Verizon Once Again Pushes for Amnesty

In an attempt to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Verizon recently bragged on its alliances with radical pro-amnesty organizations while also pledging its support for a “permanent path to citizenship” for illegal aliens in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The company patted itself on the back for supporting amnesty in 2013, and then again in 2017 and 2018.

What exactly is Verizon’s reasoning for supporting amnesty? “Diversity strengthens our companies, our organizations, our society.”

In fact, the company titled its support in 2017 “800,000 reasons why diversity matters,” in reference to the DACA recipients in the country. Leaving aside the question of whether DACA promotes diversity – illegal aliens come in every racial, ethnic, and nationality variety – or whether diversity is an inherently positive characteristic, the goal does not justify illegal immigration. The company is ignoring the fact that illegal immigration is a colorblind issue and, more importantly, that mass disobedience of our immigration laws harms Americans of all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Verizon also boasted its alliances with the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and UnidosUS, formerly known as the National Council of La Raza (NCLR). LULAC has an entire page dedicated to providing advice to illegal aliens who are confronted by police or are stopped at the border, and UnidosUS advises illegal aliens to not open their doors for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Verizon has millions of loyal customers across the U.S. who have no idea what political causes the company is supporting, but other companies are doing the exact same thing.

In 2017, Microsoft’s president said that rescinding DACA status for illegal aliens would “be a step backwards for our entire nation.” He added that repealing the program would cost the U.S. “$24.6 billion in Social Security and Medicare tax contributions over the course of a decade,” ignoring that illegal immigration costs American taxpayers a net of almost $116 billion annually. Microsoft even joined with Princeton University in filing a complaint against the Trump administration ending DACA.

Earlier this year, Verizon and Microsoft were joined by Apple, Facebook, AT&T, and more than 100 other companies in their support for DACA. It appears as if all these companies care more about virtue signaling to the pro-amnesty lobby than they care about American citizens. To these corporations, defending DACA is free publicity. They don’t care what impact illegal aliens have on the American taxpayer, and they never will unless it affects their own bottom line.

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    Local and state taxes not federal Income tax, Another Dhimmi lie that illegals contribute to our society!

    Verizon does not need my $. I am WALKING AWAY from Verizon, forever!

    My children have DREAMS, too. It is called the AMERICAN DREAM not the Illegal Dream! The Dems and Verizon are NOT going to REPLACE US with these willing SLAVES! Dems and Slavery, hmmm. The Dems created the KKK or it created them.

    Thought my comment was dumped. Several missing since I posted.

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    It is called the AMERICAN DREAM not the ILLEGAL DREAM! We dreamed it! They want to destroy our dream by turning the USA into Venezuela! I am a Latina whose family settled Santa Fe, NM, around 1600ce. Spanish land grants have not been honored (mine included) and the KKK created Dems want ME to agree to this INVASION? My children have DREAMS! It is called the AMERICAN DREAM not the Illegal Dream!
    I will gladly WALK AWAY from ANY COMPANY/POLITICAL PARTY/PERSON who support an illegal alien invasion OVER US CITIZENS!
    Verizon does not need my $. I will find a company that respects its customers.

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    And illegal aliens will only affect these companies bottom line in a positive way because they all seem to have the latest cell phones, etc, while American citizens foot the horrendous financial bill for them being here.

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    I support establishing fair requirements for establishing residency and a procedure for reviewing and certifying each and every claimant individually. I do not support a blanket approval for all requesting residency. I am sure there are thousands of deserving and undeserving alike in the mix.

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    But “immigrants keep Social Security solvent”. We paid more into Social Security than we’ll ever draw out, why do we need immigrants? The ones not on Social Security robbed the locked box, but its still a contract.

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    But “immigrants pay taxes”. So does a ten year old when he buys a candy bar. The amounts paid are insignificant in the overall scheme of things.

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        It was sarcasm. They do. I also said “the amounts paid are insignificant in the overall scheme of things.” Pretty clear.