The Myth Of “Racist” Border Security

On March 6, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen testified before the House Committee on Homeland Security on the subject of  “The Way Forward on Border Security.” Some of our elected representatives asked helpful and insightful questions and offered useful information about the border crisis and our broken immigration system. Others preferred to ask “gotcha” questions, take swipes President Trump, offer misleading emotional claims, or simply lecture or even berate Secretary Nielsen. One such exemplar – although one representative of much of the left’s narrative on immigration – was Representative Al Green (D-Texas).

The  congressman did not take the opportunity to ask the head of the DHS any questions (unlike, say, Rep. Lou Correa, a fellow Democrat from California, who asked many probing and intelligent questions). Nor did he seem particularly interested in anything Secretary Nielsen had to say or the details of the border crisis. Instead, Mr. Green chose to grandstand.

He began his moralizing sermon by reading Emma Lazarus’ famous poem, “The New Colossus” (“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…”.), which advocates of open borders frequently quote to rationalize the failure to secure the border. Then, Green unequivocally accused President Trump, Secretary Nielsen, and Americans supporting common-sense immigration reforms of racism and white supremacism. The real reason the administration and so many Americans believe there is a national emergency on the southern border, Green alleged, is that they fear that America has “exceeded” its “color quota.” In other words, immigration reformers are racist white supremacists concerned only with keeping out “people of color.”

The representative from Texas was apparently day-dreaming or napping when Secretary Nielsen (and several other members of Congress) laid out the numerous threats stemming from our failure to secure the border, including the potential of our system being overwhelmed, the record-breaking amounts of drugs flowing in, the numbers of migrants being raped or otherwise facing violence along their journey north, and the national security implications of an open border. Perhaps he simply does not follow the news very much.

It also seems that Rep. Green thinks that lighter-skinned aliens attempting to sneak into the country are somehow waved through and given a free pass by the Border Patrol. Any Border Patrol agent – including the approximately 51 percent of agents who happen to be Hispanic – could have quickly disabused Mr. Green of this delusion had he only bothered to speak to them.

In his quest to indict immigration reformers as racists, Congressman Green ignored the fact that minorities – especially African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, and other minorities – are among the biggest victims of unchecked illegal migration. This is one of the reasons why the late Civil Rights leader and a fellow Texas Democrat, Representative Barbara Jordan, vigorously championed bipartisan immigration reform in the spirit of the American national interest. This is something that our legislators should consider revisiting.

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    The “give me your tired, your poor, you huddled masses” line is a POEM. It is NOT a law or policy. In fact, the policy and law at the time was that if immigration authorities felt you would become a “public charge” you would not be allowed to enter, and sent home. The idea then was to accept people who were willing to work and succeed or fail on their own, and many actually returned home because it was not easy. They don’t return NOW because as soon as they cross the border they and their anchor babies are on the welfare gravy train at rates higher than native born Americans.

    One huge negative, among countless others, of putting illegals on “a path to citizenship” is the fact that illegals have very low levels of education which generally means low income, and as citizens would become eligible for all the welfare programs citizens can get. Including Medicaid and the earned income tax credit, which is not a tax deduction, but a credit, payments of several thousands of dollars directly from the government even if you pay zero in income tax. We would be making a bad situation worse. Welfare dependent immigrants, even a lot of legal migrants get them, are nothing but a bad deal for this country. .

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    The Hispanic Ethnic Group is Not considered a Race by the American CIA

    Since European Spanish inter-mixed with Aztecs, etc….its a European race hybrid that invaded Central America…the Latino. Look it up.

    Sooooo…technically you can’t be racist over no race Latino…LOL…

    This shoots down the theory that Mexicans own SW America too….the land was conquered by Europeans on both sides of the border. America won.

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    No, Congressman Green, the Swedish Bikini Team will not be allowed to enter the US without visas because ICE is racist!