Pennsylvania Sued Over Noncitizen Voters

Some 100,000 noncitizens are on the voter registration rolls in Pennsylvania. Now a lawsuit has been filed to determine the extent of illegal voting in the Keystone State.

State officials admitted last September that a “glitch” allowed individuals, regardless of citizenship status, to register to vote since the 1990s. A month after that revelation, Secretary of State Pedro Cortes resigned.

“For months, Pennsylvania bureaucrats have concealed facts about noncitizens registering and voting. That ends today,” said J. Christian Adams, president and general counsel for the Public Interest Legal Foundation, which sued the state on Monday.

A study by the Secretary of State’s office and Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation matched noncitizen driver’s license holders with records belonging to roughly 100,000 current voters in the statewide registration database.

Alleging that the Secretary of State’s office has continued to block federal public-inspection rights after Cortes’ resignation, Adams said PILF “hopes to finally get answers about the true scale of noncitizen voting in Pennsylvania and assist lawmakers in crafting reforms that fix it.”

In October 2016, PILF issued a report titled “Aliens and Felons.” It found that of the noncitizens registered to vote in Philadelphia, half had cast ballots in at least one election.

Pennsylvania officials have not commented on the lawsuit.

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    mac holliday on

    voter fraud is not limited to any one state but is in my opinion rampant in any state where the DNC has an edge and WANTS to keep it. I suggested that the only way that WeThePeople (WTP) can overcome the Evil that has been injected into the veins of our Nation by those who seek solitary party control, is through an Article V Convention ..a Convention of States(COS)…..To convience all states to call for a COS will be difficult for that reason .. as the very purpose of a COS (limit the REACH of Congress/limit TERMS of Congress and Federal Judges,etc) would run counter to the intent of the Liberal Party….To accomplish a call then 3/4 of the States to be in agreement for the call is a minimum and WTP MUST HAVE a COS…if your state has not already called for same, then PUSH your legislators to do so and ASAP….while we have a FRIENDLY POTUS WTP have power to do so…Time is Wasting!!!!!!

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    We need Voter ID with Photo and thumb print to be scanned when the person enters the polls. This should be sent to all polls so they can only vote once in an election. You need an ID to cash a check buy liquor or cigarettes so no reason people can not get a ID and should have to show a birth certificate to get the ID.

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    I personally feel that voter fraud is and should be treated as an act of treason.

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      You made a suggestion a lot of Americans would love to see. Frankly, I’d like to see them taken out, put against a wall, and shot IF they are in the country illegally.
      If they ARE legally here, but should not be voting, they should be given a hefty fine- say $10k for the first offense. Should they repeat they get a 2 year prison sentence and, upon release, are deported with ZERO chance of return.
      I’d bet Democrats have been stealing elections for more than half a century.. at least.

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    always wondered why the dmv sends a”register to vote” card in their mailings when it comes time to renew registration or license. why should it be the dmv’s responsibility to do that? just another way to get undocumented folks that get drivers licenses (in some states) fill that out too? one stop shopping.

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      Post their office and home addresses and point out that both are, per their request, “Gun Free Zones” and should be treated as such.
      Might also post their net income for the last year along with the addresses.
      Maybe one of their illegals might do something to send a message to both it’s not wise to play illegal with the Federal government.
      IF they get caught, that is.

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      Roberta Hause on

      Yes, indeed. I am reluctantly sending my daughter to school in the shithole state of CA. I live in CO where all the Californian’s are leaving like the plagues they are after destroying a state. Now they are in my state and trying and succeeding at ruining that. Our out of state rates to send our daughter to school there keep going up so that illegals can go to school for free there. We all must pray that God will get out these corrupt individuals who are stealing from the rich and the poor without a single concern for what is best for anyone but themselves. God can do much more than we ask or imagine and we need to have faith in our God, who has blessed us with this nation, that he can right these wrongs. On our knees from now through the 2018 election.

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    I always knew trump won the popular vote in California and in new York and Chicago because Hillary only won the sanctuary cities and states and that is were all the illegals are and the liberals are so Hillary and the dnc have been doing this for years that is the only way the democrats can win in any election because there party are so corrupt and are liars and have not to give to there party anymore and now they are broke as anything before you know it the democrats will be no more some other party will take its place and I think that would be the best think to ever happen for us all a dream come true

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      Sheryl Soden on

      Trump right again. Every time something like this comes out, it’s another nail in the coffin of progressives and their denial of voter fraud and stopping voter ID. We all knew this, now there’s proof.

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    Dennis ***** on

    No doubt TRUMP Won the popular vote as well as electoral college!!! Brainless democrats are and have been for years loading their party with illegal voters and crapping on the American people. WAKE UP DIMM VOTERS! TRUMP 2020

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    State Rep Daryl Metcalfe has been reporting on the impact of illegal aliens as well as fraudulent voting for years.
    Kudos to J. Christian Adams for finally confirming what Rep Metcalfe has warned.

    For years PA legislators, especially those in the Philadelphia area, have denigrated, ridiculed and denounced Rep Metcalfe for his position. It is becoming apparent that those who most advocate against voter ID and condone the presence of illegal aliens in our country are the very same who could not win an election as an animal control officer were it not for illegal aliens and those who support and profit from their presence.

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    Pissed Taxpayer on

    I have to wonder about Montgomery County and especially my township. So many people who are pissed off about the out of control development, the possibility of a SEPTA rail and KOP/BID having so much say in Upper Merion Township yet the democrats won in a “landslide”.

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    Many countries meddle in our elections and we do the same to them. Remember Obama influencing elections in Israel? Russian meddling is nothing compared to Mexico’s interference in our elections. Millions of Mexican citizens are registered to vote and democrats make sure ballots are printed in Spanish. This week Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel is launching a new city Key ID for “undocumented immigrants” and it will be a valid form of identification for people registering to vote. Democrats are using illegals to replace citizens that are fed up with their party.

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    Susan L Paul on

    Voting should require a photo ID with status as a citizen on it. If necessary, everyone, who is a citizen, should get a new photo ID, per government specifications!!!

    All voting books must be redone and updated, before the next election. If someone shows up with no ID, they don’t vote…period! This should be monitored, by two trusted individuals, at each polling place.

    If anyone attempts to vote without proper ID, they should be arrested. It is imperative that voting be taken seriously and demanded that it be totally monitored.

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    This needs to stop in every state, there is no reason any illegal should be allowed to vote anywhere in this Country, it’s slapping the faces of those who come here Legally.

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      Immigrants are mostly Latino or Asian. They vote mostly Democratic. If anything it cut his margin.

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        That is a big assumption..not accurate and precise…..for instance most cubans vote Republican…..Cubans = Hispanic Latino

        The fact is that Trump won by a small margin… it holds water…..if any it helped him win….

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          I made no “assumption”. You’ve pulled this argument before so you know it’s bogus. Cubans are the only group that votes Republican and they are not nearly as numerous as other Latino groups. Find some new troll talking points.

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          Teresa Barrett on

          IT DOES NOT MATTER! ILLEGALS should not be allowed go vote in any election, not national, state or local!
          That is why voter I’D is essential in all elections.
          A step further, ICE agents should be at each polling place and arrest any illegal caught trying to vote! If we can’t get rid of ILLEGALS one way, then we have to try others!

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      Gail Yeatman on

      The groups they are would have almost all voted for Democrats. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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      No that means Trump may have won by a bigger margin and alos California and New York.