Maryland’s Sanctuary State Bill Returns

Maryland’s sanctuary state bill simply will not stay dead.  Last year’s version was all over the news, and while this year’s edition may not be in the headlines yet, it’s no less dangerous.

Just over a year ago, Delegate Marice Morales and Senator Victor Ramirez introduced HB 1632, the “Maryland Trust Act, ” a bill that would  turn the Old Line State into a sanctuary for illegal aliens.

Initially, the bill looked like it would sail through the Maryland legislature.  However, on March 17, 2017, two male students at Rockville High School were arrested for allegedly raping their fourteen-year-old female classmate in a school bathroom stall.  Both suspects were in the United States illegally, and one was already in deportation proceedings.

But Montgomery County has been a sanctuary county since at least 2014, so it’s hardly surprising the two illegal aliens were still in school endangering other students.   And the negative national and international media coverage the case garnered wasn’t enough to stop the House of Delegates from passing the sanctuary state bill three days later by a wide margin, 83-55.

As soon as it passed, Governor Larry Hogan described the bill as “outrageously irresponsible” and “dangerously misguided,” promising to veto it “the moment” it reached his desk.  Under heavy public scrutiny, previous support in the Maryland Senate rapidly melted away.  A narrower Senate version, SB 835, was voted down by the Senate’s Judicial Proceedings Committee, despite its Democratic majority.  And ultimately, the sanctuary bill died at the end of the legislative session.

Now it’s 2018 and suddenly Maryland has a sanctuary state bill yet again.  House Bill 1461, absurdly called the SAFE Act (for “Supporting All Families Everywhere”) was filed on February 9.  Like last year’s Trust Act, it violates federal law by prohibiting state and local law enforcement from honoring immigration detainers without judicial warrants and from asking about anyone’s immigration status.

In the meantime, the woeful immigration situation that led to the death of last year’s bill has only gotten worse.  Both Montgomery County and the City of Rockville have adopted far-reaching sanctuary policies, and while the charges against the accused Rockville High students were ultimately dropped, there’s hardly been any lack of horrific new crimes by illegal aliens.

Hopefully, logic will prevail and this year’s sanctuary insanity will meet the same fate as last year’s bill.

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    I only gonna say this. To resolve this illegal immigrants is so easy but no one can’t see. Imagine if you cannot renting a place without social security? Imagine if you cannot drive without drivers license? Imagine if these who hiring illegals be fined bit time. ? Imagine if they not have a job or place to stay, do you think they would be here? What for and how come ?
    “ they are here because someone is protecting them”

    When you hear about this immigration news. Don’t worry it is just bunch of Bla bla bla. Nothing will change it never will.

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    This is the state of Maryland.We do not want cities that protect illegal.We need to protect our own citizens.they are own the street, hungry, without,insuranse, and we are supposed to take care of all these lawbreakers.Better worry about Baltimore City.You all have a Lying thief mayor there.So let us get our citizens are taken care of and crooked politicians in jail along with all the illegals.

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      The illegals in maryland has better life than any others legal Americans.
      They are protected by ours constituents.

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    Why can’t these traitors be recalled from office. Why does these traitors insist on protecting illegal aliens? I agree with you on everything that was mention! DACA is another unconstitutional policies that needs to be recalled. These illegals have no rights to be protesting!

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      In my opinion I will taken the kids from then I will jailed the family for bring them here illegal. After sent then home where they belong.

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    The Supporting All Families Everywhere [SAFE] Act? Funny how that does not include shielding American families from the felons that sanctuary jurisdictions go out of their way to protect. Including protecting our citizens from the identity theft of their SS numbers, which frequently causes problem. These people just don’t get why Trump was elected. A lot of criticism of Trump for his tariffs on steel. How about the fact that we cannot have this country dependent on other countries for such a basic material? Not to mention a lot of these countries subsidize their steel industries.

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      Chinese steel is cheaply made full of sand pockets.I worked with it, sometimes when cutting it you would get splatter. then you would have to get a welder to fill in so you could use the piece you needed.Loock the mayors and gov that violate

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    Don’t they get the news in Maryland. Perhaps they need to tune into Fox or OAN. AG Sessions is suing CA for trying to ignore Federal Law on this issue. It applies to all 50 States. Maryland can’t make their own laws that oppose Federal law. Why are Democrats so stupid. They make fools of themselves daily.

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    I’m sick and tired of democrats obstructing the will of (American citizens) ,meaning legal voters___ to yield to( FOREIGN INVADERS! ) BY DEFINITION! ! We need to stand up and get all dummycrats out of California office! ! I was born in California, and everyone I talk to aggrees! ! Put it to a (VOTE!),so we can stop the madness! !
    PPLLEEAASSEE! !!!!!!!!!!!!! The voters are not listed to in my state,please help!!