More Than 130 Homes and 170 Square Miles Burned Due to Wildfire Allegedly Started by Illegal Alien

A wildfire that has been raging for over a week near Fort Garland, Colorado, has become the third largest in  state history. More than 130 homes and nearly 170 square miles have been scorched in a blaze that never should have started. As of July 9, the fire is still only 55 percent contained.

Jesper Joergensen, a Danish national who is in the country illegally, has been arrested on arson charges in relation to the fire. He apparently overstayed his visa, and lived largely off the grid in southern Colorado. His Facebook page included a large amount of anti-government sentiment, and repeated use of the hashtag “anarchy2018.”

Joergensen changed his story several times after being arrested, first claiming he was trying to burn trash, and eventually claiming that the fire spread from an open pit grill. No matter how the fire actually started, Joergensen shouldn’t have been in the country to start it.

Despite illegal immigration playing a major factor in rapid population growth in the United States, as well being the source for wide-spread pollution along the U.S.-Mexico border and multiple wildfires, environmental organizations have remained largely silent on the issue. Open borders proponents have been driving donations to environmental groups for decades now, so these groups avoid the issue.

More than 600,000 visitors to the United States overstayed their visas in Fiscal Year 2016. Legitimately enforcing our immigration laws, along with enacting reforms such as a biometric entry-exit screening system and E-Verify, would help federal law enforcement prevent tragedies like this from ever having the chance to occur. Without reform, unchecked immigration, both lawful and illegal, will continue to harm the United States’ environment and wildlands.

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    Bezos likes these A-H’s so much, send him the bill for all of those incarcerated and all the civil damages they cause.
    He’ll change his tune in a hell of a hurry since, like all “globalists”, he loves his money FAR more than he loves or likes anything else.
    Family included.

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    Stephen Russell on

    Is that why we have so many fires since 2008?illegal aliens.
    & C they are a Threat toALL.
    Deport, workcamps.
    Have illegals police Fire Zones under chain gang mode.

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      Veronica M Reimann on

      I remember when the Christian church’s in Salt Lake City, Utah brought in many of what they called lost boys. from Africa they settled them in apartments around the 13th South area of S.L.C. it showed them on TV. Most did not how to use any of the utilities . Flush toilets correctly, use garbage disposals or use the ranges, washers, dryers or fridges correctly. I believe they did a disservice to these young men. These churches should have & could have helped these Africans in their own countries. It would have also helped these African nations to educate & build the African nation. You cannot pull anyone out of their own culture for the sake of any church. That is not what God the father or his son Jesus would have wanted. Return all these people to their own way of life & culture & language to build up their own countries

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    The other side continues to promote the myth that illegals are otherwise good people who, if only we will give them citizenship, will be the greatest thing that has happened to this country. But not only do they have an illegal presence here, but a very large percentage are driving with no license or insurance, collecting welfare to which they are not entitled, and if they are working, it’s because they have stolen someone else’s SS number or made one up. American citizens who did any of those things would be in trouble, but with illegals it’s no problem. In fact, it’s our fault because we refuse to allow more legal immigration, never mind that that is a decision that every country has a right to make.

    But according to the Washington Post, mouthpiece of globalist Jeff Bezos, actually enforcing the law is “abuse”. They claim: “No doubt ICE is guilty of unwarranted abuses-rounding up non-criminal immigrants who have led exemplary lives in the US, breaking up communities and families,”. And that in so doing, the Trump administration has gone into the “darker realms of oppression”. According to the left, the law is optional, enforced only when they want it to be. People voted for Trump for that exact reason, he said he would enforce the law as written.

    It must be just some big huge coincidence that each and every business that Bezos has started or bought has had employees complaining of ever more pressure to produce, and poor salary and benefits. Not that he’s not making money, of course. He’s just another of the modern examples of the Gilded Age robber barons of the 19th century. It’s no mystery why he wants illegals to stay and more legal immigration. It’s so he can cut wages to nothing with a never ending flow of workers.