Judge Serves Up Open Border Activism in Ruling to Free Illegal Alien Deliveryman

Sure, Pablo Villavicencio Calderon is an illegal alien who ignored a final deportation order. And he has been working as a pizza deliveryman without a valid driver’s license or identification. But those facts did not matter to U.S. District Court Judge Paul Crotty when he ruled Tuesday that being a good guy was enough cause to excuse the Ecuadoran native from imminent deportation.

“Although he stayed in the United States unlawfully and is currently subject to a final order of removal, he has otherwise been a model citizen,” wrote Crotty. An ironic choice of words considering Crotty had expressed concern that – if deported – Villavicencio application to become a U.S. citizen would not be completed.

“What’s the harm to the country and to immigration policy by allowing him to finish the process?” he asked Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph Cordaro.

The highly-publicized case was triggered by Villavicencio’s June detention by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after he failed to provide proper identification while delivering pizza at an Army base in Brooklyn, New York and a subsequent background check showed a final deportation order from 2010.

Perhaps the sympathetic image of the habitual lawbreaker perpetuated by open border activists and the media had an impact as Crotty’s disdain for immigration enforcement authorities was clearly on display.

Judge Crotty suggested that Villavicencio failed to comply with the deportation order due to poor legal representation.

“Maybe he’s just encountering good counsel for the first time … What is the danger to the community for a man who has committed no crimes?” Crotty reportedly asked during case arguments.

Besides, Crotty seemed to assert, the government was wrong for enforcing U.S. immigration law.

“The powerful are doing what they want and the poor are suffering what they must … Why do you want to enforce this order? It makes no difference in terms of the larger issues facing the country,” Crotty preached to Cordaro.

Crotty showed his anti-enforcement stripes when he issued a 25-page preliminary injunction on June 27 that prevented Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) Director Scott Lloyd from putting in place a policy that required he personally approve the release of any illegal immigrant children from Health and Human Services custody.

He called Lloyd actions as an “arbitrary and capricious” assertion of power which was “at the zenith of impermissible agency actions.”

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    Crotty is full of ___t. He needs to be disbarred. Let me see: 1. An illegal alen in our country, 2. Did not make a court date, 3. driving without a license and probably doesn’t have insurance. Crotty was probably put in place by communist Muslim obama. This judge is just ignorant – illegal is illegal. No wonder our country is hurting with criminals like this in our country. The pizza place should not
    have hired him, no drivers license. Boy, they would have been up a creek with no paddle if this illegal alien had an accident. Sad case for America.

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    This SJW ” judge” has a god complex and thinks he is jesus christ pardoning some beggar in a bible story. ” what is the harm” this idiot judge says. 30 million ilegals here now. Sure. What’ s onr more.? Thsts why we are wherecwe are with illegal ” immugration”.

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      This nit-witted law ignorant “judge” is just fine.
      As a crap picker-upper.
      And taster.

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    Veronica M Reimann on

    I thought judges were supposed to uphold the law?. Did he not just break the law himself?. Can you not lose your law license for breaking the law?
    As an American citizen I have to produce all documentation for many things I do around the country . If I leave I have to produce my American passport. That is the law
    Congress just sits on their hands & does nothing to respect & uphold the laws of the USA as I see it

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      Dennis Stewart on

      What a joke of a country we live in as a consequence of a constitution
      that was built to fail.

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    Was the Pizza Business a Mom & Pop shop being operated by Illegal Aliens with Stolen Identities, underwritten with Taxpayer Dollars, who hire Illegal Aliens without proper Credentials or Qualifications to Terrorize the American Taxpayer on Public Highways while paying them Under-The-Table so they can continue to RAID the Treasury and DRAIN the Welfare System.

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    This decision by this judge should not be too surprising. His father, Peter Crotty, was the Democratic county chairman for Erie County New York. The city of Buffalo, New York is the county seat of Erie county.

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    This judge needs to be removed from office by Congress. He asked “Is there any concept of justice here?” Is there any concept of the rule of law? Just listening to his nonsense, you could make a case that NO law could be enforced. He says “The powerful are doing what they want and the poor are suffering what they must”. That’s the kind of gibberish you might expect from a 15 year old’s class paper.

    Then he says: “It makes no difference in the larger issues facing this country”. Again, there is the law and you cannot subject it to the arbitrary whims of the social justice warriors of the left. And one of the very largest “issues facing this country” is the breakdown of enforcement of our immigration laws and the judges who tie the system in knots.

    Nor is this illegal “a model citizen”. He was ordered deported in 2010 and did not show up when he was supposed to. Why then has he earned any second chance? He has been driving without a license and therefore without insurance. Let any one of us try that and we would find ourselves before a judge. Apparently any and all efforts you make to avoid a legal deportation order are to be praised. And what exactly is his “claim” based on? Ecuador is not a country that is the subject of civil war or gangs or any of the other reasons so often given, whether legitimate or not.

    Again, this comes down to judges. The left can complain all they want about conservative judges but if they are going to be the ones to enforce the laws AS WRITTEN, which the constitution says is their duty and indeed their only job, then we have to elect the people to Congress who will approve them.

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      Agree the judge should be removed from office. How many citizans would he let off on some of those charges? Sounds too much like ‘give me your vote’. In another case let an illegal off on $200.00 plus when killing 2 police officers in a car accident. Sounds too much like they want all votes of all from mexico. I don’t hope they keep their job at all. Not Enforcing the LAWS of AMERICA no matter who does the wrong.

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    It’s amazing that the pizza business let him drive without a license since it’s a requirement to make deliveries and it’s the only way that the company can put them legally on there liability insurance.
    It’s pathetic that the Liberal Judges have a double standard to waver illegals for breaking our laws but still hold American Citizens to judged by the laws with no leniency or wavers if guilty.
    Any Judge or elected officials refusing to adhere to our laws should be terminated for breaking there oath that they swore on when they excepted the office.
    American Citizens are insisting the all of those that refuse to adhere to our laws especially the illegals/immigrants for refusing to assimilate to America’s way of life as well. On the other hand those liberal Judges let them have it there way anyway.

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      Patricia Watkins on

      In some States, such as California and Washington, they do give illegal migrants driver’s licenses. These type of judges and activists don’t care that this guy is illegal or that an un-vetted illegal was going onto Federal property. Where I live, I can’t go into a federal institution such as our local Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM) without going into a building to show proper legal ID and get a temporary pass. And I am a born & raised American citizen whose family members are veterans for generations back. And, by 2020, I will need to buy an enhanced driver’s license to go onto JBLM or any other military base/post here. Rabid liberals want to make illegal alien migrants equal to legal American citizens. They want to overlook the misdemeanor committed by being illegally in the U.S. and any other further crimes illegals commit. They don’t care about that.