Mexico Continues To Interfere With Immigration Enforcement Efforts

The Mexican government is showing no signs of stepping away from its aggressive diplomatic campaign to help its citizens living and working in the United States evade U.S. immigration law enforcement agents.

This week, Mexico instructed its consulate in Miami to further increase efforts to protect the interests of its citizens who are in the United States illegally, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Officials told the paper they would do more to inform Mexicans “on what to do during run-ins with police.”

In Texas, the Mexican Consulate in El Paso announced this week that it would extend through March a program that pays for illegal aliens to obtain legal representation. According to the El Paso Times, more than $120,000 has been spent since it started earlier this year.

In Sacramento, Mexico spends $250,000 to defend illegal immigrants.

The consular actions are part of a campaign launched in March by the Mexican government to establish “advocacy” departments in each of 50 consulates across the country. The $50 million earmarked is on top of Mexico’s considerable budget for its network of consulates north of the border.

The so-called “ombudsman” centers have been advertised as an “exclusive space for Mexicans who require it to receive guidance and direct legal advice” and to assist those who are seeking dual citizenship. However, they also finance an “information campaign to prevent an eventual return” of illegal immigrants who have been arrested or detained.

The decision by the Miami consulate to ramp up its involvement is partly a response to the recent success of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in arresting and deporting illegal aliens in south Florida.

According to Department of Homeland Security agency figures released earlier this month, the number of arrests and deportations that took place in Florida, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands more than doubled from 3,524 last year to 6,192 in FY2017.

Mexican officials concede the campaign is not a short-term reaction to the Trump administration, but a part of a longer-term plan to influence U.S. domestic policy.

Gerardo Guerrero, the head of the consulate in St. Paul, Minnesota, explained the $50 million investment as part of a desire to have consulates take a more politically active role.

“We are not trying to get involved in the politics of the United States,” he admitted in November, adding, “It’s the moral duty of the Mexican government to support its people.”

FAIR has voiced concerns as the Mexican government grown more brazen in its attempts to protect the interests of its citizens – even at the expense of American citizens – and to further its own agenda within the United States. As the Trump administration continues to enforce the laws governing the United States, it is clear Mexico intends to do what it can to undermine those efforts wherever it can.

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    Support your people in your own country NOT ours! Either come in through legal channels or stay out! And these damned people in our country circumventing the laws should be arrested. Enough of taking advantage of American citizens and our money for your own purposes. Secure our borders and give us back our country!

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    On Crime reporting in sanctuary cities.

    There is no hard evidence nor anecdotal evidence that cities which provide sanctuary to illegal aliens mainly from Mexico are safer than those that do not provide sanctuary. No matter how friendly the city, the main goal of illegal aliens is to stay out of government databases especially police databases. Consequently they do everything they can to NOT report crime. The reason is simple. They will have to give their personal information to the police and oftentimes that information is rooted in false identities and forged and fabricated documents. Many with multiple identities struggle with which identity to use in a police report, so they would rather NOT report crime. Crime is directly proportional to population density, therefore it matters little whether or not the city is a sanctuary, crime will be higher with a higher population. As evidence you need look no further than Los Angeles, a sanctuary city with a high population of illegal aliens from Mexico. The crime rate is extremely high but it has nothing to do with the level of acceptance (sanctuary) of illegal aliens or illegal immigrants. It’s high because the population density is high. Of course if you remove all illegal aliens the crime rate will absolutely go down …… primarily because the population density went down. If you revoke the sanctuary status from Los Angeles there will be a lower crime reporting rate, but the absolute actual crime rate will still be high. Remember this; the main goal is to stay out of police databases (BY NOT REPORTING CRIME) because if you do you’ve spent one or more of your identities and when the police find out you are using false identities and documents ……. you will be arrested just for that. These are the facts.

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    The Mexican government is the biggest human and drug smuggler in the world and exporter of crime and poverty to the U.S. That illegal aliens want to be documented is a myth. By and large the majority of the population does not want to be documented because this increases the chances that organized criminal activity related to drug cartels will be exposed embedded in business centers, abandoned shopping centers, warehouse commercial-industrial centers and neighborhoods overrun with illegal aliens. There is no doubt about that. Becoming documented also entails exposing your true identity and many of these people have stolen and fabricated documentation which has adversely impacted U.S. citizens and employers.

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    And exactly how long would Mexico put up with this country trying to “assist” American citizens who were beyond a doubt there without permission? Of course, Mexico’s actions are nothing more than an admission that their country is a corrupt, poverty-stricken, dangerous dictatorship run by the drug cartels and they are unable to run Mexico without all the remittances sent by their citizens working in this country.