Muslim raised in Saudi Arabia and whose mother Saleha is a proponent of the most barbaric 14th century aspects of Sharia, and who Hillary has openly praised. Can we maybe have a president who, unlike the last one, is a constant apologist for Islam. If you want Saudi Arabia running this country vote for her.

    Which would be a good question for Hillary. Ask how she explains the contradiction between her fight for women’s rights with her passionate refusal to admit that Islam at it’s basic level makes women legally inferior to men, and under the thumb of male relatives, whether it be husband father or siblings. Maybe she thinks Bill would be a little less tempted if more women were forced to walk around with sacks over their heads.

    And it won’t get asked, because the subject is automatically labelled “the greening of hate”, but maybe she could comment on the fact that in the first year of the Clinton administration the population of the country was 257 million and now is 323 million, an increase of 66 million in 23 years. How could that be good for the environment and isn’t it a good reason to cut immigration.

    Trump could be asked if he would accept the Chinese refusing to roll the steps up to Air Force One on a trip to Beijing and making the president exit the tail of the plane. That certainly sets an image for the rest of the world. Make the president of the US look like their trained poodle.

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      Obama basically is China’s trained poodle, because he needs the 1 trillion dollars we have borrowed from China to help pay for the record trillions of dollars in debt he has racked up during his Administration. He has even far surpassed the genius George Jr. in borrowing.

      A lot of people think Obama’s great, but when we can no longer borrow trillions of dollars to pay our bills, bills which include billions for goodies for illegal aliens, Obama and other politicians won’t seem so wonderful. But unfortunately so many of our leaders and our electorate lack the maturity to pay our bills now instead of waiting until it’s too late and we are bankrupt. Even Trump wants to do a big buildup of the military to show what a tough guy he is, but I don’t know where he is going to get the money, unless he borrows it.

      Looks like we will end up just another bankrupt, formerly overextended empire relegated to the ash heap of history. Brazil of North America, here we come.

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        I totally agree on military spending. We spend as much as the next eight countries put together. Nothing wrong with a strong defense but we have bases all over the world. We can’t be world policeman and in the end most of those countries just resent us anyway. We could spend half what we do and still have the strongest military in the world by far. A lot of the Russian navy is so old and decrepit that it doesn’t set sail anymore.