Advocates for Illegal Aliens Declare War on the American Justice System

Rear view of themis statueThe American justice system exists to deliver fair and timely justice to those accused of wrongdoing and to their victims. The integrity of the judicial process is the foundation of any enlightened society. That bedrock foundation of our republic will soon be under attack by elected officials and tax-exempt foundations who openly vow to wage “lawfare” on our federal courts.

The assault on the federal judicial system is being led by Luis Gutierrez, who ostensibly represents the citizens of Illinois’ 4th congressional district, but has proclaimed himself to be the representative of the nation’s illegal alien population. Gutierrez recently stated that if Donald Trump acts to rescind President Obama’s unconstitutional Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty program he will consider it to be a “declaration of war.” In addition, Gutierrez has threatened that if the new president attempts to carry out the laws of the United States and begin deporting illegal aliens, “then the people he wants to deport should say, ‘I want my day in court before a judge.’ You have to paralyze the system.”

In truth, the federal justice system is already being paralyzed by deportable aliens and their advocates. More than half of all cases pending before federal courts are immigration related and there is a backlog of more than half a million cases of people fighting to remain in this country. The prospect of a member of the House Judiciary Committee openly calling upon illegal aliens to further paralyze the federal judicial system if the president tries to enforce the nation’s laws, borders on sedition.

But Gutierrez will not be waging a one-man assault on the federal courts. He is already being joined in the war against the judicial system by the California Legislature, which has been engaging in its own long-running war on sanity, not to mention immigration enforcement. State Senator Ben Hueso (D-San Diego) introduced the Due Process for All Act (SB 6) earlier this month that “would create a state program to fund legal representation for those facing deportation.” Hueso’s Assembly colleague, Rob Bonta (D-Oakland), has offered a companion bill (AB 3) that “would create state-funded regional centers to train defense attorneys and public defender’s offices on immigration law and the consequences of criminal convictions.” Needless to say, California taxpayers would foot the bill for these services. Similar efforts are underway in New York.

Immigration “lawfare” isn’t exactly hurting for cash even in the absence of publicly funded effort to paralyze the federal courts. Last summer’s leaks of a cache of documents from billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Foundation (OSF) detail countless millions of tax exempt foundation dollars (from OSF and other prominent groups) already being dedicated to the war against immigration enforcement.

The undeniable intent of the open borders zealots is to bring the nation’s court system to its knees in order to prevent the duly enacted laws of the United States from being enforced. That challenge to one of the essential pillars of our civilization is an existential threat that must be addressed.

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Ira joined the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1986 with experience as a journalist, professor of journalism, special assistant to Gov. Richard Lamm (Colorado), and press secretary of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. His columns have appeared in National Review, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. He is an experienced TV and radio commentator.


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    That’s new, I didn’t knew about that well I hope fights between advocates becomes less as if they are fighting among themselves that how could they deal with others legal matters ?

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    The immigration problem in our country is much more complicated than most of us realize, and over the last 8 years has become almost impossible to deal with, thanks to the Obama administration. It’s not as simple as telling people to pack their bags, you got to go! There are children involved here, and we just can’t simply throw them out. Most of you are not considering the impact it would have on the cities where these people live, if the government came in and tried to physically remove them. We are talking about total chaos in the streets, with riots everywhere!

    It would be civil unrest like we have never seen before, and many people would end up getting hurt. or even killed! A better alternative would be to, streamline the process associated with becoming a legal citizen. That way the people who have been here for some time now, could get real jobs, pay taxes like the rest of us, pay their own way through life,! and not have to rely on government handouts. That,s how it was done in the old days.

    When I was growing up during the late 60’s and 1970’s there were a large number of Portuguese, and Italian immigrants in my city. They came here, and worked hard. They became plumbers, carpenters, welders, painters, business owners, and Landlords. They did not complain about how hard it was to become successful, and they did not ask for handouts from our government. They worked for everything they had!

    They came to America with respect. Respect for the law, respect for your elders, and respect for people in general. Law breakers need not apply!

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      First off there’s a huge difference between the people coming from Mexico and the imigrantsyourspeaking of.. the ones who are coming in the us now are coming into this country expecting and counting on the handouts.. not to mention no matter if they could get real jobs or not are not planning on giving up the free ride and with all that said what makes you think that it is ok to just streamline them to citizenship?there are to damnmany of themand their kids they are taking over schools they are committing felonies and many other strains on this country further more you say gov hand out like you don’t comprehend where that money comes from and as to them having kids that is not our problem just like our kids are not their problem if you want to live with em jump over the wall with them b. They are going like it or not

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      Yes, it is a difficult situation that involves children. But you know, in this country, when someone is convicted of a crime and gets a jail sentence, we don’t say “Wait, he has kids, we can’t split up that family!” Sorry Charlie, go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200. If you’re here illegally, and you commit a crime, we’re gonna kick you out or put you in prison, kids or not.

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    And Senators, how this is upholding your oath of office? Remember? To defend and protect the Constitution of the United States?

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    cheryl zoromski on

    Illegal aliens do not have a right to our freedoms and constitutions. The more that come here the more trouble there is , driugs, burning the American flag, their sense of entitlement to our indigent programs. They are a horrible bleed to our system.

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    All the more reason to make eVerify mandatory AND retroactive, and start punishing EMPLOYERS for hiring illegal aliens. Even if illegal aliens start demanding hearings, it’s hard to remain here if they can’t get and keep jobs.

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      Question: If an ILLEGAL ALIEN has already been deported once (twice, three times, etc.) and is picked up in a raid, pulled over for DUI, etc., couldn’t the original deport order be carried out without a hearing? I argue the answer is yes. We could choose to re-hear the case or not. I believe the order could be carried out as many times as necessary. I also believe that anyone that has been caught in the U.S. ILLEGALLY should NEVER be eligible for citizenship or a visa, for life.

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    Theresa DiNardi on

    If your here illegally You broke our laws. Your entitled to nothing…hense the word illegal alien. Trump has said he wants to deport criminal aliens that broke the law. The more you people poke the bear the more your going to piss him off.The United States can deport everyone of You so keep thinking your entitled lol. I voted for Trump because I want our country back 11 million plus illegals is too many.. come here legally and you wont have a problem.

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    Lets see, could the actions of Gutierrez be construed as aiding and abetting law breakers, should we counter by pressing charges? And would someone please explain to me how someone who enteres our country illegally, thereby becomming a law breaker, is “entitled” to anything? And isn’t it about time we start holding the Government of Mexico accountable?

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    Bill Carrothers on

    The last major attempt at mass deportation of illegal aliens occurred during the Eisenhower administration. There were many, many attempts to sabotage the deportation orders then, just as is happening now. Many of the government officials charged with carrying out the deportation orders had beloved queridas whose departure would have deprived them of extra-marital sexual pleasures, and others had other reasons for wishing to preserve the status quo. Believe me, there are lots of American citizens who are stakeholders in the process of “indentured servitude/life in the shadows” that is destroying our communities and restoring a new form of slavery and caste systems to American society. Just visit my hometown of Salinas, California. I’ll keep the light on for you!

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    Maybe these “soft-saps” wanting to let anyone and everyone into the country will volunteer their paychecks to help offset the extra costs that will be incurred through their potential actions. The social security situation in the country is stretched to almost beyond breaking point and all these people want to do is to complete cripple it to a point there is no coming back. Instead of running from their own country complaining about how bad they have it, maybe they should channel those efforts into trying to fix their own country!

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    Gayle F.-Boden on

    I’m sure that we could find enough armed and willing U.S. citizens who would be thrilled to escort these illegal invaders out of the country.

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      I’m of the opinion that legislation should be passed that declares all illegal ‘immigrants’ to be considered as an enemy invader in violation of the Nation’s sovereignty and should be considered hostile. (Not hard to do when you pay attention to what they want and how they’re trying to force it upon the citizenry.) Therefore they should be named as ‘hostile invaders’ and rounded up, put in concentration camps until such time as ALL of them are accounted for as having been arrested, interned, and in imminent status to be permanently deported. This after Public Service announcements for several days stating that all who do not turn themselves in for immediate deportation would be considered enemies of the state. After a suitable time period- say 30 days- all such people are subject to being shot on determination of their illegality. Meaning they have to be in possession of PROPER documentation or suffer the consequences.

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      There are, militias are already on the border helping the over burdened U.S. Border Patrol, who are acting as babysitters for the mass groups who came from the South.

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    I would start in northern California and start the “sweep” there and move south.
    $100,000 fine for every illegal employed.
    Reserve and guard troops placed on the border for summer camp training.
    This would be a good start.

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      Marilyn Griffin on

      I agree that all the foreigners should stay home and try to make their country better. It is not our responsibility to take care of them. We are responsible for our own citizens. But it seems that a large percentage of our country has gone bonkers. We can’t even count, anymore, on our courts to behave rstionally.

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      Marilyn Griffin on

      Not just over stays and illegals, but also refugees, asylum seekers, unaccompanied minors, DECA, H-1B & H-2B workers.

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    How many of you are upset that it appears that trump is going after medicare by gutting it with the Ryan plan rather than doing much about illegals ad promised? He is backing down on the wall and looks like he will o ly be going after criminal illegals which was already being done. Looks like business as usual in the white House on immigration to me. Perhaps he will at least not admit millions of refuges from enemy countries. There are other ways to help them without moving them all in and creating future problems here.

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      Barbara Griffith on

      Diane, Where did you get the idea that Trump is backing down on the wall? I have watched all of his speech’s from the first day he was giving them and I never heard him say one word about not building the wall. That must be some of the fake news that is floating around on the internet. Nor did he ever say that he was cutting SS or Medicare Bill Clinton decided to put the SS money in the general fund when he was in office and the crooked politicians have been helping themselves to it since it was removed from safekeeping.

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        I agree- I don’t think he can just go in on day one and say, everyone out!” I think he’s starting in with the criminals and sanctuary cities the continue- as far as the evil Soros goes- let him spend his money. I just don’t know why none of our elected official stood up to Obama when he started this crap.

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    But it’s the Trump supporters who advocate violence? Almost universally ignored by the media, not surprisingly because they have a huge double standard, is the fact that Justice Sonya Sotomeyer was discussing the late Justice Scalia in October when she said of him “If I had a baseball bat, I might have used it”. Imagine a conservative judge saying that about a liberal one. But when it’s the other way, it’s crickets. Just like when Trump supporters were attacked numerous times leaving his rallies, totally ignored by the media.

    Personally I think the way to handle the Dreamers is let the ones who came before the age of 10 stay and all the rest must go, including their parents and anyone else here without permission. Put the ball in their court. If they don’t like it, tough. At some point there have to be consequences. The children of bank robbers are affected when their parent goes to prison, but what’s the alternative.

    As far as “wanting their day in court”, that can work both ways because the government can argue they have to stay in jail because the vast majority never show up for hearings. The idea of bail is that there is a reasonable expectation you show up. They don’t do that.

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      Marilyn Griffin on

      Not just over stays and illegals, but also refugees, asylum seekers, unaccompanied minors, DECA, H-1B & H-2B workers.

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      Marilyn Griffin on

      But why should we foot the enormous bill of giving them a day in court? They are here illegally, so just deport them. Allowing them access to our legal system would be folly resulting in more years with nothing settled, and, in today’s justice syatem, many, if not most, would end up with citizenship.

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    These people are fifth columnists.

    Fifth column—-any group of people who undermine a larger group—such as a nation—from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine

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      Barbara Griffith on


      What you just described is exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood is doing that Obama invited to the White House along with having a number of them employed in his administration. Their members are in every state in the U.S. pretending to be the good guys they made their way to the U.S. in the early 60’s.

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    Scum Lois and his ilk, attempting to destroy the U.S. with an illegal alien policy of lawlessness. How due despicable lowlifes like this get elected in the first place, or better yet, retain their government representation?