Under-Reported Details of the Migrant Caravans

As the Central American migrant caravans make their way towards the U.S. border, mainstream media outlets continue to fixate on groups of women and children, claiming that the caravans are simply individuals who are seeking better lives and pose minimal risk to the United States. While some members of the caravan fit this narrative, there are several overlooked details of the group that paint a vastly different image.

1)  The migrant caravan is made up mostly of young, adult men.

While most mainstream media outlets will highlight pictures and quotes of young children and women in distress, the reality is that 70% of the group are young, adult males. In fact, there are so many strong-bodied men in the caravans that “men are pushing women and children to the front of the mass of people to use them as ‘human shields’ against the police and military who tried to block their progress.”

2) The migrant caravan houses members outside of Central America and even from the Middle East, with the potential of some terrorists.  

Recently, the Department of Homeland Security revealed that individuals from more than 20 countries were discovered in the caravans, with representation from Somalia, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. Additionally, there have been reports of individuals from Haiti and India. Some of these countries are known hotbeds for Islamic terrorism.

3) The migrant caravan contains members who have criminal records.

In the same report provided by DHS, it was listed that at least 270 members had been formally convicted of crimes in the United States, ranging from child sexual assault to armed robbery. This figure does not include those who have committed crimes in their own country as well as those who have committed crimes throughout their journey to the U.S. border.

4) The migrant caravan consists of violent and disruptive members.

Members of the migrant caravans continue to confront Mexican authorities in dangerous ways. Reports indicate migrants have been throwing Molotov cocktails, rocks, and even firing weapons at Mexican authorities to ensure their journey is not impeded.

While some like CNN’s Anderson Cooper will say, “there simply is no good evidence that the caravan is a danger to this country,” the reality is that the migrant caravans present several national security risks to the United States and should not be taken lightly. Though the caravan will genuinely have innocent members seeking improved lives (understandable, but not grounds for seeking political asylum), the United States must prepare for all types of risks and not be permissive in its border enforcement strategy.

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    It would not matter if all migrants we’re good honest people which we all know not all are the country simply can’t afford it tax payer money is not free money.

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      If only the native Americans were as vigilante as these politically correct latter day citizens of America, what a different story altogether it would be. Personally, I hold no interest in your country … wish you would all stay the hell out of Africa, pack it up, return the lands to the ppl of Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, The republic of the Congo… and go home, then that, would justify in my view, your politically correctness in this matter !! #diplomatic hypocrisy #

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    Those in our Government, that have violated their oaths to follow the Constitution should all be impeached or, at least voted out of office for ever. Many simply do not see what is happening under their noses.

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    The media did the same thing with the mass migrations into Europe. They focused on women and children when the fact is that the big majority of those coming were single young men. Angela Merkel is on her way out of power in Germany because her party has lost a string of elections due to her “everyone is welcome” policies.

    The media also presents these caravans as “only a few thousand people” but it’s the cumulative affect, ignoring the constant never-ending daily crossings that add up to huge numbers, and those who fail to leave as required by their visa. The recent study that estimated a likely number of 21 million illegals in the country also said it could be close to 30 million.

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    Enforcement of law is a must ,,
    Stop Asylum ,