Most Americans Support President Trump’s Push to End Sanctuary Cities

sanctuary-city-rotator-720x480One of the most fundamental American values is respect for the rule of law. Without it, there is little to prevent the United States from devolving into a state of anarchy. It assures safety and the continuity of society as we know it. Citizens expect lawmakers to act in good faith and enforce legislation and statutes as they are written.

Unfortunately, lawmakers have broken this trust with their constituents. By enacting illegal “sanctuary” all across America, with the blessing of the Obama administration, the message was sent that the law doesn’t always matter.

American’s didn’t warm to the concept of selective enforcement, however. According to the University of California, Berkeley, 74 percent of all Californians want to end sanctuary cities in the state. The sentiment is shared across all demographics and political parties within the state, with 73 percent of Democrats, 82 percent of Republicans and 65 percent of Hispanics wanting to end the state-sponsored protection of illegal aliens from federal detainers. Between January, 2014 and September, 2015, California alone declined 11,171 ICE detainer requests. Nationwide, 62 percent of Americans oppose sanctuary cities.

Citizens can’t feel safe when lawmakers pick and choose what laws they enforce, nor should they. More than 100 people have been killed by criminal aliens released by the Obama administration from 2010-2014. And even after Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez murdered Kate Steinle, San Francisco sheriff Ross Mirkarimi showed no remorse for releasing the five-time deported illegal alien back into society despite ICE issuing a detainer.

Such tragedies are unnecessary, and the general public feels the same way. Congress has rejected legislation cracking down on sanctuary cities in the past. But on January 25, President Trump issued an executive order stripping federal grants from jurisdictions that refuse to comply with ICE detainers. The safety of American citizens from criminal illegal aliens hinges on ending sanctuary cities completely, securing our southern border and removing the incentives for them to come here in the first place. Last week’s executive order is an important first step in ensuring cooperation between federal and state/local law enforcement.

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    I realize that most people in the U.S. try to be humanitarians. But, I have worked with these people ( illegal Hispanics) for the last 6 years. They are not only here to make a better life for their families as some may believe. They want to get everything they can get from us, what they call spoiled rotten Americans.They have told me themselves that they as a people can not stand the American people. That we all drink, eat, spend, indulge in everything to much! So they think it is their right to take welfare, food, free daycare, medicare, etc. from us and take all they can get! They are horrible to work with, constantly trying to get any if us Americans fired if they can by any means including lying, false ac usations, and they truly believe that this makes them look better. I actually work at a state funded University, and half of our workforce in my department are illegals.
    Another point that no one seems to even think about is our population getting out of control. I plead with everyone to watch videos of China and see how they have to live! Our Country is about the same size as China, and for them everyday life is ridiculous because of overpopulation. Do we really want our grandchildren, and great grandchildren living a life like that because WE think its OK to let anyone and everyone into our Country because, They’re just trying to make a better life for themselves. Wake up America! We have to start doing what’s right for ourselves first, and go by the laws that are already in place. We can’t help everyone in the world, but we can help ourselves, and our children, and our children’s children! I’m sorry but if we don’t, our offspring are going to have horrible lives from overpopulation, job markets, discrimination against Americans right here in our own Country! Its already happening, wake up and look around you!

  2. avatar are my two cents…I just cannot understand, and I am angry, that the immigration laws have not been followed in all of this fracas. I was foreign born. My dad paid and spent thousands of dollars to gain entrance into this country. A few years later, he repeated the process for my sister and her family. He HAD to prove we were not going to be a burden to our new country, or take jobs away from anyone. I went to an American school, and had to agree to know and understand English to follow the curriculum. I graduated from high school, eventually got married, then joined the military. Properly vetted, background checked. Obtained Top Secret clearance for the military. For reasons I cannot explain even to myself, I never became this date. I have three sons, all born here. from an American born and raised citizen. I .have held a Green Card since 1964. When they said new cards were being issued, I actually thought it was optional. Here comes 2013, and had to renew my driver’s license. Was told could not renew until my I obtained the NeW Green Card, which I had started the process of in 2012. I was lucky enough they gave me an extension at the drivers’ license bureau. There have been a few instances where I’ve needed to provide PROOF of Legal Permanent Resident status. Are any of these illegals any BETTER than my family, or myself? Why is this whining and protection allowed? Don’t understand it, and I guess I
    never will. I sure hope our new POTUS will fix many issues that are wrong in this my beloved country. There has got to be a way to enforce the immigration laws that were put in place at least two a century or so ago.

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      Why do you not become a US cituzen? Having legal permanent resident status is not the same. You don’t say where you are from, originally, but are you holding on to that rather than become American? You have had all the benefits of this country. Isn’t that worth becoming a loyal citizen? I simply do not understand why this has not been, and apparently, is still not, important to you.

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      If even you do not understand why you have not become naturalized, find a lawyer & find out if you can get through the red tape needed to do that. After everything else you stated about growing up here, serving your country, your Dad’s work to bring more family here I would think you would be willing to go through the process to become a proud naturalized American. Please look into this.

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    Well if Hillary won by 3M and the other Half also supports immigration then more than half supports immigration reform….

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      I cringed when I read or hear the words “Immigration reform” because we do not need to reform our immigration policy, only enforce the existing immigration policy.

      Enforcement is what is lacking in the US.

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    It makes me sick everyday our own government breaks the laws meant to.protect our country. We are a duty to protect the citizens of this country. Thats why we have legal process of immigration. We a system of checks and balances. I want to how are all these people being checked for potential disesses and are they vaccinated. Im sure they are getting free medical

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    You wouldn’t know that the American public overall, including in liberal California, are so opposed to Sanctuary Cities from the corporate, open borders media, corrupt open borders politicians, greedy corporate executives and left-wing fringe mob. But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the usually suspects are so opposed to doing what is best for the American people on the immigration issue.

    They seem to believe that whoever is the loudest, whoever has the most money, and whoever controls the most TV news outlets gets to decide everything that happens in this country. But thankfully we still have our Constitution so the angry mob and a few corrupt, powerful people can’t run our country into the ground.

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      I don’t like these cities policies but at the most it only will lead to about 10,000 to 100,000 people being deported. Attack the job magnet and then the left doesn’t have an excuse.

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      I find it hard to understand why the citizens in these cities/states have not been screaming & protesting about their leaders protecting and supporting criminals at the expense of the legal citizens.

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    Well Said Spencer

    So as you a legal citizen of America go pay your traffic fines and if caught again breaking the law, get tickets? Why are obeying immigration laws any different? America’s Open Borders Politicians have partially TOTALLY lost itself in pigheaded Progressive/Rino Fascism against the majority of electoral states….Trump is the real Democrat, for the real citizens that have a right to vote!

    Democrats and Rinos are yesterday’s dinosaurs and they’re clear devils against our Republic in my opinion too. Lock ’em if they continue fighting our Constitutional Laws….that includes the sanctuary city/state mayors and governors too.