Proposed App Would Abet Illegal Aliens “Enter and Reenter” the U.S.

In an age where marketing and technology are used to game the system and make a profit, it should be no surprise that developers are promoting an app to help illegal aliens cross the border between Mexico and the United States.

A soon-to-be launched app promising to do just that is creating a stir on the Internet. The app, called Bienvenidos, says it can deliver “real-time information” to enable immigrants elude U.S. Border Patrol agents and evade natural hazards on the illegal journey into the U.S.

According to the website, the app was to be launched sometime in 2018. The details of the app, like the background on the developers and financial backers, are somewhat sketchy and under a cloud of secrecy.

The goal, according to YouTube introductory video on the site, is to make “immigration easier and safer for those looking to enter or reenter the United States” and “to make border crossing simpler and easier, improving the quality of everyone’s journey.”

It also claims to be able to warn illegal aliens of natural hazards and obstacles like heat waves, dangerous river crossings, and wild animals.

Adopting a sales pitch closer to Uber or Lyft, the application site suggests the prospective user imagine the “power of handily avoiding Border Patrol agents, saving time with faster immigration routes, and keeping tabs on the construction of the border wall and its vulnerabilities.”

When asked about the app. the U.S. Border Patrol spokesman told the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram the agency “maintains a robust posture regarding the enforcement of our immigration laws along the nation’s borders and coastal areas. We continue to promote safe, legal and orderly migration via United States established ports of entry.”

The cavalier tone is oblivious to the impropriety of abetting individuals trying to break U.S. immigration law. The brazenness also is willfully ignorant of the real dangers of enabling MS-13 gang members evade capture or transport drugs and weapons across a porous border.

Many questions remain, such as whether the so-called developers can bring the marketing pitch to the market and what legal consequences lie ahead.

Victor Manjarrez, the head of the University of Texas-El Paso Center for Law & Human Behavior, argues the app could be used by coyotes to exploit immigrants with the promise of a cell phone and later exploitation.

“You could make an argument [that the app is]aiding and abetting,” Manjarrez tells KVIA-TV. “I don’t think they’ve looked at the potential consequences. How that could be exploited by a bad person.”

Many illegal immigrants carry cheap burner cell phones with them, but would they risk using a cell phone if doing so could possibly alert Border Control officers to their location? Or, if the illegal immigrants are so desperate would they even be able to afford a phone?

Whether Bienvenidos app is real or not, it is an idea with no upsides.

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    kill all illegal mexicans in the usa..**** there *** in a tree then grind them up for dog and cat food and pig food

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    Gandalf_the_White on

    Go to the website and sign up. Its crowdsourcing. We get enough patriotic Americans to sign up, we can counter the crap that the invaders put out. They show that a route is safe? The “stop invaders” team can monitor that, alert ICE, and get border agents to those locations.

    Properly managed, this app can be used to catch illegals. It’s like a double agent – you feed it the wrong information, and the illegals get fooled.

    Sign up.

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      Gandalf_the_White on

      The app will even show where supplies are stored, so that patriots can find and eliminate these supplies. Don’t get mad, get even.

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    Lawlessness Brings Destruction. on

    HOW can this be for REAL???
    HOW is it possible for this app to all that this article claims?
    “It also claims to be able to warn illegal aliens of natural hazards and obstacles like heat waves, dangerous river crossings, and wild animals.”
    SERIOUSLY? Not even the National Weather Service can do that without satellites.
    This would be intel ability that even the CIA would envy.
    I would think a multi-layered satellite infrastructure is needed or one in geo-sincrinous orbit AND a leaker on the inside of DHS/ICE to provide access to other real time information.
    This has got to be bogus.

    The Mexican government ALREADY provides instructional DVDs and literature on how and where to enter the U.S. illegally.
    I call BS.
    WHO in at FAIR has bothered to vet this story?
    With some of the stuff I’ve seen on here, it makes me wonder if they have been infiltrated by covert operatives

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    Getting immigration bills passed is actually a little more complicated than most people think. All Democratic senators have to call Mexico City for instructions and about a dozen Republican senators have to wait for the Koch brothers to tell them what to do, so they can keep importing cheap labor. Then the media has to check the thesaurus for words to describe those who want to slow immigration, such as racist, bigot, nativist, and ignorant.

    It was highly ironic that the Los Angeles Times just ran an editorial calling conditions in that city a “national disgrace”, concerning their huge homeless population and streets littered with used junkie needles and the sidewalks covered with human waste. That state has 25% of the nation’s homeless and the only disgrace is theirs. They are the ones who have allowed a once beautiful area to turn into a cesspool while their only concern, indeed obsession, is what more they can do for illegals.

    • avatar
      Gandalf_the_White on

      Only a total idiot would visit CA now. Drugs, feces everywhere, needles all over, rents through the stratosphere – it’s been destroyed. Too bad.

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