Senator Asks Intelligence Community to Probe Timing of Caravan

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), a frequent flier on cable talk programs, has had very little to say about the massive march of migrants making their way to the U.S. border. But that changed this morning when he seriously questioned the “timing” of the caravan.

“Usually there’s been smaller ones that have been about safety. This one seems much, much larger and seems an unusual time,” speculated the ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee on CNN’s “New Day.”

So confident is Warner in the conspiracy theory that the Trump administration timed the caravan for political reasons, he is “trying to get the intelligence community to see, why now?”

His assertion was so out of the realm of reason that anchor John Berman followed up to clarify he understood Warner’s claims.

Asked by Berman if he were “suggesting that it was ginned up for political purposes,” the Virginian clumsily responded that “usually there’s been smaller ones, that have been about safety. This one seems much, much larger, and at an unusual time.”

He added that he had “no proof” and was simply asking questions.

Warner’s wild fantasies about an October surprise is laughable. What is not as funny is the unserious manner in which Warner, his colleagues in Congress and the open border activists are treating the caravan and those migrants in it.

They have taken no effort to dissuade thousands of migrants in the original caravan (or the thousands joining subsequent efforts) from putting their and their children’s lives in jeopardy in pursuit of an asylum few will get.

Although a majority of claims will get a hearing and for those who choose to make their court appearances, the odds are against them. According to statistics from the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR), immigration judges approve asylum in 20 percent of cases in Fiscal Year 2017 and 17 percent of cases in FY 2016.

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    All of these theories. Not saying any are right or wrong. I am tired of the talk. I want action to stop this invasion. Stop those inflaming the left-wing anarchists; the ones throwing rocks, bottles, shouting and demanding, disrupting our security and freedom. I support Trump and now have voted for him the first time and now for those who support him. However, he has not been nearly as tough as i would like. He needs to clean/drain the swamp out COMPLETELY AND FAST. He needs to remove our nuclear weapons from Turkey yesterday. Fire Sessions and Rosenquist. And STOP setting precedent by caving in to pipsqeek judges. He has the power over them. Obama was NEVER challenged by conservative judges. Obama said he did not have the power to do DACA. Then he did it. What he did was unlawful, so correcting it should not be challenged.

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    Warner confirms the belief that those who accuse others of a misdeed are often the person who has committed the misdeed.

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    Gloria Jimenez-Ross on

    There can be no doubt that this caravan was planned and I believe that some or the major organizers are right here in this country.Democrats have attempt many ploys, including, but not limited to attacking, harassing, conservatives across the nation, wherever they find them. They have contrived to smear innocent, respectful people of atrocious crimes; This caravan was long in the planning and designed to be deployed at a strategic time to arrive at the US border just in time for the elections, thereby disrupting, creating general chaos. Some of us are of an age to have seen REAL “refugees” and those fleeing for their lives seeking asylum and, with the exception of those lifted from Vietnam, none have been planned and organized. The Boat people from Florida fleeing Castro’s murderous regime risked their lives and many lost their lives, making their way to America in makeshift boats and any way they could to reach safety; those people arrived with only the clothes on their backs. That was a flight to refuge; this is a CONTRIVED and well organized effort for a specific purpose. There is very little doubt that it will be found that many if not all of the organizers are within the USA and it is imperative that an investigation be launched by the Intelligence Committee immediately. This is NO QUEST FOR REFUGE; this is an INVASION of great proportions by hundreds of thousands of able bodied, healthy men of military age; women and children have been utilized as shields and lend credence to the plot.

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    Stephen Russell on

    I can only see such a caravan IF major earthquake, flood, fires hit Cent or So America or some chem plant went bonkers, etc,BUT this is Planned day 1.
    NO natural disaster or wars created this caravan.

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    Stephen Russell on

    Now face 3 caravans heading north & one is armed. or hiding behind women & kids.
    ISIS Islamic plan with women up front.
    Lock & Load

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    The Democrats ginned this up and now trying to blame president Trump for it. The word Devil comes from the word traduce, which means to say something bad or lie about someone in order to damage his reputation. This verse shows that there is more then one devil. Which is an Ideology, called spirit, not an entity. Matt 9:34, 34 But the Pharisees said, He casteth out devils through the prince of the devils. KJV. This verse shows that the devil and Satan along with the serpant in the garden. are one and the same: Rev 20:2, 2 And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years, KJV Demons are angels, messengers that follow Satan

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    Roxanna Kendall on

    The Democrats are starting to show their true Racist Face as they did from 1864 to 1964. Democrats hung 100’s of white Republicans because they wanted to free black people. When they got tired of that they started hanging black people. The Democrats started the KKK. Up until Dr King was assassinated most black people were Republican. The Democrats in Congress fought against giving any rights to blacks during that 100 years. I think there is so much hate in their hearts, its starting to come out again, Sad Sad. Can’t trust what they do….

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    I thought it was Trump who made things up? “No proof” is right. And “unbiased” CNN anchor and DNC water carrier John Berman said during the interview: “One of the things that Republicans say is that Democrats are for open borders, which is, of course, not true.”

    But the fact is “of course”, it is entirely accurate. Let’s take the word of Hillary, who is threating to run in 2020. Talk about Halloween horror. One of the Wikileaks documents from 2016 contained a transcript of a speech she gave a few years ago for $200,000 to a group of South American bankers, which she refused to release to the public herself. In the speech she proclaimed she wanted “Open borders and open trade”. Sounds pretty clear.

    But has there been any Democrat who has said anything other than that all these people should be admitted? Who is for a wall? Is there one Democrat? We know that all kinds of prominent Democrats voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006, including Schumer, Hillary, Biden, and Obama, but that was just smoke and mirrors because when they took over the next Congress the money was never authorized. So while they may go through the motions and mouth the appropriate propaganda, every thing they do supports open borders.

    All the media blaming Trump for Pittsburgh when the guy who did it hates Trump and did not vote for him. He is the most pro Israel president in decades. But always media silence on the decades long tolerance and even embrace of Democrats towards Louis Farrakhan, who is viciously anti-Semitic. A few weeks ago, Bill Clinton sat on the stage at Aretha Franklin’s funeral with Farrakhan a couple seats away. Where was the media outrage?

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      The One Label the Liberals and Establishment Republicans Hate is “Open Border Party”

      It shines the flashlight right in the rats’ faces….

      I don’t call them liberals or conservatives anymore either, you’re Open Border Party or Populist, its that simple.

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        It isn’t republicans pushing open borders, catering to illegal aliens, refusing to fix any of our broken or nonexistent immigration policies, refusing to end legal immigration for several years , refusing to put any curbs on immigration, refusing a new citizenship amendment that values, rather than devalues our citizenship, in short, it isn’t the republicans refusing to do ANYTHING about any aspect of immigration EXCEPT increase ALL of it. THAT IS THE DEMOCRATS AND THE PROGRESSIVES AND AMERICA HATERS.

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          I Basically Agree With You, Especially on SCOTUS

          But Paul Ryan announced today that Trump’s EO to end anchor babies is wrong and can’t be done…..Ryan is retiring too…I wonder why? LOL

          I could talk Sen Flake and McCain on immigration…the Bushes pushed for open borders too…Flake is retiring too…LOL

          Open Border Party Republicans exist.