Aliens Fuel Voter Fraud in Texas

For a “non-existent” problem, non-citizen voting is becoming a regular occurrence in Texas. In the past two weeks:

  • A Salvadoran national who entered the U.S. illegally was indicted on multiple counts of voter fraud. Prosecutors say Mario Obdulio Orellana registered to vote as a U.S. citizen and voted in the November 2016 election.
  • A non-citizen was indicted for marking a ballot without a voter’s consent. Marcela Gutierrez allegedly led a voter to believe she was demonstrating how to use a voting machine while actually casting votes for a slate of candidates she was paid to support.

Following last year’s prosecution of Mexican national Rosa Ortega, who illegally voted in Texas for over 10 years, the latest cases expose what the state Attorney General’s Office calls a “lack of safeguards in the system to detect ineligible voters, like non-citizens.”

While the Left persists in dismissing such fraudulent behavior as a mythological urban legend, officials in Texas, home to the nation’s second biggest population of legal and illegal aliens, say the state makes it easy for non-citizens to vote.

“We depend on the self-reporting of the individual,” observed state Sen. Brian Birdwell, R-Granbury. “That is a significant problem.”

The American Civil Rights Union, represented by the Public Interest Legal Foundation [PILF], has sued Starr County in the Rio Grande Valley for violating the National Voter Registration Act [NVRA], alleging that Starr’s voter rolls “contain more voters registered to vote than there are citizens eligible to vote residing in the county.”

Starr District Attorney Omar Escobar confirmed that non-U.S. citizens are on the voter lists there. The only question is how many.

“That non-citizens are registered to vote is beyond question,” Escobar said. “That non-citizens are voting in Starr County is also beyond question.”

A survey of four other Texas counties found that 165 unlawfully registered non-citizens were removed from those counties’ voter rolls in the past two years – but only after they self-identified as non-citizens in the process of recusing themselves from jury duty. Those non-citizens had cast 100 illegal votes.

Investigators from Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office determined that “the process for removing ineligible voters who self-report as non-citizens at jury duty is not being followed correctly, or even at all, in various counties.”

Pressing for answers and accountability, PILF has sent NVRA violation notices to Bexar County [San Antonio] and Harris County [Houston] officials who are concealing records of non-citizens registering to vote. If those officials keep denying access to public voter registration records, they too will face federal lawsuits.

“We may be seeing an emerging trend demonstrating how legal and illegal immigrants interact with the voter registration and election systems,” said PILF spokesman Logan Churchwell.

“Whereas legal immigrants are often invited to participate by government employees through the Motor Voter program or sloppy third-party drives, illegal immigrants may be more self-motivated to register for identification purposes.”

“Legal immigrants often take the term voter registration application literally,” Churchwell noted. “They’re saying, ‘If I wasn’t eligible to vote, why did the Department of Public Safety employee offer it and why was I approved?’”

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    Give us voter IDs Lock up for 10 years if caught voting illegally.
    CLOSE our borders. Do not reopen until the wall is. Built. It should be a felony if illegals put one foot on our soil. 10 years in prison.

    Lock them up forever.

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    Americans need to organize like the left does and deport these illegals by any means necessary. If it starts a civil war, so be it, because if this country won’t enforce it’s laws then these throwback Aztecs are just going to continue to come over here and ruin everything.

    Just today, some illegal subhuman POS just killed two white people at 2AM driving drunk on the Fairfax County Parkway. He couldn’t speak any English and upon being apprehended (the Aztec fled on foot into the woods after the crash) all he could mutter was “sanctuary”.

    These worthless subhumans needs to be gotten rid of once and for all and I don’t care what names they call me because I know I’m right and the truth is on my side.

    Americans need to nut up and deal with this problem THIS YEAR. Enough is enough. Make America White Again.

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      Concerned Citizen on

      I agree! ANY means needed to find & deport EVERY illegal! Our country is being DESTROYED by their invasion!

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      Too many are trying to take over by using their language only on jobs, ruining the atmosphere of restaurants, etc. . If anything why can’t they sacrifice to leave their language behind when living here in AMERICA not mexico. They should be glad/thankful enough to have a job and much more and be proud they are in AMERICA. I hope and pray we get AMERICA back and our LANGUAGE. ENGLISH as a first.

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    In order to help clean up the rolls all they need to do is loudly proclaim that since it is a FELONY to vote illegally, everyone found guilty will be incarcerated, will be fined the maximum amount and, when their sentence is due to expire ICE will be notified so they can be immediately handed over for deportation. Should they have used fraudulent or identity papers belonging to another the jail time is doubled. Any public officials at any level who do not cooperate fully will be tried for aiding and abetting a felony, thus making THEMSELVES unable to vote if found guilty. Should an official, of any stripe, be found to have knowingly aided any illegals to break the law they will be subject to a period in jail no less than 10 years w/o parole, and forfeiture of all pay and benefits. Make it really, really, dangerous to assist in committing illegal acts involving foreign nationals.
    As for the employers, make it a $1000. PER DAY PER ILLEGAL from their date of hire, with immediate payment required. Along with that, their business license is suspended for a year. Should it be a repeat offense, their license is forfeit for a period of not less than 10 years. In short, make it totally unprofitable for them to hire illegals. Fines doubled if they have NOT made a strong effort to verify their hires through E-Verify and all such similar identification programs available.

    All in favor of the above, signify by showing your approval. Simply “reply” YES

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    Our last 5 Presidents refused to enforce our immigration laws. we are seeing the results of their actions today. In essence they handed the keys to America over to an untold number of both legal and illegal aliens. It appears we have been sold out by both political parties on the immigration issue. Trump has been trying to correct this but he is virtually alone on trying to enforce our laws with both party leaders fighting him every inch of the way.
    Far to many of our elected officials in both political parties were more than willing to sell their soul and their country for money, power and votes.
    If what’s left of America is to be saved it’s going to be American citizens who will have to do it. Government has already proved they will not. Trump cannot do this alone , there are to many liberal Democrats and to many RINOs who are fighting him every inch of the way.
    If we fail it’s adios America and hello to a 2nd world culture. I’m not taking any bets either way on how this ends. We may well have already passed the point of no return.

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    Illegals have been voting illegally in Texas since the70s , because the premise is left to self incrimination which few have since they enter illegally , live under illegal fake idenitfying documents, are paid under the table by businesses exploiting them for cheap labor, and fraudulently acquire homes and businesses , not mention the fact they fraudulently recieve welfare benefits …..their consciences are seared….

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    Terri Kionka on

    I just read that Democrats have registered 12 million more voters this year than Republicans. I also got an e-mail from Robert Reich outlining how people can go to the DMV and register. Many states have “automatic” registration. Reich said “you will be automatically registered to vote if you do not object” i.e., if you don’t say you are not a citizen. The Democrats are thoroughly corrupt.

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    Most voter-lists are PUBLIC INFORMATION.
    Secret ballot means that
    no one may discover HOW WE VOTED.
    But THAT WE ARE REGISTERED TO VOTE is open data.

    Therefore it is fully within the power of the federal government
    to check to see if any Lawful Permanent Resident
    is also REGISTERED TO VOTE anywhere in the USA.

    Lawful Permanent Residents (green-card holders)
    were once registered with the U.S. Department of State.
    There are about 13.7 million genuine green cards in use.

    These registered foreign nationals could be compared
    with the names on the voting lists of the various states.
    If and when any green-card holders
    are found to be registered to vote,
    then the affected state(s) should be immediately notified,
    so that those non-citizens
    can immediately be removed from the voting-rolls.

    A smaller number of visiting foreign nationals
    are not yet known by the federal government.
    These are the 11.3 million unauthorized immigrants.
    This group of citizens of other countries
    also should NOT BE VOTING in any American elections.
    But, until they are registered with the U.S. government,
    there is no way easy to check to see
    which of these immigrants-without-permission
    might have been voting in U.S. elections.

    Jury-duty is an unexpected way non-citizens
    have been discovered on the voting-rolls.
    Juries for all levels of courts
    are drawn from the local voting lists.
    But some people who are called for jury-duty
    beg off by saying that they are NOT U.S. citizens.

    These persons should also be completely identified,
    registered with the federal government,
    and immediately removed from all voting-rolls.

    In total, there are about 25 million
    citizens of other countries settled in the USA.
    NONE of these should be registered to vote.
    And NONE of these should be voting in national elections.

    James Leonard Park is the author of
    Orderly Immigration: Creating a New America:—freelibrary-3puxk/OI.html

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    I personally know of at least 80 illegal aliens who were voting in our elections in the mid-late 1970s, in Albuquerque New Mexico. The illegal vote literally changed the entire city government. And, NOT FOR THE BETTER! I can only imagine how many ineligible voters were really casting ballots back then. The fraud is certainly much worse now. And that was 40+ years ago, in just 1 moderately size city. It boggles my mind to consider the actual enormity of this situation throughout cities in the United States. Illegal aliens and voter fraud have been tearing this country apart from within for longer than most realize.

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    Good info, Bob! Amazing how illegals can vote. They checked my driver’s license the last time I voted, is this an optional requirement now?

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    The left and the media are constantly charging that eligible voters are being denied the right to vote because of laws that require a check of citizenship and yet they never offer any examples of this. You were born here or you became a naturalized citizen. Those records are available somewhere, and if people need assistance in obtaining them to vote, then every state has government or private groups that can assist them for free.

    ANY person is also eligible to cast a provisional ballot that will be counted if a race is close enough and the ballot is determined to be valid. The media repeats over and over that there is “no proof” that non citizens are voting, which is fake news in itself. As shown here, it has happened in Texas and in other states, including Virginia. Why is it that all the usual suspects, in this case San Antonio and Houston which are fighting revealing voter lists, are the same jurisdictions that have no problem letting illegal felons loose on the streets. And we worry about Russia influencing our elections?

    And all you need, as we have seen ample proof of, is one activist judge to issue a stay because of some made up issue like privacy concerns. People are saying that if Trump gets his choice confirmed for the Supreme Court, that will ensure a conservative majority for many years. Wrong. The two so far have replaced other conservatives and conservatives like Thomas are getting up there. If there is one reason to vote GOP, even if you have to hold your nose to do it, it’s judges. Democrats are only going to approve open borders zealots.

    A little noticed story was at the end of last month. In September Hurricane Maria slammed Puerto Rico and many moved to Florida. FEMA has been paying hotel bills for hundreds of families since then and after several extensions they were given a final deadline of the end of June. An Obama appointed judge in Massachusetts ordered FEMA to keep paying for another month. Under what part of the constitution are hotel bills guaranteed as a civil right?