Cuomo Shields More Criminal Aliens From Deportation

 New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is pardoning more illegal aliens to shield them from deportation.

The Democratic governor this week pardoned 22 criminal immigrants, many of whom could have been removed from the U.S. or blocked from citizenship.

The move marks an escalation in Cuomo’s campaign to thwart deportations of criminal aliens. In 2017, he pardoned 18 illegal aliens convicted of crimes. Before that, he granted clemency to seven.

Cuomo magnanimously – and disingenuously — proclaimed he was “keeping immigrant families together.” In doing so, he failed to acknowledge that it is the people who break laws who are responsible for the consequences of their actions on family members. Even in cases involving legal immigrants, continued presence in the United States is conditioned on the immigrants obeying the laws of this country.

During his re-election campaign, Cuomo took political chutzpah to a new level by declaring himself an “undocumented immigrant.” He isn’t; his father, Mario (a former New York governor), and mother, Matilda, were both born in New York – and so was he.

President Donald Trump has directed immigration officials to prioritize the deportation of illegal aliens charged or convicted of crimes. This is a sensible reversal of President Obama’s policy that limited removal to only the most egregious criminal aliens.

Cuomo is having none of it. Calling U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) “a bunch of thugs” last year, he sued the Trump administration for “ripping babies from the arms of their mothers.”

The illegal aliens pardoned by Cuomo were primarily drug offenders, with other crimes in the mix.

Prior to his pardon, one of the aliens said he had considered applying for citizenship via his fiancée. But with his petty larceny convictions, he noted, “It was for me a matter of ‘if’” — that is, whether citizenship would be granted in light of his criminal record.

Now, with pardon in hand, “It just becomes a matter of when,” he said.

Maureen Maloney, whose son was killed by an illegal alien in 2011, called Cuomo’s latest pardons “pandering.”

Countering Cuomo’s faux family-friendliness, the Angel Mom said, “Building a wall and securing our border will keep American families together.”

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    We need to stop the drugs I have experienced a close family member being on drugs they can get very violent when they are high on drugs that is why their is so much crime they will do anything to get drugs we need the wall please

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    My Governor Inslee From the Open Border Party of Wash St

    Is running for President after he allowed the Sanctuary City of Seattle to have the highest cost of living change up in America. Vote for the Governor at the helm when this happens? LOL

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    The old saying is with friends like this who needs enemies. Day by day, immigrant by immigrant, legal or not, we are turning over control of this country to the third world governments who encourage their citizens to come here. The liberals are beyond clueless, but they are helped by snakes like the Koch Brothers who want unlimited immigration so business can lower wages. The NY Times just did a story on how reddest of red Orange County California has gone blue because of 40 years of immigration. {And some ballot stuffing which the media is ignoring.}

    When Obama was leaving office he was asked his favorite world leader. No surprise that he said open borders globalist Angela Merkel of Germany. Just weeks after leading her party to an epic defeat in which she lost her position, she has given a speech in which she said that European nations “must give up sovereignty to the European Union”. Says who? Her and her cadre of people who think they and only they decide? The same woman who told migrants that they were welcome to come to Germany “without number”, and then when they came she insisted other nations “take their share”.

    It’s just like Brexit, which she, Obama, Hillary and the British establishment also opposed and which passed by 53% of the public. But according to all these elitist snobs, the voters can be ignored because they were misinformed, racist, and just not unable to understand. In other words, a bunch of ignorant deplorables like a certain presidential candidate said. You have to wonder. Was she drunk when she did that? A kid running for student council knows you don’t insult the people you want to vote for you.

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      On Jan. 2 a reporter for Channel 2 CBS in New York interviewed Chuck Schumer over his many past statements and votes for fencing along the border. His verbal gymnastics were impressive. He explained that was all about a fence, so he was asked what is the difference between a wall and a fence. “A lot”, he replied and then went on to explain that “a fence works” and a “wall does not”. So he’s making the preposterous argument that a solid wall of concrete is less secure than a fence? But Trump has repeatedly said that it does not have to be a concrete wall, that he is flexible on the subject. So since Schumer already voted for 700 miles of double layer fence in 2006 and less than 50 miles of that was actually built, and he himself admits that fences “work”, he should say to Trump that I will agree to what I voted for in the Secure Fence Act of 2006. C’mon Chuck, a fence works, you said so, you voted for it. What’s the disagreement here?

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    I thought immigration is a federal task. Must the feds respect Cuomo’s pardons and deport anyway ?

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    Hey, New Yorkers! Not enough of your neighbors croaking from opiate OD’s? Just keep voting for accomplices to murder! You’ll easily recognize them on your ballot – they all have “D” after their names!

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      Cuomo did what he did for VOTES & MONEY!!! But as the INDICTMENTS are being opened, it won’t take long to get from all the HUMAN TRAFFICKING CRIMES (kids being kidnapped for sex and satanist’ rituals) to the TREASON INDICTMENTS and what do you call someone that helps or conspires to bring down the American Republic that we all love?? It’s called TREASON and Cuomo HAS COMMITTED TREASON BY THE ACTS HE’S DONE!!! DOWN WITH DEMS, DOWN WITH LIBERALS, DOWN WITH ANTIFA / I hope they all die shortly from their guilty findings in the Military Tribunals CURRENTLY TAKING PLACE IN GITMO!!!!! See just a partial list of GUILTY FINDINGS here: LONG LIVE AMERICA AND MAY GOD BLESS US ALL FOR CLEANING UP THE SWAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!