CA Gov. Swings At Trump, But Hits Californians

Newly inaugurated California Gov. Gavin Newsom wasted no time in proving that, despite the myriad of challenges facing his state, the demands and interests of illegal aliens will remain his priority.

One of those very expensive demands is expansion of taxpayer-subsidized health coverage for illegal aliens. No sooner had he declared “we will never waver in our pursuit of guaranteed healthcare for all Californians,” Newsom signed an executive order that would make California the first state in the nation to cover illegal aliens until they turn 26.

For the last two years, the state has allowed illegal immigrants under 19 to have access to Medi-Cal, the state version of Medicaid, but opening the door further would mean an additional 138,000 low-income illegals receiving benefits.

It was no surprise that Newsom professed it was the “right thing to do” in a Facebook Live feed prior to unveiling the proposal, but what came next was alarming.

“It’s the fiscally conservative thing to do,” he declared without providing any actual figures.

While the messy details  of Newsom’s grand expansion remain unknown, a slightly broader proposal introduced last year by Democrats to cover all illegal immigrants carried a price tag of $3 billion annually, according to a May analysis by the Senate Appropriations Committee.

So on top of installing a mandate that all consumers  in the state carry health insurance  or be penalized, Gavin wants to expand the pool of benefits to even more illegal immigrants without any regard for the consequences. Not only will this proposal take even more from the pockets of California taxpayers, it will serve as an additional lure for illegal immigrants to make the treacherous journey north toward the Golden State. Makes one think of the good old days of Jerry Brown!

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    Los Angeles teachers are talking of going out on strike. Among their complaints are low pay and, get this, class size. But just suggest the problem is made far worse by illegals and you will get called a racist. And then there are always the California cheerleaders who always carry on about how rich the state is and what a big “surplus” they have. Never mind that they have hundreds of billions in unfunded pension plans and raise taxes every year. The best thing is just let this whole statewide pile of manure just collapse on itself. They voted for it, they deserve it. But of course they will come to the feds with hands out.

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    Sure put illegal aliens on the dole right into adulthood. What can possibly go wrong? Of course, by the time they’re 26, they’ll have pooped out several ANCHOR BABIES who will also be sponging off the taxpayer.

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    California the “Golden State”, if you’re an illegal immigrant. If you’re a true or legal citizen you’re ****-out-of-luck and start coughing over some more of your hard earned cash. Somebody has to foot the bill…